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Trying to Bulk


I am currently trying to bulk. I have been eating evrything in sight, egg whites, whole eggs, chicken breasts, and all the other protein staples mentioned on this site. I have not really been counting calories or carbs, just eating everything.

My problem is I have not gained a pound in a month of eating this way. I quit doing cardio and I train four days a week. I lift as heavy as I can for DL, squats, and bench. I am 6'3 220lbs and would guess my bodyfat% to be around 15. It was 12 the last time I had it checked, I was 198lbs then, about a year ago. Any suggestions on gaining weight, without too much bodyfat?


you might want to try counting calories, if you are eating the foods you said, and not too much junk, just alot of food, aka pretty clean, you'd be suprised how many calories you are taking in, and it is obviously not enough, because I think that over a months time if you were taking in significantly more calories than your rmr+physical activity burns you would have seen some difference on the scale. Might have to start eatin dirtier...


The foods you listed are not high in calories. if you fill yourself up on low calorie foods, why do you think you will gain weight? You have to take in more overall calories than your body needs to maintain your body weight. this is why focusing on "eating clean" without paying attention to the fact that CALORIES are the most important will leave you making no progress.


When I started bulking I thought that I was eating a shit load of food. Prior to bulking I was on a very low carb diet and restricted calorie diet.

I started what I though was bulking but then when I actually counted some calories it came out to about 3800 per day, which for someone who is 6'2 is not alot. I have now got it up to about 5000.

So I agree with the other posters. Have a look at what you are actually eating. It is more than likely you are underestimating how much you are actually eating.


Thanks for the advice. I counted my calories, I had been keeping a nutrition journal, so this was easy to do. I should have have probably done this before posting my question, I was at about an average of 3,000 calories a day and thought that was alot. I should have figured I needed even more calories because of my height.

Thanks again, because of your advice I will hopefully start gaining.


just to add to this vein, i am also trying to eat about 5000 calories a day without munching maccas 24/7. what kind of 'clean' foods are sufficiently high in calories so i can actually eat the required amount? a lot of protein sources like chicken and fish acutally all that high in cals..
cheers in advance


Whole milk is a cows gift to bulkers across the world.


When eating 'clean' you don't have to religiously follow the idea of P+C and P+F meals.

here's a meal that I have most days:

160g wholewheat pasta
200g chicken
1 can tomatoes
100g grated cheese
2 slices of WW bread
1 glass of milk

It's all good healthy food and as one of five or six meals a day, really helps to pack on the pounds.

As well as WW bread and pasta, sweet potatoes are great as a carb source when bulking. Eat as many of them as you can possibly manage. Also, don't forget oatmeal.

You shouldn't fixate on eating clean when bulking anyway, particularly PWO. I drink a litre of chocolate milk peri-workout as well as a meat pizza with extra cheese PWO. I've put on 50lbs since June with not much fat gain.

Just remember to train hard and it will all be put to good use.