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Trying to Become a Strongman



Good job holding everything together for the 2nd shot at 95kg.


Thanks man. Right now I feel, I have the power but the log is very challenging to stabilize and use your legs on. For me at least. So that is where I struggle and where the huge discrepancy between my barbell press and log press comes from.


I know just what you mean and I totally agree. Log is very challenging! Very hard to leg drive.


Yeah the problem is that I am a ‘bad presser’ meaning I rely a ton on my leg drive and jumping underneath the bar. So the log highlights my weaknesses - pure pressing power.


Strict press, pin press, z press, seated press…


Happy New Year Mate :slight_smile:
Log at 95 kg was awesome. Well done, doing half a rep and then do it afterwards, respect.



Lower back was pretty fatigued from the combination of deadlifts + log lift. So I decided to do lighter squats today. Was a really hard effort afterall and kicked my arse (still, total load was lighter than usual). Back wasn’t having more than the three sets though.

Amazing how a gym all for yourself on an afternoon can change your mood.

1 squat
3 x 10 @ 120 kg - PR (one of them would have already been one)

2 fat grip deficit trab bar deadlifts (some grip fun)
2 @ 68 kg
1 @ 86 kg
1 @ 106 kg
1 @ 138 kg
1 @ 158 kg - easy
1 @ 178 kg - not so easy. The focus that goes into the grip makes the lift slow.

3 Messed around a bit on machines (very, very light leg press mainly and just enjoyed my good mood and empty gym :slight_smile: )

4 seated leg curls
4 x 12


Thanks a lot buddy.
Happy new year to you and yours too :slight_smile:


I do strict presses twice a week. It helps. I won’t add anything that isn’t prescribed by my coach though.


A lot of people have already shared their workout related goals, so I thought I’d join in:

  1. Have a good season. I am thinking 3-5 competitions. Won’t do the whole series of the league tbh.

  2. Deadlift: 225 kg (+25 kg)

  3. Squat: 190 kg (+20 kg)

  4. Push Press: 130 kg (+17,5 kg)

  5. Front squat: 130 kg (+?)

  6. Log lift: 115 kg (+17,5kg)

  7. Farmer’s walk: 125 kg x 20 meter


Pretty ambitious but I had a good year and I think I have yet a lot to gain right now


Strong grip!


Goals looks attainable, you might not get to all of them but I’m sure you’ll reach most of them, if not all.
May the lifting gods smile at your throughout 2019.


OH squats (part of my squat warm up), squats and the trap bar top set from yesterday:


Them’s some good goals.



1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 60 kg

2 log lift (clean once)
4 x 10 @ 65 kg
1 x 9+1 @ 65 kg (Had to rest pause because I couldn’t get any more air in my stomach)

3 band assisted pull ups
Knee: 2 x 5, 3

Upper back and arms were completely depleted from the pressing.

4 switched to lat pull downs
3 x 10

5 pendlay row (row machines were taken) - didn’t like them today
3 x 10 @ 60 kg


  • Had really low energy today. Was drained after pressing.
  • still no program but continued in the fashion of last cycle.


Bad sleep or not eating enough ??


Probably a combination



Was very much pressed for time today.
Same thing happened as yesterday - ran out of energy super quick!
I hope that doesn’t mean I am getting sick.
If this continues I will take an unplanned deload.

1 deadlift
5 x 5 @ 160 kg

Deadlifts didn’t feel good! In theory this is only 80% of my max and I had to work really really hard for this today. Immediately knew after set one I was in for a fight. Decided to step up for it.

2 front squats
5 x 10 @ 70 kg

Went through this with short rests (2.30 minutes max). It became hell. Couldn’t breathe or think. Could barely stop the bar from rolling off me.
I layed on the floor between Set 4 and 5.

On rep 8 of the last set, the bar started rolling and lights started to go out. Lost orientation and stood confused with the weight for a moment. Managed to rack it, took a few breaths and forced myself to do the last two reps.


  • this looks like very little written down but it was a lot of effort for today.
  • lower back decided to get all tight, which it does every once in a while
  • this might mit have been the best session or particularely good circumstances BUT it served as a gut check, which is needed while comps are approaching