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Trying to Be the Strongest in the World!

Sounds big, but I will keep going until my body says no more! I have videos to show PR’s and proof or “No video, didn’t happen”. I will back date this and continue. Just finished my first cycle of 5/3/1 and my vids are from my PR’s in Week 3. I plan to do my first comp in October 10 and 24th.

Week started July 13th through July 17th.

7/13- Deadlift Training Max= 550Lbs

Accessories were GM’s
225x8, 240x6, 260x4.

This was a good training day, never did this weight percentage for reps. The program gets a love hate rating. That 85% for 5 reps was brutal.

Came back next day at 7/14 and did Military Press.
Training Max=225Lbs.


Did Rows and focused on reps
225x10, 275x10, 295x8, 315x8

Next Day I was beat down!

7/16 Box Squats Training Max 440Lbs
285x5, 330x5, 375x2 Had nothing left in tank. Did nothing else after that. Was exhausted and ready to go!

7/20 Bench press. Training Max 405Lb
265x5, 315x5, 355x4 All of these were pause in press.
Ran out of time, had to go get kids from Youth Center and Daycare.

Overall, felt as if 2 back to back trainig was not a good idea due to recoverability. But I am hard headed so I tried it again the following week.

Week 2- 7/22 through 7/27

7/22-Convential DL’s
385x3, 440x3, 495x3 Ran out of time again.

7/23- Military Press
155x3, 180x3, 205x2

Shrugs 245x10, 335x10, 425x8x4

7/24- Box Squats
315x3, 350x3, 385x1 was suppose to get 395x3 and finally realized I have to do 3 days
per week and my weeks run 7 days.

Front squats
225x8x2, 275x6

Had nothing left in tank. Glad this training day was over.

7/27-Bench Press (Pause n Press)
285x3, 325x3, 365x3

Incline Bench Press
225x8, 245x8, 265x8, 275x7, 295x3

Dumbell Rows:
100x8, 115x8, 125x8, 140x8, 140x8 No wrist straps

Week 3 went from 7/29 through 8/5. M, W, F and Monday again for the four lifts of Squat, Military Press, Deadlift and Bench Press

Box Squat 330x5, 375x3, 420x1 and felt good and tried for 455 and got stuck at bottom.
Did nothing else and left to get kids

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw5aIlI1KCM 330x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckDkEe1uylU 375x3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVC1ZA5BdG8 420x1

8/1 Military Press
didn’t bring camera this day, 170x5, 190x3, 215x1

Adjusted my grip on Bent over rows for a closer grip.
245x8x2, 295x8x2, 335x8x2

Push Press 205x2x4, 205x2, 225x1x2

8/3 Deadlift
Used a 15Lb vest with my Dl’s today. Felt strong today coming to gym. Rest days gives a fresh start. But I can’t wait for this 3rd week to be over.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6wyLEBm8FM 415x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWGUd81v45U 470x3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koWInttfllA 525x1

Did some goodmornings.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4igGJ6eR0Hs 135x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx5bB_vMrKY 225x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCUracyDj5c 275x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGrS2vbextY 315x2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM663CHWUBE 340x1

Back was fried!

8/5 Bench Press
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Ym0WDgq24 305x5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKDrhjMIGqE 345x3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0AXhtS3P0U 385x1

250x8, 280x8, 295x2

The videos were inspired by Mauradermeat. Although I don’t have the professional camera crew, I still found a good spot to video my training sessions.

Looking strong man! Keep on truckin!

Week 4 was a long awaited deload week. Focused on speed and technique with bands. I have 1 set of 160Lb bands

8/10 band box squats below parallel

45x2x2, 135x2x2, 185x2x6 did nothing else that day. Out of gas

8/12 Band Bench
45x2, 135x2x2, 155x2, 225x2x4, 245x2x2

barbell Rows, 135x10 225x10, 225x5, 315x5 no straps, 315x5, 315x5

Dumbell Rows. 120x5x2 130x5x2

The rest of week was steady state cardio for 45 mins minimum. Trying for fat loss. Gotta lose love handles since Air Force testing twice per year for physical fitness instead of once per year. Not 21 anymore and unable to lose weight in 2 months like I used to. Can’t wait to increase my weight for next week and going to lose box squats and focus on squats and use the “box” as a gauage for depth.

[quote]Therizza wrote:
Looking strong man! Keep on truckin![/quote]

Thanks for the friend addition and compliment my man!

Today was a SHITTY day. I didn’t get enough sleep and I just was not mentally ready to lift. Something told me to do Bench like the 1000 other Azz Clowns but I refuse. I am hard head! I normally Box Squat but I need to transistion to get ready for comp in two months.

Form was shitty, no drive, weight felt extra heavy today. Again, what a Shitty Day!


285x5 65%
330x4 75%

Weight felt heavy and couldn’t keep form tight for some reason. I must say the camera does not lie. Camera pointed out my elbows flared out when coming out of hole and causing a slight round in upper to middle back. Hopefully this was just a bad day and I can recoup next week. I am adjusting so that 330 is my 85% for the rest of the cycle. We will see!


After having a shitty Monday plus having waited the last minute to do my research project, I got back into the gym on Friday, still sore and beatup. I did an experiment to see how my body reacts not following the para workout plan and I paid the price all week and a little on Friday; Never Again!

8/21 DL’s 5/3/1 second cycle, 1st week.

Increased pounds 20Lbs from previous cycle.

385x5 PR for reps
430x5 PR for Reps
495x5 PR for reps

Again, remember I would normally do only 1 rep at this weight range prior to 5/3/1 program.

What a beast that 495 felt for 5. I had to stop and rest for 10-15 seconds between reps on top of time it takes for me to stop and reset.

After reading the comments on rack pullups, which I never heard of before, decided to give those a shot.

BW only, 12/10/8/8/6/6 On my fourth set, my bi’s started to kick in cuz my lats gave out. What a different exercise. My back responds to high volume and it was pleasant to finally do more than 3 pullups each set. I wanted to total at least 50 and I barely got it. Next week going for 60 if possible.

Overall, good day, shins scraped up pretty bad because the only bar they had left was the aluminum type looking bar with fresh grips; otherwords a new bar. Blood everywhere (Man wounds):slight_smile: Taking rest of weekend off due to FF drafts and drinking. I know I am ashamed for ruining my diet!


Neck: 18
Chest: 50
Widest part of waist: 46
Measureable part of waist for AF: 40
BIs: 18, Left is 17.5
Thighs: 27
Calves: 17
Weight: 277.5 in the morning.

Have to take accountability and make a change. I can no longer be in the eternal bulk plan or fool myself I need extra food to fuel my workouts.

This morning, did 45 min of steady state cardio.

Evening session, came back and did weights. Last week had increase in job duties due to promotion and son’s football practice. Finally got squared away. Decided to restart 2nd cycle of 5/3/1 week 1:

DL’s: 390x5–65%
500x5–85% In this weight range, I had to take 20-30 sec rest in between reps in order
catch breath and reset for next rep.

Finished off with upright rows 155x5x4 and some trap pulls (used the machine people do cable chest exercises and set it up to do pulls from a standing position at eye level in order to feel the pull in my traps) 265x10, 275x8, 275x12, 295x8

9/1-45min of steady state cardio; 20 min of walking treadmill 3.0mph 10.5% incline then 25 min of eliptical.

9/2; Day off felt good.

9/3: Morning session during lunch time and made sure it was on empty stomach. Man was I hungry. 40 min of steady state walking incline 11% incline and eliptical.

Came back after work did weights:
Had not did bench press in 2 weeks due to work and other life responsibilities. Came back and decided to pause n press for this weight scheme 5/3/1:
350x3–85% Had no more in tank otherwise spotter would have been doing rows.

This next set was circuit style training with continous motion and 45 to 60 sec rest in between sets.
Bent over rows: 295x10, 295x8, 325x8, 325x5
Hammer strength Calf machine: 400x12x2, 450x8x2, 450x5
Hammer Strength Incline Bench: (2)45Lb plate on each side 180 total: x12
(3) 45Lb on each side 270Lbs x10
(4) 45Lb on each side 360Lbs x 8

9/4: 45 min of steady state cardio
9/5-9/6: Off

9/7: Squat day (below parellel)
285x4, 315x5, 365x4

 Horizontal Plane (1-leg at a time) Nautilus Press:  200x8, 200x8, 220x6, 220x4
 Leg Curls (1-leg at a time):  (I'm ashamed):) 65x8, 90x4
 Leg Extension  both legs: 65x25, 95x20, 120x8

Off 9/8
9/9: 40 min of steady state cardio

9/10: Did 40 min steady state cardio during lunch

Came back and hit the weights around 1830 hours:

Standing Press:
135x10, 135x5, (155x5, 180x5, 195x5)= Working sets

Circuit style training:
Nautilus Calf- 200x20, 400x10, 470x5, 470x8, 470x8, 470x8

Rack DL Pulls right below knee level: 335x3, 335x3, 425x3, 505x3

Dips (body upright to hit tri’s) Tried that twitch rep and that was murder. I did a 3-count and on the 3rd count exploded out of hole. The first set was a pretty easy 8, 2nd set was a hard 6, 3rd set was an even harder 6 and last set was a monster 4. I definitely had looks when I was doing these, couldn’t help but notice the clown on the lat pull down machine stopping what he was doing and watching me. I know he wanted to ask me a question, but I had my head phones on and kept moving.

Took off weekend because body said “No Mas!”

Wanted to get back in gym on Monday but life responsibilites got in the way. So paid a visit on Tuesday and noticed how empty the gym was. I should have known due to base wide Physical Training Schedule. It was nice to not have so many Azz clowns in gym.

9/15: Squat
I am continuing my journey of 5/3/1 and I have decided to do regular squats during 1st week and 3rd week and do box squats on week 2. I finally realized that I am unable to do 5 sets of 3 at that weight the program requires, but I was able to pump out some good sets and reps at 3x3.

Box Squats 335x3, 365x3, 405x3
After looking at my video and working on technique, I feel I have better form. I will be posting videos next week during my 3rd week and I will start posting videos of my box squats during 2nd week.

Afte box squats, knocked out some front squats at a weight I would typically do 3 reps. I decided to use some of the principles from yesterdays article and man did I feel a pump in my legs like never before. Today, my legs are cursing me out.

Front squats (cluster reps until I hit 10 reps) 275x10 Next week I will be adding 5-20 pounds depending upon how my legs feel. This equated to a total of 19 reps.

Did cardio 9/16 30 min of steady state. Clothes fitting better, but still putting on weight. May have to reduce a meal after I take some measurements at end of week.

9/17: Shoulder Press. Decided to make a change and do seated press for 3x3 and I remembered why I hate seated press; Nobody to lift off for you. So next week I will do seated press in squat rack and start from a bottom position. In fact, during my 3x3 week it will consist of (Box Squats, Bottom position Bench and Military Press and Rack DL’s) This is something that hit me while I was in middle of doing Rack pulls in between sets.

seated: 135x12, 185x6, 195x3, 205x3, 215x2

Rack DL’s: 520x6 cluster set for a set of 1 then hit Nautilus calf press: 490x10, 490x10, 490x10

I did 1 set of rack pulls than hit seated press during my 3x3 phase and then hit my nautilus calf press. Although rests were minimal, the recovery between big lifts were adequate in order to press the weight for next set.

9/18: At lunch time did interval sprints on the treadmill. 45 secs of 2.5 incline sprint at 6.0 and then walk for 1:15 at 3.0 without incline. Did 10 sprints. I was a tad bit over zealous because I was completely exhausted so I snuck home for a quick 30min nap. Felt recharged and decided to hit the weights after work:

Since it is still my 3x3 week I did Bottom position starting Bench Press. 285x3, 320x3, 365x3
Next did Incline Bench 285x11 cluster reps. I just kept going until I hit a total of 20. This methodology of training seems to get a good pump on whatever muscle group I work. Will continue this for a while.

Finally did Bent-over Rows: 350x5, 350x5, 350x5, 350x5 Again, good pump for back.

I am totally upset with my technical camera abilities. I had the camera and set everything up and I thought I was recording but I ended up taking still pictures because I did not change the mode:( Try again next time.

9/21: Rack DL’s 425x3, 480x3, 530x3. My lower back is officially fried!
Upright rows; 135x10, 160x3, 160x3
Used Leg Press Leg machine to do calves: 600x10, 600x8, 600x8, 600x7

Wanted to do cardio afterwards, but body said no. I had nothing left.

Did interval sprints for cardio on 9/22 and took 9/23 off. Ready to hit gym tomorrow for some Squats if my lower back is still not fried otherwise I will do Bench press for 3rd week of 5/3/1 program.

9/24: Bench press

Take note: Before anyone asks for a spot, thoroughly explain the rules of engagement and then reiterate the rules after each lift. This Azz clown caused me to miss a PR after doing weight at a weight/rep range I was not accustomed to performing.

315x5 Pause n press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMbGuaxMhmM
355x3 Pause n press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB7PG01DmKQ
405x1 Pause n press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYxPqcCQH48&feature=related

After the failed attempt, I tried to drop the weight down to 390 and I couldn’t even get that 1. I was not in the right frame of mind and I was still pissed off from this ass clown grabbin the weight after I specifically told him, “I do not need a spot, I just need a lift off. That is why I have the pins in place.” Even if I needed a spot, the way he grabbed it, the rep would have been a arm curl/row on his part and then he probably would have said it was all me!

After this it took me 8 sets to incline press 290. 8 sets of 1 and 1 set of 2. Chest is still tore up four days later.

9/25: I decided to put my Oly Shoes on and do some squats with a narrow stance. This felt weird and I know my form was off. I forgot camera. However, some mistakes I was making was the shifting of my weight on the descent and I had the bar too low on my back. I had a narrow stance and this could have attributed to the ackwardness of the lift.

315x1, 315x1, 355x1, 355x1, 355x1, 365x1, 365x1, 365x1