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Trying to Become a Strongman


Why is this? I find it easier/feels better


Fuark nice pressing man :slight_smile:
You’re on track again


I guess the non rotating ends make it harder for me to control the weight. We have very different pressing styles, I suspect that is why it feels harder for me while it doesn’t for you.

The axle is harder on my joints as well, namely elbows.


Thanks man :slight_smile: these last two sessions felt on point!


3 of those axle press sets



Okay today it was hard to go to train. Usual gym ist closed for the week (which means no log or axle) so it was even more of a hassle to get to university in my current no-car-situation than to the regular gym. I was feeling like dog shit after work, craving sleep and began to feel sick from the stomach on the bus ride.

1 squats
5 x 5 @ 135 kg

2 front squats
5 x 5 @ 85 kg

3 sldl (doh, beltless)
5 x 4 @ 112,5 kg

4 bit of stretching


  • started to feel much better during the session. Made the right decision by training. I feel better and accomplished afterwards.
  • squats felt pretty much on point! Hard but not difficult and no struggle.
  • feeling motivated right now (well, and very fucking tired, haha)



1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 55 kg

Shoulders pretty toasty

2 push press
5 x 10 @ 80 kg

Shoulders freaking annihilated!

3 pull ups
3, 3, 2

4 banded pull ups (around knee)
5, 5, 5, 3

5 one arm seated row machine
5 x 20 per arm


  • need to get used to holding the weight at the top longer, now that the season is approaching.

  • awesome session! Push presses were relatively easy even in a fatigued state

  • i am hungry!

-videos of 4 of the 5 push press sets:


That looked so easy man. Awesome.
When is the first event?


That’s a whole lot of pressing man. Love your work


@mortdk @simo74 thank you guys, I really appreciate you following along!

My first competition of this year’s season, which will be my first in the German Cup league will be at the fibo (biggest fitness expo in Europe or the world or something) and it takes place mid April… The 15th I think.



1 deadlift
5 @ 152,5 kg
3 x 5 @ 142,5 kg (beltless)

2 Trap bar shrugs
3 x AMRAP @ ca. 120 kg

3 bicep curls
4 sets no rest

4 adductor hold + side planke
(something I saw in Chris Duffin’s yt channel)
2 sets

5 cardio
incline walking 5 km/h, 9,5 % for 20 minutes

6 bit of stretching


  • very shitty training. Everything felt awful. Back was super tight and deadlifts were an absolute shit show.
  • you can’t win them all. I’ll chalk this up and move on like this didn’t happen. I had a few very good sessions and now a bad one. Shit happens.
  • one thing I should have done better is to listen to my body and do a more extensive warm up if everything feels wrong


That it does man.



Was hungry on my way to the gym -> poor planning.
My erectors felt my shitty deadlifts from yesterday.

1 push press (instead of log again)
5 x 5 @ 100 kg - big total volume PR

2 strict press
2 x 10 @ 52,5 kg
1 x 8 @ 52,5 kg
1 x 10 @ 52,5 kg
1 x 9 @ 52,5 kg

3 banded pull ups (overhand -.-)
Around knee: 4,3,4, 3, 3
Around foot: 6, 3

4 t-bar row
Started with a 15 kg plate and added one each set. Got very heavy on the last one.
5 x 10


  • freaking pumped about a 5x5 @ 100 kg which wasn’t too hard tbh. Like I needed to focus and do everything right but I had more reps in me on the first few sets!
  • beside the total volume PR I think even one set of 5 at 100 kg would have been a PR!!
  • the 5x5 took a lot out of me and that is why I couldn’t finish my 5x10, even though it was lighter than in the previous sessions. Can’t be bothered with this at all. Not only because of the great perfomance in push presses but also as my second overhead session this week - fatigue is gonna catch up


Video of today’s push presses:



Back was still kinda fatigued and I really wanted to do this tomorrow but schedule didn’t allow it

1 squat
Up to
1 @ 140 kg
3 @ 147,5 kg
1 @ 162,5 kg - PR
1 @ 170 kg - PR!! Fuck yes!!! Went right up

2 Sldl (doh, beltless)
5 x 6 @ 105 kg


  • sadly I only have a real shitty camera angle because I set up jerk blocks as safeties and therefore couldn’t get a side shot (camera set on a deficit in relation to the plattform I was squatting on and also filmed from the front but not directly). On video these squats looked mile high! :disappointed_relieved:
    I tried to go by feel of how low I usually squat and squatted to the same depth throughout the workout but still this is making me feel self conscious and kind of ruins the feel of accomplishment I had yesterday.
  • nevertheless I actually had a few kg more in me
  • I’ll still post the video, since it was a big PR obviously


Nice squat mate. Well done


Awesome squat pr!


That looked ok. You’re a strongman too, so wouldn’t it be better to focus on squatting to the depth you’ll need to hit in strongman?

Your head position is good and you caught your knees caving and drove them out. You did get pitched forward a little bit, but that’s an easy fix when your bracing is improved - and that’s something you’re constantly working on so it’ll come.


It helps my fragile little ego to read that, haha.

There is no such thing for me, sadly. The squat has never been featured in German competitions.
I don’t have to please a ref with my squat depth but I always aim for parallel. To keep myself accountable.

I agree, I am actually very happy with my technique here given that this was a 10 kg PR.

I think I worry over nothing here and should probably focus in being more happy about my squat progress. The angle can’t tell shit and I should probably trust myself more.



I arrived Tuesday at my family where I’ll stay over Christmas. So a little bit of gym juggling.

1 strict press
3 x 10 @ 57,5 kg
1 x 9 @ 57,5 kg - made a mistake.
1 x 10 @ 57,5 kg

2 push press
5 x 10 @ 80 kg

3 pull ups (ng)
Free: 3, 2
Banded (knee): 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3

4 one arm seated row machine
5 x 20 per arm


  • forgot my elbow sleeves - left elbow wasn’t a fan, haha.
  • I feel like I am approaching a plateu on the 5x10 strict press format. The weight for push presses was rather easy, only the build up fatigue makes it a little challenging.