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Trying to Achieve Testosterone Homeostasis

I recently discovered that I can’t just increase my T dosing, because I’m not getting the TRT experience I desire at my current level of 30 mg EOD. Recently, I jumped from 30 mg to 40 mg (5 ML) over a week’s time thinking I was being smart by not “shocking” my system with the higher T dose all at once. Unfortunately,I got a very strong aromatase response, that caused a very uncomfortable BPH result, over a 3 week period. I lowered my dosing back to 30 mg and that seems fine where BPH is concerned but, my body requires more T to feel as I need to. I shared this problem a while ago, on this forum and I got a helpful response from a guy named Marcus, who explained that increasing T dosing slowly was the key since it gave the body time to adapt to the new T levels. He like other suggested 2 months, for my system to reach homeostasis, which is when my body has “accepted” the higher level of T and aromatization remains stable.
My question is what is a good level to choose for a single increase, without triggering high levels of aromatization, and still achieve my goal of a 40 mg increase EOD. Perhaps 4 mg for two months, then another another 4 mg for 2 months and finally 2 mg for two months. Totaling about 6 months to reach a dosing scheduled of 40 mg EOD, or a total increase of 10 mg. Can I choose a higher single dose, perhaps 3 or 4 mg to reduce the time to achieve the 40 mg goal, or maybe less time than 2 months, maybe 21 days would be doable to achieve homeostasis. I’m just not sure what increments to use for duration and dosing.
With that said, I know we are all different, I also know that there isn’t a definitive guide line. I’m just trying to get an informed opinion, hoping that someone may have knowledge in this area.
If you have an opinion I would be interested in hearing it. Please, base your response on the information in this post, this is not a question about labs.

Thank you

What does the (5 ML) mean? I don’t get the context.

30mg EOD is 105mg per week. 40mg EOD is 140mg per week. Maybe try something in between? Maybe try 120mg per week.

Hello Jimg,

5 ML typo. Thanks for jumping in but I think something in the middle is to much of an increase.

Thanks again.

There is no such number. If you react that way, then you react that way. You simply go up and ride it out. It will settle down after a couple of weeks and you will go back to normal.

Hello hardartery,

I hear what your saying and I’ve heard that too, but the time frame I’ve heard has always been 2 months is where things will settle in. Recently, I had the opportunity to re start TRT and I started with 24mg for about 2 weeks and moved up to 30mg for about a week and after another 10 days, I went to 40mg. Two weeks after 40mg my E2, (not DHT) was causing BPH and peeing was a problem for the next 2 weeks and I had to drop my dosage to 24mg and let things settle down. Then I spoke to a guy who had a similar problem and he recommended smaller doses and longer time, more than 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I never got the specifics. I’m just trying to get a handle on lower dosing and longer time specifics, in case anyone happens to know. I think I’ve pretty well tried all the obvious stuff.

Thanks’ for your response I appreciate.

I don’t have BPH, so I can’t speak from experience on that. But, I would have stayed at 30mg for more weeks than that before trying to move up.

BHP is the result of very high E2 which comes about as a result of a testosterone level that is to high, causing an aromatase reaction, hence the rise in E2 and therefore, BPH.As you see any guy can have it or not. In your previous post you eluded to a couple of weeks and now you mention going “longer” it’s this very best guess seniro that I’m trying avoid and dial on spicifics.

Thanks again!


A lot of guys will kind of “Blow up” initially on dosage increases, just like they do when they initially start. But it usually goes away once the body adjusts. Stepping the dose would control how much you blow up, but extend the adjustment period substantially because you are adjusting with each dose increase. Think 6 weeks per change, and keep it to a number that doesn’t overwhelm you.

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I understand all about blowing up. I can tell you that I’m currently at 30mg, 105mg weekly and I’m below the line of libido erections etc… Therefore, I believe I have more “room” to go without blowing up. So, I think I’ll increase my dose to 34mg starting Saturday. That would be another two weeks, but as I say I’m “low T” right now so I think I can go the 4mg without consequence. That will make my weekly dose 119mg and I’ll see where that takes me. Either way, I believe that the 4mg is a small enough dose not to cause a huge bounce in E2 and since I’m low T now, probably no bounce worth mentioning. I think what your referring to, is when your already doing pretty well and going for a higher dose to dial the “best” dose I think it has to be in small increments and longer time periods perhaps 6 weeks, prior to the next increase, should there be one.


I really think you’re wasting time and over thinking this. Jump to whatever level T you really think you need to be at and get it over with. 30 vs 34mg? That’s almost just a rounding error to most people.

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No, I think that for most people you just go to where you want and a big jump up or down makes no difference as far as sides. Guys that are sensitive or have other complications should leave plenty of stabilisation time between small adjustments. Going from 185mg to 200mg and then back down made zero difference in any way except lab numbers. Going from twice a week to once a week was positive for me. I doubt very much it would be positive for you.

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Actually, I completely disagree. Th greater the dose the greater the shock to the homeostatic nature of your system. Our system seeks balance at all times and when there’s too much T suddenly in place, the aromatase enzymes will seek to re balance that system thereby creating more E2. When E2 rises to far you can get sides like BPH. If it were just going where you want to go, we wouldn’t have ever had AI’s, and we’d all be at 200mg weekly. Unfortunately, our systems are far, more complex than just going where you want to go.



The vast majority of people on TRT start directly on weekly shots of 200mg and never change anything. Aromatase doesn’t try to rebalance anything, it simply aromatises free T. Stored enzyme gets used up over the short term and you are down to normal enzyme production without the stored portion (Mostly in the fat). Guys balance out at this point, when the extra enzyme is burned off. The feed-back loops adjust your production as you go. We have AI’s because of breast cancer, and not for any other reason, it is strictly off-label use in the TRT world as gleaned from usage habits of Bodybuilders. Your system does not actually seek balance at all times, it merely hedges against deficiencies by doing things like storing Test in SHBG to maintain minimum functions at the expense of your general well-being. You need thing like TRT specifically because your body is NOT balancing itself naturally.
For most of us, it really is not that great a shock to simply go to the dose that we need. For some guys, like you, it is an issue and you need to ease your way into it.


This guy says it better than me.

Why Does Aromatization Occur?

Aromatization occurs when the body is attempting to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis

is a function that keeps the body at normal levels required to stay healthy. Homeostasis

keeps the body in the average ranges for temperature, hormones, mass, and many other

factors. This of course includes the all-important testosterone to estrogen ratio you hear

so much about on this website. The male body only produces about 7mg of testosterone a

day naturally. This small amount of testosterone will naturally come along with a small

amount of estrogen production to maintain the optimal testosterone to estrogen ratio.

Aromatization mostly occurs when a large fluctuation of testosterone production occurs,

such as when anabolic steroids are injected. The large amount of testosterone will be seen

as an excess by the human body and aromatization will occur in an attempt to balance the

new testosterone with a higher amount of estrogen.


That’s an opinion with no actual basis in anything, and I disagree pretty strongly with it. It doesn’t fit with what actually happens.

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Therein lies the dilemma. Who is right? A published health expert, or a couple of guys kicking some ideas. This is why I made the post. I know my 7 years’ experience and his point of view align. I actually don’t think anyone knows for sure, but his point of view explains my situation pretty well so I tend to accept it.



There’s more people on 200mg/week than any other dose. Most of them haven’t been completely brainwashed by folks that can’t figure their own shit out but feel the need to give advice to others. I would be willing to bet most of the issues people experience are at least partially mental. I say that because I experienced it my first year. Anything that didn’t feel ideal was estrogen and no one could convince me otherwise. I “knew my own body” and “my body was sensitive to estrogen” and “everyone is completely different”. I had gyno twice before TRT (I was skinny at the time two) and in my head that confirmed I had always had estrogen issues. Turns out I had bad info and internalized it and made my own reality from it. Much like addiction, it took hitting rock bottom to start realizing maybe I’m making all this shit up in my head. Turns out I was. I’m lucky enough to have been forced to think differently. I feel bad for the folks who never hit rock bottom and get stuck forever in that endless symptom chasing and constant tweaks. It’s a horrible way to live.

It takes me two months on a set dosage/protocol before I get anything positive from it.

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