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Trying to Deadlift, 6'2 Long Torso

I’m 6’2 with longish torso, when i try to deadlift with straight back im really leaning far over the bar. I try to push my hips back but still tough. Have looked at the deadlift part 1-3 series and it showed one guy at the end who was 6’4 and had a similar problem to me. This form is really tough to handle when you have a long torso. Is there any tips on how to get this down like the squat budha belly chest out … sit back, etc.

Dont think I can proceed with my current form it will hurt my lower back.


I’m pretty tall and what I have found that works is to bring your hips down to almost below your knees while still sticking your ass out as much as possible.
It’s harder but it does the trick.

I’m 6’4 btw.

EDIT: Also, don’t let excuses like leverages get in the way of training. Just work more on increasing your hip and hamstring flexibility. Sure some people say having long levers sucks but thats not stopping me from squatting a house.

I’m 6’2 as well and I have a long torso. The DL is my favorite lift by far, just takes practice.

It does take practice. Flexibility matters since you need to get your hips down and back more than most lifters. It helps to have someone knowledgeable to watch you lift. Your deadlift will look different than for other people due to the different geometry. Take a look at the first diagram in this article: crossfit.com/journal/2006/11/a_new_rather_long_analysis_of.html

We are like the picture on the right. (I’m also built like you.) Note that the angle at the hips is small. That’s when the flexibility comes in. You may have to work on that.


When I first started deadlifting I advanced in weight pretty quickly, once I got to a certain point, I began encountering a similar problem.

It helped me to lower the weight for a couple of weeks and retrain my form at the (relatively) higher weights. I recently DL’ed at near maximum effort and on a couple of the pulls I felt like I was not quite optimal, that my hips were not back enough and that I was not lifting the bar straight up.

In my case, I think I just did too much too quickly, saw some results, got complacent and got lazy.

Btw, I’m 6’4" and I have a long torso(and long arms, and a long femur, and etc…etc.)

I’m only 5’10 but do have a proportionately long torso as well. The sumo comment was good advice. I find when I deadlift conventional my upper back rounds a bit and I can’t get as much weight up. Sumo is just so much more comfortable and natural to me. I would alternate sumo with some conventional pulling though just to make sure you don’t develop any imbalances. Its good to keep the two around the same strength, but obviously there will be some discrepancy.

I personally find that the difference in leverage accounts for a 50 pound difference with me. I just feel so much weaker at the bottom of a conventional stance.

Consequently I suck at rack pulls too.

Hey man, we all have long torsos at 6’2. The great part is that we usually also have long arms, and that means a frame built for DLs.

Solid advice already about increasing flexibility in your hips, glutes and hams. I would also recommend developing a thorough understanding of the muscles of the posterior chain and the lift itself (this is NOT difficult) so you can fully understand the importance of maintaining that natural lower back arch which will ensure that the glutes and hams are doing their fair share of the work.

i read most of that article (its long) and im thinking my shoulder blades werent in the rite spot. I tried it with a gallon of milk and in that position ( u look kinda like a gorilla in the midst lol ) you are definitely lifting with the legs (lats/quads working then gradually changing to glutes/hams as you rise up)

reading the rebuttals to stuward’s link I think the world record lifts clearly show shoulder blades over the bar is proper and the missed attempt by tate on try #3 shows the shoulder blades behind the bar, slightly, and quarter way up he got unstable and his back woulda given out if he continued so was forced to drop. So maybe world record holders should watch their form more lol.

I’m also 6’2", long torso, and the deadlift is my best lift. I agree with everything posted above, lower the hips, stretch the hip flexors, work on flexibility.

The best advice I can give is to get a good workout partner. We are constantly shouting at each other and coaching form when we lift, especially the deadlift. We yell at each other “ass out”, “shoulders back”, “drive through your heels”, whatever it takes to achieve perfect form.

The workout partner is the best thing I’ve ever done to increase my major lifts.