Trying to Build a 3rd Cycle

Yea I know it absolutely rapes your hair. But test by itself does a good job of that too if you’re prone. Fortunately I have virtually zero male pattern baldness on both sides of my family. I have thinner hair but a lot of it, and it doesn’t seem to have been affected by previous blasts. Knock on wood I don’t see anything this time around either.

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Me too (I think I might have just a bit on the crown, nothing at all up front). I maybe am more paranoid about it than others.

That is why I am trialing Finasteride while on cruise for now. A majority of men get no sides. Most who get sides are not on TRT (and some research points to many of those also having low or borderline low T). I haven’t had any sides yet (2 weeks), and perhaps libido is even a bit higher (reverse placebo). I think Test with Finasteride if tolerated is about as hair safe as you can get.

Certainly not saying everyone should use Finasteride. For me and my goals it fits well.

This does not tell shit. I have people training for 5 years in military hand to hand combat, who still cant dodge a straight punch to the face, and then there are girls who train for 5 months and can actually kick someone in the face. How long you have been training does not tell anything.
WIthout seeing you, we cant suggest a cycle. You might be weak, you might be fat, you also might look epic and every situation would end up with a different suggestion.

EQ is usually introduced when person is sensitive to E2, so he cant take too much test and his E2 is sky high already. They introduce EQ and lower test in hopes to get the same test benefit and also counter E2 problems that come with twice the test.
When you said EQ tanked your E2 in 2 weeks, it tells me you E2 wasnt too high to begin with, so there was no real point to use it in the first place, as if you dont need the E2 lowering effect its just a plain shitty compound.

I do agree that people need to experiment but experimenting should be done in the right direction, like - experiment with AI when you have E2 problems. Same goes with EQ - you dont experiment with EQ if your E2 is so low it can be tanked in 2 weeks… my E2 lowered by 50% but its still above the range, which is the reason i cant take test but i take EQ.
You wouldnt suggest fat people experiment with clen as it just wouldnt do much, etc. Experimenting should be done in the right direction.

no one can suggest you a constructive advice on a cycle to get ready for a bodybuilding show without seeing your body…
the fact you cant post it smells fishy…
dont take me wrong - im not attacking you, im just saying that many people who take steroids here need diet and workout advice, not cycle advice…
Without pics we cant tell if you could try deca or maybe you should go the opposite direction. I hope you understand what im trying to say.

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Listen, I understand where you’re coming from but I think too many dudes on here are on a kind of moral high horse and adopt this paternalistic approach when giving cycle advice. Then again, there’s a lot of dumb fuck kids who have come on here posting outrageous first cycles or desperately asking for help after screwing their endocrine system into the ground when they were told to hold off. However, it’s not your responsibility to educate or govern people’s decisions.

I have stated what I am looking to get out of the cycle, I didn’t ask for specifics or for someone to build me a plan, I was simply asking for suggestions (i.e what might have worked for some, and what might not have worked for others). I’m not sure I agree with your mentality on training - I would say that MOST people with half a decade of bodybuilding experience know how to train and how to diet. Martial arts is a bit irrelevant - talent, reflexes, etc are much more important components to one’s success.

I agree…EQ might be used for those reasons for some people. I also think it would be perfectly acceptable for someone to suggest to “try” EQ in a bulking stack if they wish to add a new compound (in moderation). There’s nothing wrong with that, which is exactly what I did. I tried it, it didn’t work, I stopped it, and I moved on. Trial and error are all you’ve really got in this game - you can speculate as much as you want, but everyone reacts differently.

I’m not asking for advice on a prep cycle, otherwise, I would have specified compounds and doses. I’m just looking to recomp and wanted suggestions coming from more experienced gear users. That’s it, and that’s all I asked for in my initial post and some have actually given me useful insight above (which is much appreciated).

As I said, out of principle, I just don’t post pictures of my physique online. I have too many distinguishable tattoos and I’m just not keen to let the world know I do AAS - it’s simply a question of privacy. If you want stats, I can provide them…but weight is just a number on a scale.

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Fair enough.

Test. Tren. HGH.
Tren is an actual recomp drug and with HGH you could actually lose some fat in a slight caloric surplus even.

Do you think tren is appropriate for a third cycle though? I considered running tren E for 8 weeks but I felt it might be overkill for a novice.

How do you run it usually?

What is and what isnt appropriate for 1st or 3rd cycle is very different. For example, in US forums, people always prescribe test as a first cycle, while where i come from(Eastern Europe) we didnt really knew test 15 years back. Like - we knew there is such a thing but 1st cycle was always 30mg of dbol a day. Then we did dbol and deca. I believe i tried test only in my 4th or 5th cycle. So what is appropriate changes a lot. No one started with injections as we “bro-scienced” that injecting stuff is more harmfull(yes, its not) and we all are still alive and doing our thing even tho we didnt start the “right” way.

In my experience with tren - i dont get much sides appart from a terrible caugh, so if i would have to go by how i feel personally, anadrol, dbol or deca is a much more of a motherfucker than tren.
You can always start super low and adjust from there.

500 test, 350-400 tren(i inject everything EOD) and 1iu GH twice a day would be an ok start. If scared of tren, start lower, adjust it after a week or two.

Also, if you plan to recomp, i would suggest doing 12-16 weeks instead of 8. Recomping is much slower than bulking and you will probably lose first 4 weeks trying to adjust dosages, calories and cardio. Remaining 4 weeks just isnt enough IMO.
To recomp in 8 weeks you would have to run high tren and high GH, and that is risky for a first time.

Agreed, I was more looking into dropping the tren early because from what I understand it’s pretty harsh for long periods of time.

Lol that hilarious, I’m from Europe too, but all my eastern European friends also started on the classic dbol only cycle in a grungy ass gym in Latvia hahahaha.

My lab rep carries injectable mixtures with Test E 250mg and Tren E 150mg per ML. Do you run your test higher than the tren? I’m seeing some people preach higher tren and lower test, or both at equal amounts, or higher test and lower tren.

well that is exactly where i am from and where and how i started, yes :smiley:

that is how its supposed to be, but i have done tren for different dosages for 3 years straight and my bloodwork does not look much worse now than it did 2 years ago… i also have a heart condition so i am checked by doctors and it is ok-ish for now. I am planning to drop everything down to TRT in next 4 months, but what im trying to say is - you will not die because you did 4 more weeks of tren(based on my personal opinion only).

i have done it same amounts or test higher than tren… i believe(have no real knowledge) that test is supposed to be at least the same as tren or higher to negate the sexual dysfunction like tren-dick… as i said - i have taken as much as 700-800 tren and i have never had any sexual problems, but thats because when i did 800 tren i also did 2g of test and also my e2 was 10 times the norm :smiley:

right now i do 350mg of each but i also take other stuff and tren is there only because i have emotional attachment to the drug and im not even sure it does anything for me now as i have taken much more before, but since im up 45lbs as i started pursuing strenght, im not risking taking it away before the summer as i already do look like fat piece of shit and i dont want to come to a conclusion that i look even worse if i take tren away :smiley:
so im blasting absolutely everything for all summer and then im dropping everything slowly piece by piece to see if i actually need it anymore.

You can start with half a CC of each EOD for 2-3 weeks. If that is all good, up it for a whole CC EOD… i also suggest you do get at least some cheap GH, as it will amplify what tren does(i do believe it burns fat on its own and it is what makes it a recomp drug).

Plot twist : @hankthetank89 and @docsck32 trained together in Latvia and have been friends for years before destroying their relationship on a public forum

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My long lost Latvian brother…we use to pin each others asses. ‘Twas a true love story ):