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Trying to Add Pull-ups and Dips

hey guys been reading up on how to build a nice back and triceps and what most people say is u have to set your foundations with parralell bar dips and pull ups…so i think ok great! lets start!.. so i go in for my first parralell bar dip…goddamn did it hurt my shoulder…well not really hurt but little annoying pains. i feel this creaking in my shoulder and couldnt even pull one dip off ( i felt so ashamed, am i really that weak?).

ok then for pull ups… turns out i cant even do one and it was really discouraging and i noticed the same creaking or nerver pinching thing in my shoulder when trying to pull my self up. i really need help i looked up the form on dips and pull ups and its weird when i start on the dips it feels like my right arm is closer…sort of more tucked into my ribbs than my left.

You might want to check out what your Traps are doing as far as stabilizing, either being to tight or not engaged at all as far as keeping your shoulders healthy. If your gym has one of those assisted dip/pullup machines then that is always a good place to start. Otherwise Things like pushups might be good for building shoulder stability neccessary for dips. If you start on your knees and work your way up to being able to do diamond pushups for reps youcould probably move on to dips. as for pullups you might want to do a search.

They’ve been covered extensively and pretty much what i get from your post is you havent done that much reading at all. Keep reading, machines might also be a good place to start if you are hopelessly far away from bodyweight movements.


Article from last week…not saying at all you have this problem…but this is an example of doing some research…

Start on assisted machines, if none do lat pulldowns (dont just let the weight drop back up, jerking your shoulders, slow and controled).

For tris, close grip bench press may be better for now. My shoulders occasionally get soar as well, esp when i start adding plates. Try to stay upright for tris (hurts when i lean forward to try to get lower pec). And just build up on strength. Always try to Arnold approach…tell yourself I will do 12 dips/pull ups even if u can only do 1 before taking a rest. I no time, you will be fine

This article helped me improve:


My shoulder’s been bothering me lately, in fact its worse than it has been. I used to bench and do a lot of dips in high school, and now even pull ups are starting to bother it and OH pressing is out of the question.

Theres a thread on T-Cell Alpha called Shoulder Problems that I found to be helpful. It had these links in it:

…It might help to strengthen/prehab your shoulders so they are healthy when you are strong enough to start doing dips/pull ups and the like.

just do lat pulldowns in a seated position (without your legs under the pads) until you can pull yourself up