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Trying to Bulk

Hi all.
Im 19 been training in the gym for almost two years, although just under one year of well structuerd training.

I’m naturaly an ectomorph (always have low bodyfat) and have put on reasonable size when looking at how skinny i was before (however i’m still skinny and way off what i aim to be).
I’m about 6ft tall and 160 pounds lol

I have been training hypertrophy range splits 4-5 days a week over the time i’ve been hitting the gym, and gains in size n weight have stopped now (strength is still continuous improvement). Is a change recomended (i change work out a lot but sick with about 6-12 reps).

One issue is my right leg was injured a few months ago and am still in the process of fixing it so heavy squats and deads arnt poss for a while

My diet isnt as good as it could be but i get enough protein and eat lots of cals (not sure exact amounts) but 5 or so meals and a few shakes. Although am working on improving diet.

Just really looking for tips from people who have bulked succesfully as my attempt isn’t working.
Cheers ppl

Well there you have it. Squats and deadlifts are the kings of overall mass-building exercises, so get on with your rehab! As soon as you can squat and pull heavy again, your bodyweight will go up accordingly.

Secondly, you may not be getting as much nutrients as you think, so start writing down how much protein/calories/fiber you’ve had throughout the day. I don’t know if you are, but don’t skimp out on the healthy fats such as peanut butter, coconut oil and fish oil. Also, when you eat steak, don’t trim off the fat.

I recommend keeping a food log and get a handle around the nutrients you are ingesting. If your not eating enough it is going to be very hard to gain size.

pretty much what the two posters above me said.

You’re probably/definitely not eating as much as you think you are. write down your food intake and see what you’re actually getting. Heavy compound movements are your best for building mass.

6’ and 160lbs is really skinny. You definitely need to be eating more than you are now. Keep a food log. It’ll be an eye opener for sure.

cheers for the advice will make a food log
any kinda workout anyone would recomend?
Probably hypertrophy range (i would assume) any point in trying things like FST-7 etc (do u need to be bigger n better for this to have a worthy effect lol) or should i just do 4 or 5 exercises per bodypart sticking to mainly compunds? (i prefer splits to full body)
cheers ppl

I finally started gaining weight when I consistently ramped up my food intake just like weights. For example when I first first started I was eating two pieces of bread with peanut butter. Then it became two pieces of ezekiel bread with peanut butter. Then I switched to 3 eggs. Then I went to 3 eggs plus a piece of ezekiel.

So on until this morning when I had 4 eggs mixed with spinach and a piece of cheese melted on top, one piece of ezekiel, and a glass of water. On days when I’m either running late from oversleeping or need to get gas on my way to work I drink milk in place of the ezekiel bread (it saves me the 7 minutes it takes to toast)

I’m far from done or the biggest around here but I tell you until I started consistently forcing down more and more food I didn’t see any gains in weight. Treat it like you would anything else, one step at a time and always pushing forward.

^ do this. when i first started trying to gain weight i could only eat 2 eggs. then i just slowly started adding more eggs in the morning. now i eat 6 eggs and toast and milk. but it took a while. the jump between 3000cal and 4000cal is bigger than you think.

Go to 1:33
Eat more

Cheers for advice

lovin the video, its not that i refuse to squat, but can only go ridiculously light like 50-60 pounds.
Still only really meant to be doing body weight squats but figured a little wight wouldn’t kill me.
(dislocated kneecap so ligaments around it are week for time being, if to much presure is on it it could slip out again meaning more time in a cast - FUCK THAT)

Eat more at important times too, like breakfast. My daily breakfast is solid food with high calories as soon as i wake up like chilli, then right after, a smoothie with 6 eggs, berries, ice cream and a liter of milk. Its a lot easier to drink that than eat more food, but it will stop the fast from 8 hours of no food.
And right after training, if youre just having a plain protein shake, just add 150 ml of standard cream to it, thats an extra 500 cal.

[quote]zak91 wrote:
so heavy squats and deads arnt poss for a while[/quote]

[quote]zak91 wrote:
diet isnt as good as it could be [/quote]

one of those things you can change today - do it - grow


That is a really awesome video. Good find

Agreed with the food. Eat more. You talked about everything in your post EXCEPT food.