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Trying to Become a Strongman


vodka redbull is made by the devil :slight_smile:
I have the same experience as you Simo :slight_smile:


Jagermiester is popular with young drinkers here too. A “Jager Bomb” is a shot of jagermeister dropped into 1/3 a glass of Red Bull.

For the longest time I thought that schnapps was a brand or liquor, not a style. I forgot about schnapps.

I sometimes mix a little ginger ale with whiskey too.


Oh here Schnaps means booze. It is not really a type of booze.
You divide between Schnaps (real booze) and Likör (like light booze I guess?).

Schnaps is a general terminus. I just read that Schnaps (schnapps?) is an English word as well and assumed it would mean the same.


@simo74: haha sounds like a good night. Have you been to Germany multiple times?
@mortdk: I really don’t like vodka nor redbull. But it is a classic young people’s drink and I did have my evenings with it.


We went there a few times when I was a kid living in England. My older sister had a German exchange student so she would come to stay with us and my sister would stay there. We got to know their family quite well and visited a few times. I was very young so don’t remember that much. I went there 3 years ago with work, we were visiting customers in Germany and the U.K and going to a big automation exhibition in Hannover. It was basically a good excuse to drink lots with some friends from work and travel.



Was really feeling the deadlifts. My upper back is very sore and I lack energy. They took a lot out of me.

1 Bench press
5 @ 77,5 kg
3 @ 87,5 kg
4 @ 97,5 kg - couldn’t lock out fifth.

2 slingshot bench press
1 @ 110 kg
1 @ 120 kg
1 @ 125 kg

3 Bench press (Back down)
2 x 8 @ 80 kg
7 @ 60 kg (paused)

4 one arm db row
5 x 8 @ 40 kg

5 db bench (slight incline)
10@ 30 kg
8 @ 30 kg

7 seated dip machine
20 @ Stack + 15 kg
20 @ Stack + 25 kg

8 Reverse flys
One big dropset


  • Bench press is still far from being back.
    Part of that is that I seethis as kind of my lighter upper body day which dictates my mindset going in. I see this as part of auto regulation
  • I’ll just stay patient and bench will come around. Started cranking uo the volume today by bringing back the back off sets.



First vacation training in Itlay. Gym was not bad. Small but had a seperate room for powerlifting which was neat. Bathrooms and showers were disgusting though. 10€ for a drop in is okay.

1 Box squats in (briefs): normal barbell, deeper box as I am used to.
2 @ 140 kg
2 @ 150 kg
1 @ 155 kg
2 @ 155 kg
2 @ 155 kg
2 @ 155 kg
1 @ 155 kg - failed out of nowhere
3 @ 140 kg
3 @ 140 kg
3 @ 140 kg
8 @ 100 kg

2 high bar pause squats (beltless)
5 @ 60 kg
5 @ 80 kg

  • started to feel some unwanted tension in the t-spine

3 Hack squat machine
12 @ 20 kg
10 @ 70 kg

  • didn’t like the machine

Some Stretching
Some light cardio, waiting for the gf to finish up


  • box squats were some hard piece of work today. The rack wouldn’t cooperate and I hit it somehow ob every single set. Also not used to the feeling of a straight bar. The depth changes the movement significantly.


For some reason, maybe the depth, I chose a closer stance than usual.



Different Gym today. Very pleased with the choices around here!
My schedule is all messed up. Normally I wouldn’t do my presses the day after squats but I can’t help it now.

1 Push Press
1 @ 90 kg
1 @ 100 kg
1 @ 100 kg - Just trying to get comfortable
1 @ 105 kg - attempted a double
1 @ 105 kg

  • was supposed to do 6 singles but figured this isn’t the day for heavy weights

3 @ 95 kg
4 @ 95 kg

Wanted to do strict presses now but there was no way. Even 60 kg seemed super difficult. So I thought I’d do one lighter set on push presses and call it.

10 @ 80 kg

2 lat pull down
5 x 10

3 one arm db press
3 x 10 per arm @ 20 kg

4 fat man pull ups with rings
5 x 10

5 triceps Push Downs (elbows have been very healthy, at least by my standard, so I thought I’d risk it)
15, 10, 15

-was feeling the lack of core stability and power from the legs and hips. I guess all in all it isn’t to Bad of a workout considering that I did squats the day before

  • Not too bad of a training session. Nothing special at all, just adjusting to circumstances and how I feel.