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Trying to build up strth and endurance a small amount in a short period of time

Hi, I am 16 a junior and i am 5’9 way about 155 pounds I am going to be varsity swimming this year and frankly i just dont feel I have the strength and endurance i need to be successful in the sport. In swimming you dont wanna be huge but your muscles should be defined. I decided that i wanted to start lifting more after I got home from vacation. Basically I was held up on lifting because i was very sick. Last week i finally started. I planned on lifting Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. of every week, too much too little? I do 3 sets of each machine with the weight setup my coach gave me which is, 10 reps at like 70 percent of your max 8 at 80 and 6 at 90 this leaves me sore but is that really building muscle?

My diet is generally somethign along these lines: wakeup eat a cliff bar and have some yogurt with wheat germ yogurt and wheat germ is like my fav. food lol also 1-2 glasses of water before i head for the weight room at school, lunch time chicken sandwich with lettuce tomato bottle of water and pretzles, go home have a snack usually an orange or an apple, then off to swim practice (if i have it that night we’re in preseason) come home some sort of pasta or meat for dinner. Does that work? (i also bring 2 20oz bottles of water i drink throughout the day and the one i have at lunch is a third i get with the meal i buy everyday)

my goal is to improve my strth and endurance in a short period of time and then to maintain it should i change anything im doing now or stick with it?

also one other question for some reason no matter how many crunches/leg lifts/sittups i do i cant seem to get a six pack (i do work my abs every day soemtimes twice) and I heard that if you push your lower back into the ground while your working your abs that it will be much more effective is that right? thanks

John, I suggest you inform yourself about training and diet using the search engine on this site. Your training sounds so misguided it’s no wonder you’re not gaining, and believe me, it’s hard not to gain at your age. If you’re interested in improved performance, forget about trying to get a six pack. Deadlifts and squats may or may not give you a six-pack, but they will do a lot more for your ab strength than hours of situps. Like I said, this site is a goldmine of information, and you’re likely to get more expert advice by searching on the main site than by using the forum…

You know, if you took all the time to write that plus a few extra …days you could read this site and have all your questions answered.

hey, as after 20 yrs. of coaching top national swimmers, I can tel you they go wrong in these areas: not eating ENOUGH…especially an immediate post workout drink (the ‘Endurox4’ might be one most affordable for you… tell your parents you must get this. 2.They are WAY short of adequate protein…MRP’s would be invaluable to you… one in the morning one before bed. 3.swimming technique work… perhaps one-on-one would probably help you way more than anything else for performance.4.do the weights 2xweek (full-body) during hard training no more! 5.abs are a good idea pessing lower back into floor IS the right idea while exhaling… do ‘bicycles’,leg raises, stability ball crunches… good luck!