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Trying to Avoid Losses, BBB Training at Home

I signed up to pose this topic. I just finished week 7 of 5/3/1 BBB 3 month challenge. It has been going great, and I was looking forward to kicking my own my ass in the third month.

Not surprisingly, however, all gyms in my area (NYC) just got shut down for covid-19 prevention. I’m not sure how long I will no access to barbells and heavy weights, but presume it will be longer than 2 weeks, unfortunately. I have adjustable dumbbells from 5-70 pounds at home and access to rings and a bar for pull/chin ups. I’m looking for suggestions for how to best continue progress on the 4 5/3/1 lifts in general, or at least minimally lose strength, knowing the challenge will probably have to be restarted in whole or at least the second month repeated depending on the length of this shutdown.

Perspective is a wonderful thing.


Whatever you’ll do is gonna be good as long as you put effort in.

With that equipment, you have whatever you need to stay in shape and keep your strength and mass. I wish I had access to such heavy dumbbells at home.

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