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Trying to Bulk, Not Gaining


Ok, I just dont get this. I am 5'8" and WAS 135lbs (!!!!) when I started bulking. I was in the US then and slowly increased my cals from a measly 2000 to 3500 and was gaining about 5lbs a month. A couple of months later I had to move to India, and since then my weight has either gone down or remained the same!!

Even increased my cals to 4000 with around 500g of carbs, 100g of fats and 250g of proteins. The only difference I can tell is instead on using maltodextrin, I am using Gatorade Powder (no idea where to get maltodextrin in India). Here's my meal chart, ANY help at all is appreciated!! (I am 152lbs now and workout 5 days a week).

160g oatmeal
30g protein powder
1 apple

2nd Meal
160g Spaghetti
1 Serving Chicken/ Meat

Pre Workout
70g Gatorade Powder
30g Protein Powder

Post Workout
70g Gatorade Powder
30g Protein Powder
5g Creatine

3rd Meal
110g Spaghetti
1 Serving Chicken/ Meat

4th Meal
6 whole eggs
1 serving bacon
2 servings nuts

The pre workout shake is like 30-45 mins before the workout. Of course this isnt fixed. I change things up with a pizza or some thai food every now and then.

Any help is really appreciated!!


That's not 4000kcals...


Raitional gaze is right. That's not 4000 cals. Switching to a different carb (malto to dextrose) while increasing total calories will still make you gain weight.


you could raise your fats more as well . 1x soup spoon of olive oil + 1x tea spoon fish oil with every meal would give you about 600/700 extra cals aday.


Oh it is 4000 (i could give a caloric breakdown, but thats too much work) :slightly_smiling: Alright then, i'll try eating more!!! Man, I thought bulking would be easier!! It turns out its hard both physically and on the wallet :slightly_smiling:

@ucallthatbass I did! Gatorade powder here in india is mostly dextrose not malto.

I was also concerned about pre workout shake. Is it too much carb peri workout? Or is the whole scheme of things ok??


500g of carbs? Am I missing something? You realize 150g of spaghetti is only about 45g of carbs right?

No, you aren't eating 4000kcal.



FACEPALM!!!! Damn!! THATS where I was going wrong!! Thanks for pointing it out... Now onto real bulking :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help. Appreciate it


Drink your calories. It's easy to make a 5 6 700 cal shake and it doesn't fill you up so much that you can't eat enough to make your caloric goal. My breakfast every morning is milk, ice cream, olive oil, metamucil, protein powder, and chocolate syrup. Roughly 1,000 cals. Costs about $2.


Metamucil? Dude, you're not 80! :slight_smile:

Why not try some fruit, seeds, oatmeal, and/or nuts in your shake for fiber? They taste good and give good texture too.


It's an actual shake so I have to shake it literally - no blender here :frowning: Also, it's quick, easy, and cheap.


Plus 4 outta 5 cavemen's number one choice of fiber was metamucil :wink:


Yeah 3 out of my 7 meals are shakes. Fuck it.


Do this gradually though lest you get anal leakage.

You can dial in your calories pretty easily by adding things like olive oil, heavy cream, and carb powder. The nice thing about those options, among others, is that you won't miss them later when you eventually drop your calories. I can't say the same about burritos, burgers etc.


Few suggestions for more easy calories:
-add nut butter (alomond/pb/etc) to the oatmeal [are you mixing the protein powder with the oatmeal, that shits good]
-as someone said, add olive oil. it would probably mix good with both spaghetti meals
-throw some cheese on those eggs!
-what are you drinking? water? whole milk can add a lot of calories if you don't have any problems with it
-eat beef/pork more often than chicken/fish


I'll go ahead and second (or is it third?) the shake idea. This is what I do for breakfast every day:

1 cup oats
2 scoops protein powder
2 tablespoons of peanutbutter
2 bananas

its 1,000 cals for breakfast and takes less than 10 minutes to make AND drink. (I also put super food in there but thats not really any extra cals)

oh yeah and OP... EAT MORE! you're not gaining cause your not getting enough cals :slight_smile:


Yeah, that came as a shock yesterday when @scj pointed out 150g of spaghetti for 40g of carbs, I always thought it was 50g of spaghetti = 40g of carbs!! What a mindf**k!

Tweaking my diet to include sweet potatoes, WW bread. Unfortunately, its not easy to find beef in India (and its something I miss the most!). Otherwise I think I should be good with all the great advice from you guys :slightly_smiling:


Meh, I don't eat beef either I just compensate with lamb. Also one of the bigger guys on this site (doesn't post much anymore) was saying he would eat lots of chicken+cheese.


Thats what I do now :slight_smile: But lamb doesnt compare to beef in taste IMO :slight_smile: Maybe I ought to give cheese a shot... hmmm...


anirud... 50g of pasta is 40g of CHO, but in dry uncooked weight. Soooooooo many people make this mistake when first starting out. I measure the dry weight of pasta/rice into 4 servings (as this is a more accurate measure then cooked due to water weight varioance) and then once cooked just divide the new number by 4 to give you an even breakdown.

Unless a packet says cooked on it, the measurements are usually in dry weight.

Except meat, it is usually measured in cooked weight.


Your pre- and post-workout meals could use revamping. Consider a solid meal like a cup of brown rice (cooked), chicken or fish, and vegetables prior to training. You don't mention how much time elapses between meals. Since your current post-workout meal is a shake, make sure to get it in immediately following training. I'd also suggest consuming your "3rd meal" no more than an hour after training.

Assuming you eat approx every 2.5 hours, you should be able to fit in an extra meal later in the day. I'd choose something slow-digesting with minimal carbs/sugars and moderate healthy fats. Your fourth meal would be suitable for this. Hope this helps.