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Trying to Become a Strongman


Glad you got a new job sorted. You’ll adapt to the training too. Lower body catches up fast.


Definitely. Right now I feel good all in all but I feel the turning point approaching. After the 5 weeks are up I am taking a deload and I also asked Tim to reduce my training by 1 day per week. It is just more doable for me. 5 days is fine if you don’t have a full time job and are able to invest a lot in recovery.
I think I’ll also spread out these final workouts of this training block because next week is getting very heavy.

Have you got anything on the squats? I know I have done a better job in the past but I am not too disappointed actually. The one thing I notice is that my depth seems to be very inconsistent. I squat most reps to a desirable depth (at least that is what I’d say) but some are higher (maybe too high) and some deeper (rarely too deep though, haha).


The first thing that stood out is that you look down. Tuck your chin hard but keep your eyes up. It makes a world of difference. You could probably improve your bracing some too, because on a few reps you get pitched forward. I think removing the belt will help there. It can get in the way of bracing sometimes by giving incorrect feedback. I’d suggest the same for front squats.

Depth I wouldn’t give a second thought to. You’re not a PLer so it doesn’t matter. You’re not squatting a mile high and that’s all that matters.


With the belt and bracing, what I’m trying to say is that even when you know how to brace you can get sloppy. I had a whole month of that with squats recently. The belt will hide this to an extent because it makes you feel braced even when you haven’t locked your midsection down. If you take the belt off, you’ll know exactly where you didn’t brace correctly.


Nice volume on squats man.
Both looked fine, but as you said some reps you just lost some tension or focus of something. I tend to do the same.
@MarkKO is as always spot on. I’ll remember the look up thing as well.


That’s awesome feedback! Thanks man. I’ll try tucking my chin and looking up, haven’t considered that.
Bracing ist a good point too and @Mortdk is pretty spot on here. I mess up my bracing mainly in high rep sets.
I definitely see what you mean with beltless and bracing and have experienced something like that. I just don’t feel confident doing high weights without the belt. I’ll try to work up to higher beltless weights on my warm up sets.


Thanks man. You are right with the focus and fatigue thing



Late night training. Hate it! But I think I should get used to it.

1 log lift (clean once)
5 x 5 @ 77,5 kg

2 strict press
5 x 10 @ 50 kg

3 chin ups (16 total)
4 x 3
2 x 2

4 one arm seated row machine
5 x 20 @ 50 kg


  • tried different things with the belt on log lifts but I think I prefer it tighter there.
  • wow I had to drag myself through this. Fatigue ia creeping up to me big time.
  • nevertheless I plan to deadlift tomorrow. Doing it with Wayne will help. Then it is 2 days rest - if it really needs to be even three - and then the by far heaviest week starts. After that I am looking forward to a deload, probably more than ever haha.


Forgot to log yesterday


1 deadlifts
5 @ 160 kg
3 x 5 @ 150 kg

2 bicep curls
3 sets


  • deadlifts felt awful and heavy. Technique was off as well.
  • I think I am tapping into the realm of deep cns fatigue. I dread the workouts and it is hard to get my head into it or hype up. I feel very fatigued, after I completed those four ‘light’ sets I wasn’t able to do anything productuctive anymore etc.
  • one more week to go! Then deload and then down 1 day per week. I can do this!


Deadlifts and bicep curls. Now there’s a man with his priorities right.


Haha it is programmed, I swear :smiley:

Although Tim’s instructions aren’t too clear. It just reads ‘bicep curls’. So I do 3 sets and am done with it


They’re deadlifts. That’s how they feel :joy:

Hang in there. You’ve been doing more work than you’re used to. It takes time to adjust.



1 squats
Up to
1 @ 120 kg
3 @ 137,5 kg - felt bad on the back but super easy to squat

1 @ 147,5 kg - misloaded. I had 5 kg more on the left side! This should have been 152,5 kg

1 @ 152,5 kg - retook it. Very good rep

1 @ 160 kg - ties my PR from long ago. Definitely less of a grinder. Didn’t have another rep but a few kg more in me.

2 Car deadlift simulator
5 x 6 @ 225 kg


  • was able to bring back some intensity for the squats.
  • my back (especially middle back/ shoulder blade area) was awfully tight! The sitting at work and my currently way too low work desk are killing me! How do people deal with sitting so much?! I really hope this is just a adjustment process right now and I will get used to it. Made everything feel a lot worse during the workout but everything still moved fine and I had to try and ignore it.
  • very happy with my performance today!
  • changed the program again. I just can’t incorporate event work with my gym work right now. So I moved the car deadlifts from day three to this day and did no yoke or farmer’s. I think this gives me a better chance to be a little more fresh for conventional deadlifts later in the week.



Lots of pull aparts, facepulls, etc. Also look into Donnie Thomson and his bowtie. You can make one with knee wraps


Get a standing desk


Yeah I was thinking about incorporating pull aparts daily.


No option in the office I am working in.


Nice job on the squat. Sounds like with some higher frequency there is big things to come


Thanks, I am feeling very good about yesterday’s squats.



1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 52,5 kg

2 Log lift (clean once)
5 x 10 @ 62,5 kg

3 chin ups (14 total - might have been a typo but I am taking it)
3 x 3, 1, 2 x 2

4 seated row machine
5 x 10 @ 80 kg


  • Putting in the boring work. Everything moved smoothly.



1 conv deadlifts
Up to
1 @ 140 kg
1 @ 160 kg
3 @ 180 kg - PR! Regardless of dead stop, stance and everything. Was ridiculously hard, mainly because bar got away at the second rep

0 @ 200 kg - I was literally sad after this

1 @ 195 kg - PR!! Went into this not even thinking I had a fair chance. Was probably the ugliest grinder ever done. Total caveman lift. Also the first deadlift I ever hitched because I was stuck mid thigh. Still, good to walk out with a win.

2a leg curls
8, 6, 4 @ Stack

2b horizontal back raises
3 x 15

3 some light stretching

4 steady state cardio for 15 min
In the form of incline walking on a treadmill


  • I won’t make any excuses. At the end of the day I was not strong enough for the task at hand. Easy as that
  • the superset simulated a non existend ghr
  • I can’t help but feel bad. On a conscious level I can appreciate that there is no reason for that at all, since a 10 kg deadlift increase ist a pretty lofty goal for a 5 week training program. Still it feels bad to have missed what the coach wrote down.