Trying to Be in Shape (Judoka, Hockey, Runner...)

Hi guys!
I’ve been a long time lurker on this website and I will open a log to have some opinions about my training. I have been logging in another french forum for like 2 years but they aren’t many member and I think I will have some good advice here.

I’m a guy of 32 years old, father of a son of 7 years old and a girl of 4 years old. I’m 6’ 1.5" and I’m 175lbs. Been training for a while like 7 years at home (start at 150lbs). Some bodyweight movement first than I got my power rack in 2015.

My max (not tested in a while)
-Deadlift: 405lbs
-Benchpress: 215lbs
-Squat: 225lbs

I do judo 2xtime per week and I play pickup hockey 1 time per week.

I coach the hockey team of my son (3 to 4 time a week) and of my daughter (2 time a week). I coach the judo class of my son 1 time per week.

Last year I ran a 85km race in spring and I will propably do it again this year (raising money for diseases kid). But I hate running lol!

So I’m pretty busy. My wife work at night so the only viable option for me to train is on my lunch time (about 45 minutes 5 days a week).

My objective for 2018:
-Gaining mass especially in arm and shoulder ( I have to be 180lbs for my weight class in judo so I think I could go up to a 190lbs “shredded”).
-Getting stronger
-Stay injury free (right now I have a tendinitis in my shoulder and in my bicep).

Here’s a picture before my first judo competition in december:

My program will be something like this:
-2x push
-1 pull
-1 leg
-1 fuckarounditis

One session will look like this:
-Main movement 5x6-8 - 2min rest
-Assistance 4x8-12 superset with another movement (same rep range) - 1min30 rest
-Giant set of 3-4 exercices higher rep - no rest

I have always use double progression (beside when I try 5/3/1, greyskull and some other program). I have read a little bit about periodization but not sure how I can apply that. I can’t put more time in my training because I only got this time to train.

This week I just do a light fullbody everyday (squat/bench/deadlift/pullup/inclined press) just to start the training after 2 weeks off. After things will getting real.

Today session:
-Back Squat @145lbs 4x8
-Benchpress @145lbs 4x8
-Deadlift @275lbs 3x5
-Inclined Dumbell Press @25lbs 2x15 / ss / pullup 2x15

Tonight hockey with my son!

Please feel free to help me with a model of progression! Thanks!

I don’t know what are the days that you’ll be training but with 5 days per week and 45 minutes per session I’d probably either use a 2-day split (upper/lower) or a 2+3 day split (chest+back/lower/shoulders+arms/lower/upper) with rest days placed as needed

This way you’d get to train each muscle group 2.5 times with 2-day split or 3 for upper body and 2 for lower body with 2+3 day split

With both of these variations you’ll have to carefully think of the placement with big movements; deadlifting hard will usually slow you down for 2-3 days afterwards because it’s such a big hit on the CNS

Personally I like to use linear progression as it is simple and effective, usually I’d do 2 sets of an exercise with different rep ranges. (So first set would be, say 6-8 and second set would be 8-12 reps) as I hit the top of the rep range I add load. So if you do a set of 8 with 315 on the deads, bump it up to 320 or 325 next time. If you do 10 reps with 285 in the same workout you won’t increase the
weight on your second set. So it’ll become
325x reps
285x more than 10 reps
next time

Usually I’d take all sets to failure or close to it, but as you are training frequently I’d advise you to keep a rep or two in the tank. Just be sure to always progress in either weight or reps when you go in and do your sessions.

Now into the structure of programs

Upper/Lower splits are pretty simple.

For upper body do

  1. A Press
  2. An assistance press
  3. A pull
  4. An assistance pull
    And after that whatever you want; arms, shoulders, isolation stuff

As an example, your upper body session could look like this:

Everything for 1x6-10 and then 8-12 (for isolation do something like 1x8-12 and 1x12-15)

  1. Overhead press
  2. Incline dumbbell press
  3. T-Bar row
  4. Chin-up
    Lateral raises and curls

I’d recommend choosing 2-3 different exercises for each movement. For example, your presses could be OHP, Close grip bench and Incline bench and you’d rotate those. When you stall out on an exercise, just swap it for a new one. So if you can’t progress on incline bench anymore, don’t be afraid to change to dips for example.

For lower body I’d do

  1. A hamstring curl
  2. A squat
  3. A hip hinge (deadlift)
  4. Calves
    afterwards whatever you want; lunges, ab work etc.

A lower body session could look like this:

Everything for 1x6-10 and then 8-12 (for isolation do something like 1x8-12 and 1x12-15)

  1. Lying hamstring curl
  2. Front squat
  3. Romanian deadlift
  4. Seated calf raise
    -Hanging leg raises and back extensions

Be careful not to overdo it with the deadlift variations, rotate them and be sure to implement less taxing exercises as well (such as Stiff-Legged Dumbbell deads and pull-throughs)

If you want to do 3+2 split, I’d recommend doing it like this:

Lower/upperw body sessions don’t change, rep scheme doesn’t change


  1. Dumbbell chest movement
  2. Barbell chest movement
  3. Vertical pull
  4. Row
    -stuff you feel like doing

For example

  1. DB Bench
  2. Incline barbell bench
  3. Pull-ups
  4. T-Bar rows


  1. Rear delt movement
  2. A shoulder press
  3. Tricep movement
  4. Bicep movement
  5. Bicep/forearm movement

For example

  1. Rear laterals
  2. Overhead press
  3. Close-Grip Bench
  4. Barbell curl
  5. Hammer curl

It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. You just need a decently smart plan and lot’s of food and enthusiasm.

If after a couple of weeks you feel like you can handle stopping one rep short of failure you can start pushing it on a couple of movements. As you get accustomed to that start pushing even more movements until at some point you’re going to failure in every set.

With this style of training you’ll need to eat a lot and sleep well, and if you start feeling beat up you’ll need to have the guts to take a couple of days off from the gym. (And then maybe drop your poundages by 10-15 pounds initially, it’ll come back fast)

If you can do that, this training style will probably work very well for you.

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Thanks for the big detailled answer!

It’s similar with the Martin Berkham RPT Training system (but not for the frequency), I have used it for a while.

I have five days in a row for training and 2 days off.

If I don’t wanna grow the lower body but keep gaining strenght and just want to add mass to the upper body, what would you change?

I have big hips and small shoulder so when I’m on the ground in judo I have a lot more trouble because I don’t have a lot of mass in my upper body.

Today session:
-Back Squat @150lbs 4x8
-Benchpress @150lbs 4x8
-Deadlift @285lbs 3x5
-Inclined Dumbell Press @30lbs 2x15 / ss / Neutral pullup 2x16

Lot of DOMS today.

Tonight hockey with my son and I miss my first judo class, I will attend only one time per week to see if the shoulder/arm can take it. It’s my left arm and everytime I’m throwed I land on the left side and every move start by pulling your opponent with the left arm/shoulder:(

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No problem man, I’m always happy to help

I’d just lower the rep ranges a bit, to, say, 1x4-6 and 1x6-8. After a while you could go even lower than that, but at that point I’d add some volume by upping the number of sets. For example, 3x2-4 and 1x4-6 could be used if you wanted to do very low reps. (In this example you could use the same weight for every set and increase it when you hit 4 reps on the first three sets and 6 on the last, that’s up to you. This approach allows you to be more explosive through the whole set as you have more reps left in the tank than if you went to failure - good for explosiveness)

Do a lot of rear laterals, face pulls and band pullaparts for shoulder health. Also shoulder dislocations/around the worlds (whatever you want to call it) with a broomstick should help. Also stretch it out lightly

As you are into judo, consider putting dumbbell rows/meadows rows into your program for your upper body pulls

For lower body look into lunge variations (you can use them as “squat” movement) in addition to regular front and back squats

For deadlift variations you could try Jefferson deadlifts and zercher deadlifts, both should carry over to martial arts pretty well

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Thanks for all theses info, I will sort all these things out!

Yesterday I talk with the hockey team of my son about the importance of recovery, nutrition, hydration and they were very receptive. That was awesome for kid of 7 and 8 years old. They already apply the advice the drink more often, they were all thirsty after each drill:P

Today Session:
-Back Squat @155lbs 4x8
-Benchpress @155lbs 4x8
-Sumo Deadlift @295lbs 3x5
-Inclined Dumbell Press @35lbs 2x15 / ss / Neutral pullup 2x17

I feel solid on each lift, that’s great even with the never ending DOMS in my leg. The pullup start to be very hard.

Today Session:
-Back Squat @160lbs 4x8
-Benchpress @160lbs 8-8-8-7-5
-Sumo Deadlift @305lbs 5-5-10

I was running out of time so that was it. No training session tomorrow my son will be in tournament, so next week the real training will start!

Just found your log and giving you a follow. Seems like you have a really solid frame and do enough that staying lean shouldn’t be an issue for you!

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So a big weekend, the hockey team of my son win 4 match, go in final and lost it. That’s a little bit sad because they were deserving it. It’s the second tournament that they lost because of the same team. I hope they will beat them soon!

So after a weekend of junk food and beer, today’s session:

-Benchpress @175lbs x 6 @155 x 11 rest:3min
-Inclined Dumbell Press @50lbs -10-8-6-6 superset Plate Lateral raise @25lbs -12-12-12-12 rest:1min30
-Dips 3x15 rest:1min30
-Military press @45lbs (lol) 15-13-13 superset Band pushdown 20-20-20

So I will try a push pull leg 5x time per week (rotating P-P-L-P-P / L-P-P-L-P ect… each week). I have try the rep range that advice danteism on the main, I’m not used too:P I have 5 minutes more to add set or something like that, should I add another set at the benchpress?

The inclined dumbell feel a little bit weird on my shoulder, maybe I will swap it for the barbell one, or maybe if I just lower the weight that will be better.

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A lot of snow to shovel yesterday on my ice rink, damn I’m sore today:P

-Deadlift @365lbs x5 @315 x7
-Neutral Pullup @45lbs 8-8-6-6
-Dumbell Row @50lbs 3x8
-Behind the back wrist Curl @95lbs 3x20 superset Banded Curl 3x20

Not a bad workout, good back pump. I still need to do better with my arm. Maybe add inclined curl.

Tonight judo, we will see if the shoulder will be ok.


Got a sad decision last night, I have quit the judo for the winter. The shoulder and joint pain in my finger need some time to heal… I will try to play another night hockey, just need to find some buddy.

Back Squat @165lbsx3 @185lbsx3 @205lbs 3-3-3-2
Back Squat @145lbs 4x10
Cyclist Squat (3 inches) @95lbs 3x10 superset Calf 3x20

Feeling pretty good at that weight, that was fun.

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What’s the cyclist squat?

Very quad dominant!

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Those don’t look fun!

Funky night, my daughter wake me up 2 times and my step mother at 3AM because my step dad is in hospital:( Everything seems to be ok now we will wait.

Today session:
-Benchpress @185lbs 3-3-3-3-3 rest:2min
-Benchpress @145lbs -10-9-8-7 ssPlate Lateral raise @25lbs -13-13-13-13 rest:1min30
-Dips 3x16 ss Front raise palm up @10lbs - 10 @5lbs 15-15ss Band pushdown 25-25-25 rest:1min30

I like much more this kind of session, heavy weight and I backoff with lighter rep. The front raise was a real joke, I don’t have any burn or pump I just can’t do more rep lol!

I’m home alone again, step-dad still in hospital.

Today session:

-Deadlift @345lbs -3-3-3-3-7 - Rest 3 min
-Neutral Pullup @45lbs -9-8-7 / ss / Leg Curl @85lbs 12-12-12 - Rest 1min30
-One arm dumbell row @50lbs -12-12-12 / ss / Banded curl 30-30-15 - Rest 1min30

Damn I’m a lot weaker than before on deadlift, hope to catch my strenght back soon.

The prog start to be clear in my head that will be week 1: 2Push 2Pull 1Leg / week 2: 2Push 2Leg 1Pull

I need to switch some exercice and do some tweaking and that will be fun.

I also find another group of guy to play hockey so I will play thursday night and friday night yeah!

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Another pretty busy weekend, my son lost his first game of the season saturday. My daugther was playing her second tournament, they win there 3 games, she scored one goal. Pretty happy with her because she play with guy one year older than her!

Last night I score 4 goals in our game but that was only 3 vs 3 with one next, pretty cardio and a lot of breakaway lol!

-Benchpress @185lbs 3-3-3-3-4 Rest 2min
-Inclined Benchpress (partial room) @115lbs -10-10-8-7 / ss / Lateral Raise @25lbs 14-14-14-14 Rest 1min30
-Db Shoulder Press @35lbs 10-10-10 Rest 1min
-Dips 17-17-15 Rest 1min
-Front Raise @5lbs / ss / Banded Pushdown 26-26-26 no rest

I have try to make my grip wider on the inclined press but still bothering my shoulder, so I shorten the rom of the exercice and it feels a lot better.

A lot of volume, pretty decent. Tonight hockey with my son!

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Back Squat 200lbs 3-3-3-3-3 Rest 2min
Back Squat 145lbs 11-10-10-10 Rest 1min30
Cyclist Squat (3 inches) 95lbs 3x11

Short session today I have shoveled like 8 inch of snow in my driveway and in my step dad driveway, lot of cardio!

Tonight hockey with my son!


Best of luck with your training!

I came across this, and thought of you talking about you teaching your little girl martial arts. Ukrainian artist, Snezhana Soosh who did a series of fathers and daughters.


Teaching anything to children is one of the most rewarding things in life.

In the hockey tournament of my daughter one of the boy was always diving on the ice when he was touching the puck (for no reason lol). I have taken time to talk to him a lot in the first game. For the other two games he stay on his feet while making pass to the other guy. This little things mean a lot to me!

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Oh, that’s great that you can find the time to be their coach, enjoy them. I kind of envy you guys who still have little kids. @ the art above, the perspective made me smile. The whole series is like that. I remember when I was little, thinking my dad was just HUGE. He’s 5’6", and healthy/lean, but that was very much how I saw him. Lol.

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