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Trying to Confirm I'm Taking the Proper Dose of Everything

OK, I want to appoligize in advance for being dumb with math, but I want to make sure I’m taking the proper doses (converting MG to ML and the timing of my doese). With a little encouraging, I’ve gotten my doctor to perscribe the same protocal for injections that seem recommended here. I plan on using that for a few months, see how I feel, and then get additional tests to see where I’m at. So, here is what I’m perscribed:

First, I use 1/2 ML, 29 gauge syringes (12.7 mm lenght) for all injections which are available over the counter at Walmart. The markings on the syringes are listed as “units” and go up by 5’s to 50 with hash marks inbetween each number.

100mg test per week. I’m injecting 25 units every third day into my quads with said syringes. My thinking is this would get me about 1/2 ML per week which I thought was 100mg

250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day] I use the same syringes and do 25 units into my love handles every other day.

1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses. I seem to be a Arimidex over responder, so I’ve been taking a 1mg pill and adding 1ml of vodka, I’ve been taking about 10 drops everytime I take Test, so every third day. It seems like 10 drops are about .10ml of the solution, so I’m thinking that this is giving me 1/10 of a mg.

Is my math all correct here or am I messing something up?

thanks in advance for you help with this.

T: 0.5ml per week is 0.5ml/7 per day and every third day is 0.5ml x3/7= 0.214 or 21.5 units.

hCG: “25” = 250iu if mix is 1000iu/ml

Arimidex: if 10 drops is 0.1ml, that is 100 drops per ml. Seems like that is out by a factor of 4 or 5. Drops per ml depends on the solution’s surface tension and the shape and material of the dropper [glass vs plastic etc]. While I have advocated for vodka, I have never used this myself. This needs a closer look. In any case 0.1ml E3D seems like a good start.

KSman, you are correct about he Arimidex. I was mistaken…It is actually +/- 50 drops vodka per 1ml so i’ve been taking 5 drops or 1/10th ml ever 3rd day.

The hCG is 10,000iu per vial…not sure if that is 1000iu/ml tho? Is there anyway for me to know?

hCG label should show iu per ml. You can phone the pharmacy.

Obviously you did not reconstitute it your self. The can be really problems if hCG is shipped to you wet.

I pick it up at the compounding pharmacy…they compound it and put it in the frig until I get there to pick it up (same day).

I’m pretty sure the vial says 10,000iu / vial and then at the top it says its a 10ML vial (its very small print and my aging eyes aren’t a good combo…need some cheaters).