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Trying to Become a Strongman


OK thanks mate!


What @losthog said.
For lower body I’m doing 3-5 explosive reps, doing it to prime me for the main lift.
For upper I do 3 - 10 reps depending on the exercise. I’m not going balls out on the antagonist exercise.



Operating on 3,5 not consecutive hours of sleep. Workout took place in the am before work.

Warm Up
5 min of hip stretching
3 rounds of:
1a GMs 10 (empty bar)

1b Box jumps 5

1c barbell row 10 (empty bar)

Main work

2a Axle block pull (conv.) - below mid shin (bar was 29 cm of the ground)
[Touch and go]
Up to
3 @ 166 kg
3 @ 176 kg
1 @ 181 kg - no chance for a second
8 @ 141 kg
8 @ 141 kg
8 @ 141 kg

2b seated Box jumps
6 x 3

2c trx fallouts
6 x 8

Speed work
3 banded front squats 10 x 3 @ 65/60 kg + band tension - dropped from 65 to 60 kg after the first three sets.

Assistance (medium) actually stayed very light because I was flat out dying.
4a good mornings
3 x 8 @ 50 kg

4b single leg curls
3 x 8-10

4c Plate pinch holds
3 x max.


  • this makes the hall of fame of the Most miserable strength workouts.
  • exertion headache started in the back of my head after deadlifts and intensified + moved to the front of my head after Front squats.
  • the start of the deadlift ist very hard at this height. Still I am very disappointed since I have pulled this multiple times from the floor. I hate deadlifts - whatelse is new? :smiley:
  • Back was insanely pumped after the heavy deadlift sets. Uncomfortable.


Brutal. Nice job getting this one in. Much respect. Well done!


Thanks man. Sometimes it is about keeping the head down and just pushing through.
The next challenge is surviving the work day now, haha.


166 kg set:

176 kg set:

181 kg set:

First 141 kg set:


warm up
3 rounds of:
1a shoulder dislocates 10-20
1b Reverse flys 10-15
1c incline plyo push ups 3

Main work
2a Floor Press
Up to
1 @ 100 kg
1 @ 110 kg
0 @ 120 kg
7 @ 87,5 kg
5 @ 87,5 kg
5 @ 87,5 kg

2b chest supported tbar row
6 x 8 @ 50 kg

2c hangjng leg raise
6 x 6

Speed Work
3 Log lift (clean each rep - done as viper presses)
EMOM 10 x 3 @ 57,5 kg (beltless)

  • lower back was dying at this point.

Assistance (light)
4a flat db bench press
3 x 15 @ 30 kg

4b fat man pull ups
3 x 8


  • didn’t feel like a super productive day.
  • I am dying. Like my body is so sore, everything hurts (so far not joint wise luckily).
  • I feel very very tired. Had to pick up my girlfriend from a party last night/ early morning. That fucked with my sleep.
  • I will push my squat day to saturday.
  • Just for confidence I’d like to get a good day in when I don’t have to train in the morning and am a little more rested.
  • this program tests my patience… I can’t say if it is going good or bad :confused:


A little sauna and steam room session to hopefully speed up recovery. Maybe I’ll get my gf to massage my back and hips If there is time after late shift today.


What’s with the IF, you make time that sh*t man !! :wink:


I’ll try but lately time is a rare thing. A little massage should be in the cards today though.



warm up
At home:
10 minutes of foam rolling
10 minutes of hip stretching - felt awesome

In the gym:
1a GMs 10 (empty barbell)
1b box jumps 5
1c kneeling jumps 5

Main work

2a pause squat (back squat)
3 @ 120 kg
3 @ 130 kg - ouch
1 @ 135 kg - more ouch

2b Box jumps
2 x 5

2c tapping plankes
2 x 30 seconds


  • fitting end to a nightmare of a training week.
  • injured my right hip (SI joint Most likely). Thought I’d try to push through and do another set but racked after one.
  • bit crippled right now. I have had SI joint issues before and a hip injury but a different kind. Will have to reavaluate tomorrow and see what I can or can not do.


It is times like this that you learn to appreciate that your gym serves cold delicious beer, haha :smiley:


Now that sounds like my kinda gym. Luckily as I train at home my gym also has a beer fridge. Winning


If you are in a hole, stop digging right? Next week (or next two or whatever - depending on how long it takes) I’ll just do reha training for the hip and upper body will be adjusted as well. Then I’ll Stop the darkhorse program and do something similiar to what I have been doing before the contest.


It is an old school gym in Bavaria. There needs to be beer. :smiley:


Where do you live/train Munich ?


Yep, moved here close to a year ago now.


Here’s to a quick recovery.
Of course there’s beer in a german gym


Thanks Mort, I am positive that I won’t take long to be back. Right now I try to go into the sauna as often as possible, that seems to have some benefit.
I’ll start with light stretching and single leg training next week and hope to be back the week after.
The pain ist very local in that joint, some light spreading around the right hip to the front nur the back is not affected yet thankfully. Bedingt over or pushing the hip back feels not nice which makes me feel super old, haha.
Still I’ll take this as a sign that this kind of programming maybe isn’t for me.

Haha I see nothing wrong with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing whatsoever, it should be in every gym :slight_smile: