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Trying to Avoid Too Much Volume


Hi CT and others:

Could anyone comment of the volume/approach of this? I’ve been doing Strength Skill circuits and BD WO, and wanted to continue with aspects I liked while changing things up.

My problem has always been adding too much to workouts, and burning out and I tried my best to avoid that. In the scenario below, I would add weight on the Main and Secondary Lift when I get 6 clean reps on the first set.

Day 1
Primer: Med Ball Throws 3x5
Main Lift: Bench Press 3x4-6
Secondary: DB Incline Bench: 3x, done Reverse Pyramid (first 4-6, second 6-8, third 8-10)
Accessory: Standing Cable Press 3x10
Accessory: Face pulls 3x10

Day 2:
Primer: SG High pulls 3x5
Main Lift: Dead Lift 3x4-6
Secondary: Weighted Pull ups 3x, done Reverse Pyramid
Accessory: Cable Rows 3x10

Day 3:
Primer: Med Ball overhead throws 3x5
Main Lift: OH Press, 3x4-6
Secondary: Seated DB Press, 3x done Reverse Pyramid
Accessory: Lat Raises 2x10
Accessory: Bent Over Lat Raises 2x10
Accessory: Band Pull aparts 3x15-20

Day 4:
Primer: Box Jumps
Main Lift: Squats 3x4-6
Secondary: RDL 3x done Reverse Pyramid
Accessory: Split leg DB squat 3x8-10e
Accessory: Farmer’s Walk 3x60s

Day 5:
1a. Fat grip reverse curls 3x10
1b. Ring dips 3x10
2a. Seated DB press 3x10
2b. Chin ups 3x10