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Trying to Become a Strongman



1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 52,5 kg

2 log lift (clean once)
5 x 10 @ 60 kg

3 pull ups
3,3,3,3,2 (14)

4 assisted pull ups

5 one arm machine rows
5 x 20 per arm


  • I think I found out why my pull ups are getting weaker lately. Could it be possible that my upper back is so fatigued from doing front squats the day before that it impacts my pull ups?



Very packed and long day. Had little time in between to fit my workout in. Today’s training schedule was perfect for that though.

1 deadlift
3 @ 157,5 kg
3 x 3 @ 150 kg (last set beltless)

2 axle shrugs (doh)
4 sets AMRAP

3 bicep curls (cable)
4 sets AMRAP, adding weight each set

Little bit of stretching


  • I am kind of in the dumps with training at the moment. It is probably just an adjustment process to new training times and the new work etc. I can’t really bring the focus and intensity and half arse a lot of my workouts.
  • deadlifts felt way heavier and slower than they should at this weight again. I have to say though that they look a little better on video compared to what they felt like.
  • I was tight again and back felt a little bit off.


I guess set three looked the best - speed wise


Some of it is adjusting as you say to new job and training times. New job also means putting more focus on the job.
That all takes a bit away from training.
Some has to with the fact that most of our training is just plain hard work were everything feels heavy and not as good as it should. It’s the little things and mentally we just thinks that it’s a bad workout but it isn’t.
Mark has put it very well in his log, something along the lines of building up fatigue over time, and that training is filled with a lot of hard work, where the true potential is only released in competition.


Well put!


The speed is certainly good. It looks like the bar moves away from you just after leaving the floor and then comes back in once it’s past your knees. How are you going with squeezing your lats during the pull?


Could be the shift we are experiencing with lack of sunlight and vitamin D levels…


I have been trying and I think it kinda works but I need more practise. Also this session I didn’t have time to try the activation drills, that Flats showed me.
But you are right, the look netter than they felt.


Hmm maybe? I think I have some supplements dir that laying around. Can’t hurt to take some


I think, you need to be patient. There are cases where the results can only be visible after several attempts. So I really don’t see the reason why you should despair at the first attempt. Keep on trying and I am sure you will get what you want.



Overhead squat as a warm up up to 60 kg. Haven’t done those in quite some time

1 squat
Up to
1 @ 120 kg beltless
1 @ 140 kg
5 x 2 @ 147,5 kg

2 front squats
5 x 10 @ 65 kg

3 sldl (doh, beltless)
5 x 6 @ 105 kg

4 bit of stretching


  • was a lot more pleased with squats today. Stayed on middle foot better and the movement quality was a lot better than it was in the two previous sessions. Looser belt it is, for now!

  • today’s workout was really hard though. The weight felt like a house on my back. I have to admit that I took a little smidge of nose tork for 3 of those sets to get my head clear for atleast a tiny moment.

  • I was in a very bad mood, didn’t sleep a lot and lacked proper food because I lost my appetite for the day.

  • shoulders felt pretty shitty most of the day. I am starting to think that this is some kind of floating pain/ general inflamation going around in my body? Because I can’t make out a reason for all these random aches that have been coming up lately. There are no specific movements that hurt, nothing happened to cause it … It just generally aches.



Shoulders felt much better today. For some reason my biceps are very sore and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 55 kg

2 log lift (clean once)
5 x 10 @ 62,5 kg

3 band assisted pull ups
Around knee: 5, 4,
Around foot: 5, 4, 4

4 one arm row on seated machine
5 x 20 each arm

5 Rear delt row
2 sets, couldn’t find a decent setup


  • couldn’t decide if I should train or not even up to being in the gym. I am very lethargic and generally an emotional mess right now. I think I made the right call though.
  • today was the perfect session for the described situation: Just mindlessly pump out reps
  • pulled a muscle in my neck, not during training but randomly on my way to the train


Too much flexing in the mirror. Lmao


Haha probably not but I like your answer


Maybe you have been drinking too many Stein!


Could be true lately


What grip did you use on those front squats? Crossed arms grip on front squats really works my biceps.


Currently I am trying to get back to clean grip. I start with it and then switch after about 4 reps



Pretty late training and I didn’t drink any caffein. Felt better emotionally. The cause isn’t fixed but I am dealing better with it.

1 deadlift
2 @ 170 kg - I admit, program called for 167,5 kg
2 x 2 @ 157,5 kg

2 front squats
5 x 5 @ 85 kg

3 lying leg curls
3 x 10-12 @ stack

4 banded back raises
3 x 10-15


  • finally deadlifts felt like they should at this weight. Pretty easy
  • Front squats feel a lot harder after deadlifts though



1 axle push presses
5 x 2 @ 106 kg - big total volume PR! Would have had three in nearly all sets

2 strict press
5 x 10 @ 55 kg

3 banded pull ups
20 total

4 seated cable row
5 x 10


  • Freaking awesome session! Very good performance on the axle press. This variation is usually a lot harder than a standard barbell, so I guess I am on a good path towards my goals.