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Trying to Become a Strongman


Good luck mate! I chased that number for a long time and now it is really time to push past this and go towards 190 and then 200 kg.



Deload training. Was mainly helping out my girlfriend with her event training. She had another very good session. Now we only need her deadlift to play along and she is in a great position. I did some stuff in between taking times, judging, getting implements ready.

1 push ups
10, 25, 22

2 bodyweight squats

3 keg carries (to get it into place for her)
@ 60 kg

4 some keg c&p
@ 60 kg

5 atlas stone c&p
5 or 6 sets @ 115 lbs. All singles but the last which was a triple

6 incline bench press
2 x ? @ 60 kg


No doubt you’ll get there. Keep smashing it man


Thanks man!


17.04 .

Change of plans. I relaized that I won’t be able to train all weekend. Two of my best friends are visiting for the first time since I moved. Also my girlfriend will have her last two trainings and she needs me, so I won’t get to train myself. Therefore I spontaneously trained to today, will train thursday and then resume on Monday.

1 ssb Box squats (in briefs)
3 x 10 @ 122 kg
Doing these for more than 5 reps should be illegal.

2 hang power clean
5 x 5 @ 65 kg

3 strict press
4 x 8 @ 60 kg - Success

4 swiss bar pendlay rows
3 x 10 @ 80 kg

5 lat pull down
3 x 10-12


  • all cables have been exchanged. I can barely get any feeling for the right muscles and have to use significantly less weight. Sucks but luckily I don’t usw them much anyway.
  • wasn’t really ready for this session, especially hamstring- and erector wise but you have to adapt. Body is feeling good. Everything else a tad meh.


Not my training but an update:

  • girlfriend has had some good training but it is going to be very close with her deadlift. She pulled a smooth and fast 111 kg axle deadlift but failed at 116 kg. Only one more session to go. She can chose between 120 kg and 80 kg for reps in competition. I really hope she can get a rep with 120 kg. Axle clean and press and carries are coming along nicely.
  • my boss has substained an injury practicing his hammer throws (like I mentioned he is a world champion thrower in his age class). He injured his lower back. He can still deadlift 200 kg but is in pain for a few days after. He had an MRI Friday which showed that his listhesis (he had that for years) has moved and acted up when his throw went wrong. He still is kind of positive about being able to compete in two weeks but his training had to lay pretty low the last few weeks - not an ideal prep. He is going to visit his orthopedic doctor this afternoon. After that he should know what is possible and what isn’t



1 Log lift (Clean once)
10 @ 77 kg - Rep PR
8 @ 77 kg
9 @ 77 kg

2 Sumo deadlift (t&g)
10 @ 145 kg
10 @ 145 kg
10 @ 145 kg


  • Pump in hamstrings was disgusting after one set. The second set made me question how bad I want it for a few times throughout. The third took a lot of talking to myself.
  • total Volume PR for deads, I think.
  • lower back and hamstrings are toasted. Not the best kind of training for establishing good technique but good for strength/ strongman
  • I sound like a bitch. Sets of 10 aren’t horrible generally but this is really a very high intensity for me and I am not exactly operating at biggest capacity right now.
  • now looking forward to a weekend with lots of drinks and unhealthy food.


10 reps on DL is hard AF. It drains the body like nothing else.