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Trying to Become a Strongman


Shit man… here for you


What happened?


Thanks guys, I am alright for the moment. Decided to crack at my mate’s place. I don’t have a lot of friends in Munich, since the Aussis moved away, so it is nice to know that at least some cared enough to give me a space to sleep.

Yeah what happened? My gf kicked me out. Since my name is not on the rent contract, she can do that like that. We had problems and ups and downs for a long time but this final reason/ argument is pretty minor compared to the outcome in my opinion.
Now I stand before the colossal task of finding a place to rent within my budget in Munich. Believe me, that is quite the task…


Mate that just sucks big time. Hopefully although a difficult time, this will be the closing of one chapter and the start of a whole new one. Sending positive thoughts you way.


Ah shit. Sorry to hear this. Hope you’re doing ok as can be brother.


That sucks my friend, hope you’re all right there.
It’s hard to find something decent for decent money in any big city I guess. I’ll cross my fingers hoping a good place will come along soon.
Stay strong


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and it means a lot that you care!

For the situation I am in I am not doing too bad. Still, the living situation needs to get sorted out asap. My mate has a tiny room inside of his parent’s flat. I really don’t want to make this too hard on him. I haven’t even met his parents because I got there after 11 pm yesterday and left super early as well. I don’t have too much stuff on me at the moment obviously.


Tough break man, sorry to hear that. Hoping you get it squared away quickly.



1 axle push press
5 x 5 @ 96 kg

Axle clean and press
1 @ 96 kg - Just to get a feel. Wasn’t too bad at all.

2 Standing DB press (light)
5 x 10 @ 20 kg

3 pull ups (ng)
Band assisted (knee): 5 x 5, 2 x 3

4 t bar row
5 x 10 @ 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 kg


  • today was a very hard day. A pretty easy training though



1 Crosstrainer
15 min

2 32 kg kb swings + push ups

3 band pull aparts
100 total

4 McGill Curl ups + side planke
3 sets + 2 sets of 30 sec

5 hip abduction machine
3 x 15


  • some gpp work in between work and appointments

You know all these memes about hardcore training and gym being life and that this is not a hobby but a lifestyle and so on? I am so hardcore I literally live in a gym right now.
Had a talk with her this evening. She did not take it as a break up at this point at all. She thought this was a big fight. She begged me to change my mind and to give her another chance. This was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do - emotionally speaking. I could not stand to see her like that.


Sometimes you have to make the hard choices. It usually ends up better for all concerned.


It sure doesn’t feel like that atm. On a conscious level, I know this is what I had to do. It makes ense and deep down I know it is right. Doesn’t make it easier thought



Habe barely slept at all. I always try to use my lunch break at work for a quick nap but it wasn’t happenning today.
I am extremely tired and exhausted.

1 squat
Up to
5 x 3 @ 140 kg

2 Front squats
5 x 5 @ 90 kg

2 axle doh deadlift
3 x 2 @ 101 kg - grip felt very solid


  • those new barbells are like pool noodles. Sucks to squat with them
  • Had to interrupt my workout twice to head down stairs and cry (I am not trying to get sympathy, I just tell it how it is)


Can’t control feelings, you’ll sort things out eventually.
Try to get some sleep my friend, you need it.


Yer poor quality barbels make me emotional too mate.

Seriously though I feel for you mate and hope things sort themselves out soon


That’s tough, man. I stayed in a toxic relationship like that for way too long, where her go-to in any disagreement was the nuclear option, and there was no reasoned discussion to be had. Every situation is different, but when someone’s willing to put you on the street, that’s hard to come back from.


Head up, heart down, one day at a time.



Drove home this weekend to get away from the situation in Munich. First stop was at one of my best friends in Göttingen - a city I have lived in myself over 3 years ago. I arrived at 10.30 pm or so and we went out to a pub and a rock club later with his gf and two other people. Was a really nice and funny evening in good company. I am thankful that we could make that happen. Now I am off to my parents for my father’s birthday dinner this evening.

1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 55 kg

2 Push Press
1 @ 110 kg - very easy
5 x 10 @ 85 kg - on the last rep I felt something happen. Last rib on the left side. Probably popped out or something, or better to say it has popped out a few weeks ago. Don’t know what is up there. Maybe time to consult a PT.

Tried Farmer’s walks because they had them, but rib situation crossed that plan early.

3 HS high row machine (very good lat stretch and contract)
5 x 10 - ascending weight

4 HS lat pull down
3 x 10


  • the weight is no problem at all on the push press. Fatigue makes consistency difficult though.
  • that single was not planned but ridiculously essy… I am itching for that 120 kg!!
  • I hope the rib won’t bother me too much. I may need to have it checked but my life is so chaotic right now, that I hardly have the time.



1 deadlift
1 x 3 @ 165 kg
3 x 3 @ 157,5 kg

2 Trap bar shrugs (no chalk)
15 @ 68 kg (fat grips)
5 + 6 @ 118 kg (fat grips + normal)
4 + 5 @ 118 kg (medium + normal)
25 @ 68 kg (fat)
25 + 10 @ 68 kg (fat + medium)

3 bicep curls
Some for a few


  • I pulled a little hesitantly as the rib continues to be a nuisance but it was manageable. Got a recipe from the doc to visit a physio (you need the recipe around here so that insurance pays for the treatment)
  • easy day.


Murphy’s law - now I have a cold. Decided to stop training right away.
My two best friends are coming down all the way to Munich to spend some time with me and get me distracted from the current situation I live in.
We are renting a hotel room and will have lots of good tasting, hop based beverages.
I really want to be fit for that!