Trying to Change It Up

I’m trying to gain about 20lbs of muscle and I’ve been training 6 days per week, but with school and work, I have to cut it down to 5. I know that I can bump the intensity but I feel as though I might have to cut some exercises. I was thinking of this as my new schedule. Anything comments/help would be great…

Monday: Chest
Flat bench-4x8
Incline Bench-4x8
Decline Bench-4x8
Dumbell Bench-4x8
Dumbell Incline-4x8

Tuesday: Back
Wide Grip Pulldown-4x8
Barbell Row-4x8
Dumbell Row-4x8
Seated Row-4x8
Back extensions-3x15

Wednesday: Legs
Leg Curl-4x8
Leg press-4x8
1 leg curl-4x8 each
Calf raises-3x20

Thursday: Shoulders
Dumbell Press-4x8
Side and Front lateral Supersets-4x8
Barbell Press-4x8
Upright rows-4x8

Friday: Tris and Bis
Barbell Curl-4x8
Skull Crushers-4x8
Close grip preacher curl-4x8
Cable Rope Pulldowns-4x8
Alt. Dumbell Curls-4x8

I don’t know when I’ll fit abs in. Any Suggestions would be great. Just FYI, I’m 6ft3 and 195lbs and trying to get up to 210. If this workout plan seems like it wont do it for me, let me know. I’m willing to change everything if it will help. Thank you

Do biceps on back day and triceps on chest day as the much smaller muscles will be pre-exhausted. Doing 4 sets seems like an ok idea but why are you going for 8 reps each time? Just pick a weight on each set and do as many as you can.
You have way to many rowing movements on back day as opposed to pull down movements.
Do lunges with an extremely exaggerated step after doing squats; use a light weight.

Upright rows and shrugs might be better on back day. I don’t think you will need to be doing any front laterals either. Especially supersets. If you have to ask you aren’t advanced enough to be doing these kinds of intensity techniques.