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Trying to Become a Strongman


I have a belt. I just havent used it on overhead presses so far



This training was under some weird circumstances. Got little sleep and had to get up early for therapy. Therapist raised some unsettling questions that I had opressed and refused to think about this far, well knowing that they are there. The whole session left me confused and deep within my thoughts, doubts and fears. Hard to focus.
Also was a little more sick than the previous days. Damn it I want to get rid of this cold!

1 log lift (clean once)
5 x 3 @ 80 kg

2 strict press (no belt)
5 x 10 @ 45 kg

3 chin ups (12 total)
3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1

4 db rows
1 x 20 @ 25 kg


  • shut it down when it came to the rows. Did one light set instead of 5 heavy ones. Decided it is not worth it.


Sounds like you got lost in your thoughts and it impacted on your workout. I wouldn’t sweat it too much there will be plenty more opportunities to train and make it a good one.


Oh yeah definitely. Got all the prescribed main lifts in without a problem anyway. I am not yet at weight were I nees to be super focused. Apart from deadlifts tomorrow maybe.


That is what they do, and it often works wonders. Maybe not the first session, but as times goes by and it becomes more easy to talk about.
Now you go get some quality sleep, clear the head and lift some heavy shit.



Slow paced training, still trying to get rid of that cold.
I am at home for the weekend, like where I come from.

1 conv. Deadlifts
Up to
1 @ 155 kg
3 @ 170 kg - had 5 in me

2 Bent over row (made up for yesterday but kept it light)
3 x 10 @ 60 kg

3 tire flips
forth and back between partner and me.
Well over 20 each.

4 bicep curls
3 x 10


  • pulls felt smooth and powerful
  • Video:



1,5 hour of tennis. Wow that was a great fun! Haven’t played in years and I wasn’t even that bad. I used to compete in tennis on a low level.


Now that is the best type of conditioning out there. Playing something you like and having fun. Good on ya bloke


Oh definitely. I might try to play some tennis here and there back in Munich. I used to play a lot of sports but now that I focus solely on strongman it seems like I hurt something everytime I try to move outside of the weight room :smiley:


Hi Koestrizer,
I am new here and you know what? I was looking for a thread where I can learn about becoming a strongman. The first thread I opened is yours. I am happy for you and I know you can succeed. I know we have experienced members here and they will be willing to help us. I have also looked at your stats, they aren’t bad. I will keep logging in to see what sort of advice you get from the experienced contributors.


You picked a great thread.

Also look up Alan thrall or Brian Alshure on you tube


Hi @arose2018 and welcome to my training log.
I am happy to have you following along. If you have any questions regarding my training or strongman training in general, feel free to ask at any point. I might be able to help or at least direct you to the right people.



That moment when you arrive at the gym - by bike - and realize you didn’t bring your belt for squats.

1 squat ( 4 sets with the old, soft, crappy gym belt and one double beltless, which is likely a PR, lol)
5 x 2 @ 137,5 kg


  • felt a lot more sick today again and had to skip the scheduled strongman work once again, which makes me mad! I’ll try to fit it in on my deadlift day on the weekend, if I feel better by then.


I’m going to come across as an arsehole here, but you deserve some honesty.

Fucking rest! Fuck your training off until you can actually train for a few weeks without getting sick within in a few sets. You think you’re going to get anywhere like this? Fuck that. All you’ll end up with is injuries AND being sick. If you need to do something physical for the mental side, do yoga or something. It’ll be challenging AF because you’re a fat fuck like me but a few weeks away from the gym will do you a world of good. You won’t lose shit compared to pushing through, getting hurt and then having to start almost from scratch.


What is this belt you speak of. I may need to get myself one !!


Second what @MarkKO says above. Time for a reset. Go play tennis for a couple of weeks. Get a couple of massages, eat helps if fruit and veggies and sleep as much as you can.


I never believed doing a reset in volume and intensity would be good for my growth. I stopped my last cycle of 531 3 workouts short and took off for 4 days (did absolutely zero, nada, zilch).

Then I started this Powerbuilding program that was three days on and a total reset of volume (2 working sets of main lifts). I was like what ever this will never work.

I’m on the second week and my bench is moving up again… I suspect all my lifts will move. I’m working nowhere near as heavy or with the volume i was. It’s refresing and the mental “cloud” is gone. I feel refreshed and ready to lift heavy and big…


Hey K
I’ll second @MarkKO as well. It’s like you have had some shit going on in your body for a long time.
Rest up man and when you’re ready to come back ease back to things with a bit of a lighter approach for the first weeks.


I know you have my best interest in mind, so you are no a arsehole.

On a calm, conscious level, I know you are right.
I know that I would probably advise the same.

On an emotional level… I am fucked up right now, haha but I am drifting away.
No but I feel like I am losing momentum because I did take an entire week off and also you see so many people just training through a cold.
I realize that I sound like an impatient child btw.

The real reason that I want to go to the gym so badly right now is, to have something to distract me from more important thoughts that I need to deal with at some point. That is the honest truth.

I know that you are right though. I took today off and will take more time off if needed.

Thanks for setting me straight, although I can’t promise that I will stop being an idiot.


Makes squats heck of a lot more enjoyable