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Trying to Become a Strongman


Here for you man


Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. I am not going to lie, I feel awful right now, but I have been at this point before.


Today’s deadlift set


Hey my friend sometime life sucks hope you’ll be good soon.


Thanks Mort, I guess everything will sort itself out eventually.


I use a trapbar. The BB always feels awkward and a little off


No training today. A full blown cold has finally caught up to me. Very annoyed


Get better soon!


Thanks, hopefully I won’t miss top many Training days


Yeah hope you’ll get over it quickly



Ended up having to take off the entire week. I still have have a cold (sniffing, coughing) but otherwise feel a lot better. Not long before I am back 100%.

1 squat
5 x 3 @ 130 kg

2 car deadlift simulator
in doubles up to
2 @ 235 kg
2 @ 255 kg
5 x 2 @ 205 kg


  • could feel all the time that I had to be inactive. Hips didn’t want to play along and it was hard to reach depth.
  • program called for yoke and farmer’s but with me still recovering from the cold I wanted to play it safe so I don’t end up really sick tomorrow again. Decided to do car deadlifts instead and made sure to not go too heavy as well.
  • happy to move again



1 strict press (no belt)
5 x 10 @ 45 kg

2 log lift (clean once) (soft gym belt)
5 x 10 @ 57,5 kg

3 pull ups
Total of 12 (6 x 2 )

4 chest supported tbar row
5 x 10 @ 50 kg


  • still feeling depleted. The 5 x 10 @ 45 kg were a lot harder than previously.
  • worked on more “hip drive” for the log instead of “knee drive”. Made the log explode something fierce (obviously very light weight though).
  • workout was purposely slow paced


Glad you are feeling better. Now go and crush it.


How much does a belt add roughly?


Hard to say. It makes grinding out weight and doing more reps easier. I can definitely press more 1RM wise but I don’t know how much really.
Maybe 10 kg?



1 front squats
5 x 3 @ 82,5 kg

2 sandbag carries
10 x 20 meters @ 80 kg



  • still figuring out how to front squat. Easy work today though.
  • was programmed to do carries and loads for 10 meters. Thought I couldn’t do loads because I lack a platform so decided to do 20 meter sets instead, which a) was wrong because I could have used the yoke and b) turned out to be a masochisitc decision.
  • sandbag is still loosely packed. Which makes it worse


Nice. Im not at the point of needing one yet i dont think. Hows the belt fare on push presses?


Helps even more with push presses



Threw in a little recovery day today.

1 some myofascial release work on quads, adductors, glutes and upper back.

2 stretching (hip flexors + quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors)

3 stationary bike
20 minutes

4 steam room (still too sick for the sauna :frowning: )


There is never a scenario where you cannot use a belt in strongman. You can lift more weight weight or the same weight more often with a belt. The point of strongman is to lift the most (or move the fastest).

The only reason not to use a belt is if you are doing a variation. Not needing one is nonsense.

Get a belt.