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Trying to Become a Strongman


Very pleased with my technique:


Awesome Squat man, looked very good and solid.
And those push presses really nailed them :slight_smile:


This one is hard to type. I fucked up. Didn’t injury myself atleast.


Wanted to do my regular deadlift session in the local gym. Which sucked. I forgot my straps in Munich and with this cheap ass equipment I couldn’t even make a 160 kg mixed grip deadlift happen.


Went to an old school gym, in the city I used to work. I like the place and they have decent equipment. I had the goal of a 200 kg deadlift for this year, which I set out with Wayne when I closed in on my original goal of 190 kg. I asked Tim if I could go for it and he said do it. So I thought why shouldn’t today be the day. I tried …

1 deadlift
Up to
1 @ 150
1 @ 165 kg
1 @ 180 kg
0 @ 200 kg -failed right below the knees for the first time ever.
1 @ 190 kg
0 @ 200 kg
2 @ 180 kg
3 @ 170 kg

2 Front squats
2 x 2 @ 70 kg
1 @ 90 kg
1 @ 100 kg
1 @ 110 kg
0 @ 120 kg


  • didn’t even know why I front squatted at all. That was beyond stupid at that point. I have no explanation. Maybe I hoped that I could at least walk away with some kind of success today? Well that wasn’t it for sure.

  • man those images of the failed deadlift will haunt me. Never failed this closely. Really thought I would have had it by now.

  • now that I got it all out, I need to let it go. Back to the drawing board. Back to work. I will attempt this again only when I now I have it for sure.


The haunting thing is: it just looks like I stop pulling without a reason.


Why did you quit it was movIng!

Amazing how some of these lifts feel while doing them then you look on video and think, wow it didn’t look as bad as it felt. Or I thought I rested more between squats than that…


So much this! Sometimes lifting feels like death and you could swear it was the slowest grind ever, but on camera it looks easy.


I’ve failed DL I was sure I could do too. I think it’s the body that’s shutting it down.
Some kind of preventing, when it thinks/feels it’s to heavy.
That 200 kg is there for sure.


Mental imagery is powerful. If you belive you can lift something you’re more likely to lift it despite what the body feels. Today it was boiling hot in the gym and every rep of squats felt like puking more and more. I wanted to rack the bar because my body didnt want to squat in the heat and it just felt trash, but mentally i had to complete all my sets. Sometimes i say to myself in my head, to trick the body: if i dont complete the set or if i rack the bar i will die and be weak forever. I dont know but it definitely pushes my body and the squats feel easier instanly


On a positive note: I played tennis tonight and it was a lot of fun! Really enjoyed myself. Quite surprised that I am still decent after so many years out of it. Managed 9 aces in a double. Strength and height apparently make for good serves :smiley:


You called it too early. It’s easy to do.

That’s also why I don’t like taking random maxes. You’re fatigued so taking a max won’t tell you much. It’s only worth doing in a peak, where the fatigued max has a specific purpose.


Exactly what I can’t stop asking myself! Only thing I can say is that the lift felt very different from what it looks like on camera.


I agree 100%. Going for maxes that “should definitely be there” is far superior.

I should have had the lift, I didn’t complete it.
It is what it is and it is over. So I try to just let it go and go on with training aus usual.

It was stupid to begin with and poorly executed as well. Just another lesson on journey after all.



1 push press
4 x 3 @ 105 kg

1 x 1+2 fails @ 105 kg - things got scary here! Lost balance/ brace and started stumbling and bending back.

1 x 3 @ 105 kg - retook the set. Much better

2 strict press
2 x 10 @ “57,5 kg”
2 x 8 @ “57,5 kg”
1 x 6 @ “57,5 kg”

Upon unloading the bar I realized what felt so off about it. The bar was misloaded for all 5 sets! It was 1,25 kg more on the left side. Which makes it 58,75 kg instead -.- Major fail.

3 pull ups (ng)
Banded (around knee):
4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3

4 HS low row machine
2 x 10 @ 45 kg per side
2 x 10 @ 55 kg per side
1 x 10 @ 45 kg per side


  • little less explosive today. So I pressed out a bit more than usual. Still good effort. Just slightly more difficult than expected.
  • this was the last session of this cycle. Now I’ll have to wait until Tim sends me the next one. Excited to make more gains and get ready for this season!



Let me start by saying I am fully aware how stupid and irresponsible this was.
However I couldn’t get this picture out of my head. The moment in which I let go of the bar while it was still rising. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week.

1 deadlift
up to
2 @ 140 kg
1 @ 160 kg
1 @ 180 kg
I only had one thing go through my head over and over: “Do NOT stop pulling! Whatever happens, keep pulling!”
1 @ 200 kg - PR !!! !!! !!! Hitched but whatever
6 @ 140 kg - was all out of steam

2 squat (very light but I wanted to grease the groove)
3 x 5 @ 100 kg
6 @ 60 kg

Sauna, steam room, sushi and now whisky after training and as kind of a reward.


  • Tim didn’t send me my next training cycle yet but he is working on it. He also said that we need to get my hips and abs stronger, because I hitch at maximal weights.
  • I am so freaking happy about this pull! Reached a big milestone and a goal of mine that always seemed very far and kind of out of reach. Onwards from here!



You kept position really well until you were past your knees. Now that bridge has been crossed, onwards.


Nice work man!


Nice work on the double hunge mate


Congrats man.
As Mark said it looked strong and it was just as if you lost faith.
But damn man awesome. One day it’s me.


Thanks guys! I am still super pumped about this achievement!

@simo74 well technically that is allowed in strongman, haha.

@mortdk It sure will be! You are closing in on the big 4 plates.

@MarkKO I am actually rather surprised that I held position as good as I did… Tim said my knees locked out prematurely and therefore I had to rely on my lower back, hence the hitching. I don’t know if it was bad timing or weak hips but I am leaning towards Tim’s analysis. I am going to implement whatever he says anyway.



I am still waiting on Tim’s program. Unfortunate but he is a busy man and it can not be forgotten that I don’t pay him. He just does it because he is a nice guy.

So while I am without a program I thought that I wanted to refamiliarise myself with the log lift, which I didn’t do for a few weeks.

1 log lift (Clean every rep)
Up to
1 @ 75 kg
1 @ 85 kg
3 x 1 @ 90 kg
1 @ 95 kg
3 @ 85 kg (clean once)
5 @ 65 kg - technique practise

2 strict press
5 x 5 @ 60 kg (last two sets pauses)

3 banded (knee) pull ups (ohg but stronger band)
3 x 5
2 x 4

3 seated cable row
5 x 10


  • didn’t hype up or approach the log aggresively at all. Just wanted to get a feel for the heavier weight again. Went great! 95 kg is actually only 2,5 kg short of my PR and like I said, today was not meant to be a max out at all. All things considered, I am pleased.
  • went very light on the strict press and low on the log volume because I want to be fresh for next week.