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trying to bulk, but feel sluggish

hey, at the beginning of this year i decided to stop running and bulk up. I used to run alot, middle distance running in track, but have stopped and chose to “get big.” I used to have lungs of a marathoner, but now i feel i get sluggish real real fast. Like today when i was playing a game of basketball, i was out of breath easy and didnt play well at all. I felt slow.

I used to be fast and really active, but what i did recently was stop the running, and concentrate on lifting and playing ball once a week or so. Where i used to run 5 days a week. Ive stopped running at the beginning of the year. It didnt seem to affect me much, but now im trying to gain weight by eating more food.

I was wondering if its just because ive stopped running and focused on lifting, or cuz my diet changed. Im trying to get my EFA’s with just a few capsules of flaxseed oil and fish oil. Im trying to eat more food, mostly clean, with no real junk food. Is this just the transition phase of going from super runner to lifting, or am i doing something wrong?

So are you saying that you stopped running?

long distance running/treadmill etc means near nothing for basketball conditioing. i’ve learned that lesson after rehabbing off a couple basketball injuries. i would run miles to get in shape fealt great etc, stepped on the court and felt like i was going to pass out. basketball is non-stop of sprinting/ back pedaling/defensive sliding/jogging and just plain resting, so if you train that way it will get you into amazing shape.

here is what i do to get into real good shape for bball (without playing games):

simulate a game, full court, 30 minutes is enough, after a couple days you will start feeling much better. doing this once a week should maintain it, i still do it 6 times a week.

example of this: dribble down, shoot, sprint back, dribble down, shoot, back pedal back, dribble down, shoot, defensive slide back and repeat randomly… really works great

any kind of sprint, slow down, rest, d-sliding for a certain duration will help imensly.

hope this helps

yea thanks. im trying to get my game good. I also feel im too small when i play, i get knocked around. Im not too tall too, i play guard, but everyones still alot bigger than me.

However… am i trying to acheive two goals? which are hard for me to get? I am wanting to gain weight, so i wanted to cut back on such intense cardio, such as game simulation. though i love basketball. Is it one or the other?

and back to the original post, is my sluggishness because of diet, change in routine, combo of both? i used to be able to run full for hours. not anymore.

we are in exactly the same boat :slight_smile:

i was 140 5 months ago, now im 180 after bulking (that 20% fat crap i posted a couple days ago actually turns out im 14% fat after calipers, stupid digital scales suck). i really just ate like a madman. i did sacrifice playing ‘games’, but i did not sacrifice practicing. i practice every day still for just an hour to keep my game good and my basketball conditioning going strong. I’ve done this for the entire 5 months and still gained tons of weight.

here’s what i do:

when i wakeup i basically just go straight to the court with just some water, and do 30 min sim andthen do drills afterwards. when i come home i take protein/glutamine and a huge ass breakfast (eggs/sausage/bagel etc).

Thats about all the cardio i do during the day… and before warming up for lifting weights i dont do any cardio, just break a sweat doing j-jacks/couple sprints/jog etc… but for a very short time about 5 minutes.

so the sim game/drills definitly havn’t hindered my weight gain, im still shocked i have gained so much. BUT, back to your other Q, it definitly has affected my basketball skills, for example my j/quickness… but this is just a temporary tradeoff. whats your weight/height/age? i realized that i really have to sacrifice a year gaining/bulking up to play in any competitive association (d1/pro overseas etc).

so ya its a trade off, but continue to at least keep your bball skills going, because all that muscle/weight you’re putting on will really affect your game.

i dont do any cardio before/after lifting, just in morning, max 1 hour no more.

Chances are you gained that much because you “eat like a madman”. Combining bagels, eggs and bacon is never ever a good idea.

i dont get what you’re saying? ive gained 40 lbs eating like that.

that would of made me 140 at 8% or 12% fat (128 lean or 123 lean lbs).

and now 180 at 13-14% fat at 156~ lbs lean.

trying to eat a little smarter now though p+c or p+f meals.

though this guideline worked for me:

  1. eat every hour no matter what eat something
  2. big hamburger once a day
  3. rice & beans as my first meal after working out plus protein scoopi probably should get my blood checked: )

Exactly… chances are, you could have drastically reduced the amount of weight you gained had you been following a better diet. I don’t think eating every hour is a good idea, nor do I think a hamburger once a day is a good idea. Why not barbecue a turkey burger, and eat it plain with an egg on top?

i was trying to gain weight… hehe

going for 200 now then will cut

good words thanks… Im 20 5-8, 130lbs. So im a small skinny guy. Im a stick but i have some muscle. Im not your pure marathoner guy, but im no sprinter either.

I want to get around 145 by summer. and maybe hit 155 next year. I havent done any “cardio” as a workout in 4 weeks, but have been playing some games and doing drills. I usually dont play and lift the same day, if i do its only for 20 mins or so of drills maybe a quick game.

however, because of my stupidness and ill blame it on my sluggishness, i got tripped up yesterday and hurt my ankle. it hurt a little but i played on, and then lifted afterwards. I felt a little pain, but now this morning it hurts like hell. I cant put any weight on it.

I have classes and my campus is spread out and its on a hill. imagine san francisco. I cant walk at all, im going to need to get crutches. getting to classes is gonna suck.

thats why i play no games :slight_smile: an injury will stop your progress quick. i have not played any games since i started bulking (5 months ago), have not got hurt at all from anything and progress has not been stopped, i dont know if you want to do that but it helped. hard not to play but so many injuries in those pickup games.

anyway ya 5’8 130 is too light for bball, maybe not little-game bball, but it doesnt sound like you are into playing those kind of games, sound like you play with some heavier people. (avg point guard in pro is about 180, d-1 ball probably 170, and streets probably 160-170)

my advise would be to bulk hard, lift hard, and then hit the court after you reach your target of maybe 150-160.

also work on that ankle strength on some of your ‘leg days’, it will really help.


kind OT of original post but…
as my injury goes. 2 nites ago, while balling, i had my foot planted and the other kid went up for a layup and our legs collided and i fell. i hurt my ankle but kept playing through it. It wasnt 100% but i could move. I finished up the game and started to lift, when my ankle was bothering me so i went home, still walking normal. I iced up.

Later that nite it was bothering more and more. Whatever, i just went to bed. and i woke up to goto the bathroom. Stepped off my bed and tried to walk. I couldnt move my right foot. i didnt know why then all of a sudden bam! the pain. I went back in bed and laid there with my foot on a pillow. my foot hurt bad!

so i skip class today and ice. elevating my leg. and just sleep in all day. i get food and do whatever just hopping on the good leg. later i get to health services and the lady tells me to walk. magically i can. though im reluctant to cuz im afraid ill hurt my self. so she just gives me crutches.

question. can i heal that fast? or am i just a wuss? or thats the way things work. i felt that the first nite i was on adrenalin and i played through the game, but i couldnt move a bit without pain in the morning.

right now im on crutches, compression wrap and ice every once in a while. should i just stay off of it? or toughen up.