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Trying to Become a Strongman


Agreed. If he already wants you out you lose nothing by talking to him about what is going on. If it is lies and untrue he gets to decide how to handle this moving foward.


Definitely talk to him about it. You lose nothing by doing it.


There are multiple problems there:

  1. the guy who told me that would be in trouble as it would be obvious that he gave this information to me. He is more dependent on this job.
  2. I start a new job next week that is paying a lot better. I originally planned to do a few shifts as a part time trainer in the gym but I won’t need it.
  3. The second in charge, my direct boss is the one I can directly address. He is the one making all kinds of wrong promises to me that he isn’t keeping.
  4. The new owner wouldn’t give a shit. Also if he wants me out, there isn’t much I can do. I already am not a regular full time employee anymore. Right now I don’t even have a contract and am payed black money in cash. If he wants me out he doesn’t even need to fire me, he can just tell my boss to not give me any shifts.
  5. While I lost all respect for some of those people, I maintain a friendly relationship/ atmosphere on the outside. The main reason is that I want to keep using the gym at the moment. It seems like there aren’t a lot of fitting alternatives, especially gyms where I can store and use my own stuff. A confrontation would likely result in me completely leaving the gym.
  6. And this is the really important reason: I don’t give a shit anymore. I can honestly laugh about this shit show. It is not making me sad or anything like that. I have moved on.


Pretty unlikely.

Yep, but later down the road. Realistically in about 5-6+ years. I plan about open up my own S&C facility. I am working towards that goal as much as I can, even right now.

I am not really sure if I understand you correctly. Could you maybe phrase it different?


Yes, true. I don’t see what I gain though.
I should have said that earlier, but at this point I don’t care about the job there. What is making me mad is the way my superiors treated me. I could give you some examples, but I’ll spare you the details.
I am more the type of persons that likes to be confronted face to face. If you have a problem with my, tell me. If you don’t want to have me as an employee? Well nothing I can do there, I can’t make you, it’s your business. But be honest and have some balls god dammit!


Again, definitely right! One thing I didn’t mention in my response to @losthog is my worry for the colleague who could get in trouble. I know that he needs the job, he has a kid. I don’t want to risk bringing him in danger.


People don’t work face to face for the most part they sneak behind your back talk shit and work for leverage with the boss if they can. Such is life. I don’t give a fuck about playing the game. Talk shit if you want to behind my back, but if I ever have a problem that needs to be addressed I’m coming right to your face.


In work, look after you first. You can bet your bottom Euro that he would be doing exactly that.


If that was true, why would he have told me? What is in it for him?
He has told me a lot of things that could have gotten him in trouble in the past and those things proved to be true in most circumstances.
More importantly, he trusts me. I gave him my word. I live by some standards that don’t always fit the work place, I have experienced that before. I would still not deviate from those.

Also I still can’t see what I can get out of it. The job is gone anyway. He’d just deny my allegations and I still have nothing + lost the gym as a free of charge workout option.


Well, it’s up to you.

There’s probably a way you could still confront your boss without getting anyone in trouble but if you figure it isn’t worth it, don’t do it.


Perhaps your immediate boss or other employees are unsure if their own positions within the company are under threat
Considering if all of them are paid on the books and you are only paid backroom money, the easiest thing for them to do is create unrest about the easiest person to get rid of (you)
Doubtful, after you explained it however always a scenario to take into consideration



1 conv. Deadlifts
Up to
2 @ 120 kg
1 @ 140 kg
1 @ 160 kg
2 @ 180 kg
15 @ 122,5 kg (also dead stop)

2 zercher lift (programmed said stones again and I have none)
1 full lift + 3 squats
60 kg
70 kg
80 kg
Just a full lift
90 kg
100 kg - PR by default obviously.

3 bicep curls (scott curl machine)
15 @ 32 kg
11 @ 50 kg
8 @ 66 kg
13 @ 32 kg


  • surprisingly my quads gave out first on the high rep set. They were screaming.
  • Happy with how the double at 180 kg moved. PR for dead stop, from the floor.


Pulls (front view sadly):

Zercher. Funny but not sure if they are useful. probably won’t pursue further:


Yap, the rest you took has not just helped your muscles to heal but has made them grow. This is why you feel like you can go an extra mile. Keep on keeping on and take a rest when you feel you have done your best.



Made a wrong decision today. I was debating wether I should train today or rest, as my posterior chain is smoked from deadlifts. I decided to train and that did not play out well. Erectors felt like to steel beams and were complaining that they’d rather rest than squat. Squats felt pretty terrible all things considering. Farmer’s moved slow.

Trained at the university and brought my farmer’s walks with me to save time. That meant I had to skip yoke (again) but If I had trained squats first, then went home and did events it is practically two workouts and takes up a ton of time.

1 squats
5 x 5 @ 127,5 kg

2 Farmer’s Walk
5 x 15 m @ 87,5 kg per hand


  • learned my lesson and did not hurt myself. Sometimes it is no problem to train through soreness and that call is difficult to make. I think today should serve as a baseline of sorts.



Relaxed morning session with Wayne. We went for a coffee beforehand and went to a buffet afterwards. It was really good to catch up with him again.

1 strict press
5 x 10 @ 50 kg

2 Log lift (clean once)
1 x 9 @ 72,5 kg - misloaded!
4 x 10 @ 62,5 kg

3 chin ups (16 total)
5 x 3
1 x 1

4 seated machine rows
5 x 10 @ 80 kg


  • weight moved very easy today. Good session.
  • chin ups were better than ever
  • Wayne did a 350 kg deadlift in the car deadlift simulator! That was impressive and I was happy for him.



First day at my new job. So far so good, I’d say. Colleagues seemed nice and helpful for the most part. I felt welcome. Working in the ‘IT field’ is something very new and out of my comfort zone. I feel a little uncomfortable pretty much knowing nothing at all because that is a new experience. I am used to being the guy that people would ask for his opinion and experience.
I am not the best with computers and technique but I can learn.

Head hurt and back was tight going into the session. Very tired as well. All the new information is hard to absorb and I was promised it is going to get hell of a lot harder. I am willing to work though. :muscle:

1 front squats
5 x 5 @ 80 kg

2 squats
5 x 10 @ 102,5 kg

3 db suitcase carries
Per arm: 3 x 28 @ 50 kg - grip was failing on the left. Was the second grip intense training of the week though, so alright.

4 stretching
A bit of this and that


  • man front squats had me excited. 80 kg felt like thin air. Was ridiculously easy. Progress for sure.
  • exertion headache set in after set 3 of back squats. This is not getting much easier. An additional 15 reps of front squats compared to last week probably didn’t help, even when they were easy.
  • I was dead at the end. Super exhausted. Harsh contrast to last session, where I walked out, feeling like I haven’t done much of anything. I think Tim wants to push me extra hard on lower body because my lifts there are so out of proportion. He described it as ‘the low hanging fruits’.


That’s some damn nice squatting volume there big man. Well done


Thank you mate


Admittedly I had two videos of my back squats and the one I included was by far better. Concentrated more and used the video to better myself… is what I could say to be generous to myself :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: