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Trying to Become a Strongman


Misses happen. Misses in training don’t really matter as long as you don’t get hurt.


Not exactly much video material or helpful angles, but there you go:

Thought you might appreciate my outburst at the end :smiley:


It looks like you just weren’t locked in. I’m pretty sure if your midsection and lats had been braced you’d have gotten the rep. You could also drop your butt a little so your get more drive off the floor.

Is there a reason you pump your legs so much?


it means you must learn to respond to your body’s needs. The body needs time to recover and prepare it for the next training. But what you are doing is forcing it to train even when there are signs that it needs to rest. Note that just like working out, resting is very important. Training entails an intolerable amount of stress that results in exhaustion. So you need to give the body some time to rest and recover from the stress. Fatigue and too much stress lead to injuries such as joint pain, muscle strains, and fractures. I am not in any way suggesting that you need to spend the whole day sleeping just because you need to give the body some rest. No, walking around or rather making movements is important and could help you recover faster. Performing excessive exercises without rest will alter your hormonal states and lead to poor sleeping patterns. It leads to loss of appetite and results in mood swings. So alternating resting and workouts is the way to go.


Good job on the Double Deadlift PR!

Unsolicited, un-qualified opinion;

Mark mentioned your inconsistant bracing in the squat and deadlift. Also the hip pumps in the deadlift. Basically being uncomfortable getting set up. I think you’re having an issue, maybe with your hip or something that is stopping you from getting locked in. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I remember your hip issues of the past. And I can see the barbell moving unevenly and maybe helicoptering a little on the deadlift.

If you get a chance, check out post 1037 in Ironone’s log. Especially the part about rolling out the TFL, and the glutes. And the part about Internal Hip Rotation. See if something is tight or restricted or “off” in your left hip or glute.



1 axle push press
5 x 3 @ 91 kg

2 strict press
5 x 10 @ 52,5 kg

3 chin ups
4 x 3,
1 x 2

4 single arm seated row machine
5 x 10 @ 72,5 kg


  • easy stuff. Not really focused.
  • Had a lot of stuff on my mind and catching up to do with Wayne but my upper body sessions are very light, so it doesn’t matter to much.
  • My back felt really good today, which genuinely surprises me after yesterday’s pulls.


I am getting back to all of you shortly!


Good point about the bracing. I am having a very hard time bracing correctly on the deadlift. Bracing is a lot easier on squats or overhead movements for me. Maybe because of the existing eccentric phase or maybe because of the axial loading?

No, I don’t think so. I am trying to get ready and ‘wait for the right moment’. Probably a mental thing? I have honestly never thought about it.


Yeah rest was definitely insufficient for that workout. I have caught up a lot since then and am only one workout away from my next deload.


Very good feedback! Upon reviewing the Video, I noticed as well that the bar seems uneven on my pulls. I’ll definitely see the linked post and Look into rolling out the glutes and TLF more. Thanks for taking the time mate


Also advice ist always welcome in this log :slight_smile: even though I might not always take it or ne able to put it into action, I definitely appreciate everyone who is taking the time.


I think belt position can often be an issue with bracing on any lift, but especially for the deadlift. So can belt tightness. It may need to be much looser or tighter compared to how you have it for squats, for example.

You might also want to look at how much you use your lats. They’re a big part of bracing for all the lifts, but for the deadlift they also stop the bar drifting out.


With the leg pumping, maybe try to be more aware of it. How many, how deep, etc. Personally, I think extra movement like that is wasted energy (mental and physical), but that’s just me.


Just want to say 2 DL PR’s that’s awesome.
You are doing a great job.
In one of the logs I can’t remember which it was a video of John Rusin and Dave Tate teaching deadlift form called something like Breaking deadlift with Dr. John and Dave or something like that on Elitefts. Try and google it. Might help you out a bit.


I had the belt extra loose on for this workout because one notch tighter would have been too tight, I feel. Wearing a hoodie or something would have been a good solution. Maybe that was a factor for that particular session.

I’ll try to work more on that! It is very difficult for me, for some reason.

Okay, I’ll watch it. So far I just interpreted it as part of my setup in a way.


Thanks Mort! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to check it out.


Squeeze oranges in your armpits. Works a treat.


yes to this a million times.
Grab the bar, when you’ve pulled the slack out and are tight, ½ a second before you rip the off the floor, then squeeze the orange, and the lats just fires immediately.
I’ve had a hard time contacting my lats, and now I try to contract them several times every day, just to get the feel of them contracting, just like we all do with biceps, and even here the orange thing works.


I am liking the Single Arm Band Pullover to hit serratus and focus on scap tilt. Some coaches recommend the straight arm pulldown before deadlift to wake up the lats and keep the bar close. This is cool, but I’m figuring out that I need to “engage my serratus” or “get posterior scap tilt” or “gather my back” or “bend the bar” Before I squeeze the oranges. Serratus before lats. I like the Single Arm pullover motion for this.

Slightly more detail on squeezing oranges. Dude talks about tilting the scapula, or getting the shoulders right before cranking down with lats. Like one step before squeezing the oranges.

At 1:30 to 2:30 McGill talks about “gathering the back” “rhomboid squeeze” and “bending the bar.” So, trying to get the idea of the scap tilt, without really mentioning getting the shoulder blades.

Here is another dude talking about getting your back set, then keeping that tightness as you hinge to the bar.

Basically, all these guys are talking about getting the middle part of your back set, then the lats. Does any of this make any sense?



No, wait, this is your log. You’ll see it anyway.


I’ll try to remember this one!