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Trying to Become a Strongman


Nice. One day I will do this, one day


Video of 4 of the 5 sets deadlifts:



I am sore from the last workout. Legs are quite fatigued but especially the erectors. Yesterday I foam rolled and took a hot bath with bathing salts, so I could move normally again. Helped a lot!

1 push press
2 x 6 @ 100 kg - PR
1 x 7 @ 100 kg - PR and close miss on 8th.
1 x 5 @ 100 kg - didn’t fail, just went for more a comp. spec. lockout (holding the weight for a down command)
1 x 7 @ 100 kg - didn’t attempt 8th. Wouldn’t have been there.

2 strict press
1 x 9 @ 60 kg
1 x 10 @ 60 kg
1 x 8 @ 60 kg

Switched to seated press because of the ab situation
1 x 7 @ 60 kg
1 x 10 @ 40 kg

3 band assisted pull ups (ng)
2 x 7
2 x 5
1 x 4

4 seated cable row (had to be cautious)
5 x 20


  • the ab situation = somehow strained something in the upper ab area/ around the diaphragma region on a shitty descent during one of the first push press sets. I don’t think that it is anything major but it affected things a bit. Will monitor it.
  • 5 sets and 31 reps in total with 100 kg. Very pleased and definitely PR territory.


Damn mate, that’s a lot of weight held overhead in one workout, awesome.
You’re really doing well at the moment, I remember a while back where it didn’t really click for you.
What have you changed?



1 squat
3 x 5 @ 135 kg
2 x 5 @ 132,5 kg

2 front squats

3 doh axle deadlift
Up to
1 @ 106 kg
2 x 0 @ 116 kg
1 @ 111 kg
2 x 2 @ 101 kg

Was supposed to work up to a max. single to establish a base for my grip work over the next weeks. My overhand grip is pretty laughable


  • okay this ‘ab thing’ from Saturday is a little worse than I thought and it now arrived at my back. Squats felt absolutely terrible and all funky. Skipped half the workout.
  • got my new program from Tim
  • realized that I am only 10 weeks out from comp! Pretty shocking. And also hurt. And frustrated.
  • now on to rehab. Hopefully it won’t keep me out of the gym for long


Thanks Mort, also: Likewise! :slight_smile:

I changed my mindset in general (I feel better, more happy and more confident) , not too much in direct regard to training. Also having a coach and and the time that I had an actual training partner helped me a lot.


3 sets of squats from yesterday:



About 45 minutes of rehab stuff. Hips were tight as hell.



Another 45 mins worth of rehab. Things are improving. I have also taken ibuprofen last night and will do so again tonight, to fight inflammation. I have this weird thing again were multiple things feel inflamed.

I’ll return to the gym tomorrow evening, if everything goes according to plan. The session ahead of me isn’t very heavy at all, so that is good and I will also keep on doing the rehab stuff. When I’ll do the next session will be decided based on how it goes tomorrow.



1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 52,5 kg

2 Log lift (clean once)
5 x 10 @ 60 kg (last set 5 hang cleans on the first reps)

3 pull ups (ng)
band assisted:
4 x 5
3, 4

4 db rows
5 x 20 @ 25 kg per arm


  • as embarassing as this might be but the rows were very hard on my grip
  • happy to report that my hips/ back are improving fast! They felt decent today.
  • I don’t get it. Strict presses were ridiculously hard today! I did 5x10 @ 60 kg last week. I’ll chalk it up as being fatigued/ banged up and having a bad day. No need to make a big deal out of it


Does anyone have good ideas for stretches that target the QL?
Maybe some new ideas for releasing tension in the psoas as well? Beside the usual like couch stretch or the “lunge stretch” in lack of a professional term.

@FlatsFarmer have you got any ideas?


For the QL you could try these to loosen things up around your hips.

Spending some time in the 90/90 position can be good for Psoas and QL. Think about “shortening” your abs and hamstrings “lengthening” your lower back.

Here’s a more aggresive way to Roll Out or “floss” your psoas to make it relax.

This exercise is kinda like an ab exercise, but it’s focused on a stable hip joint. It really teaches you how to use abs/glutes instead of tightening up hip flexors and lower back. I’ve been using it (4-5 reps per leg) before hamstring/hip extension moves to help establish “good” hip tilt. And use more legs/butt and less back.

I’ve also been experimenting with the Pigeon Stretch, only trying to make it easier less intense and painful on my hips. When I get it right I can really feel my QLs and hip flexors relax and glutes/hams work.


Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it! Incorporated a bit into my rehab work today!

I feel most of the tension really at the front of my body, right above the hip flexors.

The third picture is something I used to do a lot with my clients who suffered from back pain. It worked really well together with different other breathing drills and corrective work. I kind of miss doing this for a living, especially taking care of people with orthopedic conditions was a very satisfying part of the job.


Alright! Now that’s good info to work from. According to what I’ve pieced together, that tightness in the front of the body, right above the hip flexors is the problem. It’s the “wrong” muscles getting tight to support the hip joint. The glutes and abs Should be working/contracting to control the hip joint. For whatever reason, the “wrong” muscles in the front contract, shifting tension to front of the hips and the lower back.

This has all kinds of effects on posture, and like you mentioned, can even impact your breathing.

If you’ve got this “Bad” movement pattern going on, it happens in every move that involves the hips. In the past I used isometric deadlifts with a sumo stance to Train my glutes and hips to work correctly in the deadlift. Or partial ROM box squats to limit depth to what I could do properly. Or lots of single leg and half kneeling exercises. But then I got excited and rushed too fast and starting lifting any which way and injured myself passing back into the “bad” motion.

-Using stuff you learned to try to help other people is very rewarding and satisfying. My girlfriend is a Nutrition/Dietician intern at the Veteran’s Administration hospital here in town right now. Every day she comes home with a cool story about helping some former military person. She really loves it.


After reading through this and all this muscle rehab info… how many people end up with surgery when some pt or just moving around would be potentially better for the person. Instead they get knifed and are really screwed up.


Obviously I’m not doctor, but I believe this happens too much. There is some study kicking around about people with knee cartilage problems. Half the people got truly operated on, and half the people got an incision to make them think they had some kind of surgery done.

Then they surveyed both groups and found out they both felt about the same. The placebo was as effective as the surgery.

Josh Bryant, a bad pass performance coach talked the study to stress the importance of a positive, Can-Do attitude. Like you should constantly stay optimistic to placebo effect yourself into better training and results.

A therapist guy mentioned the study to recommend physical therapy (which is really just Special training) before surgery.



1 deadlift
1 x 5 @ 157,5 kg
3 x 5 @ 147,5 kg

2 Front squats
5 x 5 @ 90 kg

3 seated leg curls
3 x 12 @ 80, 95, 102.5 kg

4 conditioning circuit
5 rounds of 30 sec battle ropes, 30 sec box jumps, 30 sec rest


  • the time spent on the rehab exercises absolutely payed off today. I was able to get in a very good position and really felt that I utalised all the right muscles. Hips came into play as they should. QLs are not fully unlocked but things are improving rapidly!
  • everything felt very solid.
  • this was one of those workouts where you leave the gym not fealing like you have worked super hard, but still put in valuable work. Not the most satisfying kind of workout but arguably the most effective.


Top set of deadlifts:

Last set of front squats:



1 stationary bike
20 mins

2 some hip release stuff

3 sauna


  • needed to escape home and distract myself. Behaved though and didn’t lift any heavy stuff.

Also noteworhy: I just became homeless. I have the option to either sleep in the gym (organised a key) or drive into the city to sleep at a mate’s place.
First stop was McDonald’s though because of their free WiFi :smiley:


Jesus christ dude you alright?