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Trying to Become a Strongman


Hey Mort, thank you. I see how that belt position could help, I am going to try it next week!



1 strict log press (clean once)
8 @ 45 kg
6 @ 55 kg
6 @ 60 kg
6 @ 65 kg - good effort
3 @ 70 kg - PR, I guess. Felt good
5 @ 65 kg

2 z press with the log
2 x 10 @ 45 kg
15 @ 45 kg

3a lat-pull-row-hybrid
5 x 10

3b tricep push down
5 x 12

4 db waiter’s walk
2 rounds per hand @ 35 kg (one round maybe 15-20 meter?)

5 face pulls
3 x 15





Had a killer session with Wayne and my gf in the university gym.

1 squat
Up to
1 @ 140 kg
2 @ 150 kg
2 @ 150 kg - Not sure if I have ever done a double at 150 kg, so we’ll call the 2 x 2 a PR
5 @ 130 kg
12 @ 100 kg
10 @ 100 kg
10 @ 100 kg

2 stone to shoulder
8 @ 145 lbs
Medley: going back between the 145 lbs stone and the lighter one for 6 total reps, finishing with a clean and press in the lighter one

3 tire flip death
flipping back and fourth with Wayne. The time is very heavy and more importantly difficult to grip

4 sled push death
Sled was loaded with 40 kg
First lane (1 lane = length of a basketball court) with Wayne on top of the prowler, then he had to push me back.
After that 4 lanes without persons going back and fourth until he gave up (thank god).

5 seated row machine
5 x 12 @? Going back and fourth


  • amazing session. Felt like the first set at 150 kg I cut it high, second was better. Got pitched forward a bit in both second reps of both sets. All in all very happy with my technique today.
  • very exhausting session.
  • I’ll rest tomorrow and friday because Saturday I am invited at the strongman club I visit from time to time (so this week I am only training 3 times) and I plan to go all out on the log. The week after is a complete deload and then it is Austria.
  • some very exciting news: Herbert (head of said club and great hobby-strongman-welder + oldest active German strongman) finished my car deadlift simulator! At a much lower price than I initially thought as well. I am excited.

Videos (sorry, I am on my phone so seperate uploads):


Great work man. Great PR
You’ve deserved to get some good workouts in now.
Go have fun with the strongman implements.


Yes very nice work and good vids too


Thank you guys!

Squats have been going really great lately and my body seems to like them, which is a big plus.

@mortdk : I am definitely going ham! :stuck_out_tongue:



Warning: If you are on a diet, do not proceed to read this entry.

Today I had a nice day in celebration of my birthday. I did not do anything special per se but I had the day off from work because they owed me a day anyways and it fit right in today. In the afternoon I went to the gym for two rounds of sauna and one go in the steam room, as well as a beer.
I did spontaneously decide that I wanted to invite people two days ago but all my friends live far away and I don’t have many friends in Munich. Wayne and his brother had to work, one mate was already invited at his brother’s birthday party and one of my mates could make it, but only after late shift. So not much of a party but still had a very good day with my gf.
We had swiss cheese fondue for dinner and Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. Also beer while cooking, wine for dinner and whiskey afterwards. I feel like I will never eat a bite of solid food in my life ever again. This was entirely too much but delicious and worth it.


Happy birthday!!


A very happy birthday to you.


Thank you @duketheslaya and @simo74.


This workout did not go as planned at all. We arrived 2 hours later than anticipated and had barely an hour until the barbeque started. So I just got in the log. I hoped to hit 100 kg but was not properly peaked for that.

1 log lift
Up to
2 @ 75 kg
1 @ 85 kg
1 @ 90 kg
1 @ 95 kg - made a technical mistake on the clean (not pulling into me) to start with and this turned into the most extreme grinder I have ever fought through. I think you are going to enjoy that video
1 @ 97,5 kg - much better. PR!
2 x 0 @ 100 kg -arrgggghhh but I am close!
0 @ 95 kg - spent now

-had a very nice evening and Julia and I are now official members of the strongman club “Kraftsportfreunde Bayern e.V.”

  • we ran into a problem at the end of the evening because my newly built car deadlift simulator didn’t fit into my car. Hebert then decided to give me his car and I have to return it tonight. He is one of the most genuine and caring people I have met. I mean I barely know him and he just gave me his car. The deadlift simulator would have cost me 400€ + shipping from the UK. Herbert build it or 150€. He isn’t really interested in making a profit with this. The piece is a beauty, I amgoing to upload pictures tomorrow when I am at my own computer.



1 car deadlift simulator (yeah buddy!!!)
At first I attached the simulator to a regular barbell.
I went up to 285 kg x 1 but the barbell bend to a worrysome degree, which made it also harder to determine exactly how much weight I was using because the strength curve was thrown off. Then we attached it to my axle which does not bend at all.
3 @ 265 kg (real weight in hands)

Felt pretty awesome

2 push press (to make up for the lack of volume yesterday)
4 x 8 @ 80 kg -easy work

3 conventional deadlift (off one mat)
5 x 5 @ 120 kg (beltless) - god damn I was feeling the car deadlifts and am now as well.


  • loved the car deadlift! Also huge confident boost to know that I am somewhat close to comp weight with this.
  • I am going to put up videos tomorrow, so maybe some of my strongman friends can tell me if I have the pick height about right.


A bit late but nevertheless Happy birthday man


Thanks man


For this rep I definitely summoned my inner @T3hPwnisher. Worst/ best (depending on how you view it) grinder yet. Made a technical error on the clean and the whole thing got harder than it needed to be:

New PR of 97,5 kg (so close to target weight!):

Car deadlift simulator shenanigans

245 kg x 2:

265 kg x 3:

Next time will be a lower starting point so these numbers might drop off or become a harder lift :wink:



Boring deload stuff. Felt needed though, body is tired and a bit beaten and didn’t want to lift weights. I have taken the last two days off and this deload will extend even longer, because it is meant to assure being able to go crazy in Vienna.

1 squat
5 x 5 @ 100 kg

2 conv. deadlift (off one mat; beltless)
5 x 5 @ 100 kg

3 45° back raises
3 x 20


  • doing what is needed, not what I want



1kb complex with a 28 kg kettlebell
3 rounds of:
6 suitcase deadlifts
12 swings
8 one arm rows

  • pump in lower back from all the unilateral stabilisation

2 Push ups
15, 12 - this is embarassing

3 kb clean (each rep) & strict press
2 x 5 per arm @ 28 kg - harder than anticipated

4 keg clean & press
5 EMOM doubles @ 60 kg


  • I can’t really pinpoint to what is up but my body feels increadibly tired, slow, exhausted and beaten (not joint or pain wise but fatigue wise)


It’s deload, your mind have tricked the body to believe it’s light and easy. Maybe.
Or you’re more worn out than you think.
Do you play sports of some kind, can’t remember if you do.
A game of soccer, basket ball, tennis or some other completely different from lifting. Mountain biking is fun on a single track. Something to get the heart rate pounding could be a good thing to do.
Either way, hope you’ll get over it.


You push pretty hard every time you train.

I would strongly suggest spending three months deloading religiously every fifth week. Just 5x3x50% of whatever main lift you’re training. No assistance. You’d be surprised how much that helps.


Probably this one.

I did play soccer, tennis and table tennis competitively and exelled at table tennis the most while being the most passionate about football.
I’d love to get back Info some tennis or table tennis for fun but haven’t figured something out yet. I am done with competitive sport out of strongman though.

Thanks man. I am sure I will at some point. I think @Markko is on to something, as he often is.

I may just bei too impatient to do that, although you are most likely right and I should take deloads more serious!