Trying This for the First Time

Trying this for the first time. Be gentle!

you are very lean, but how much do you weigh and what are the goals, or have you reached them already?

7 years ago I weighed 250 pounds…no pics though, wouldn’t get in front of a camera for nothing. I weigh 190 pounds now at six feet and my one major goal is to stay under 9% body fat year round (between 7 and 8 now).

you have a good aesthetic physique

By looking at that pic it must be hard to believe you weighed 250 pounds at one time, very nice work and physique. What are your lifting stats.

Good job. Your skin is very tight for someone who was 250 lbs.
How long did it take to get from 250 to 190? was it gradual over the 7 years?

It took a couple of years all together. I got stuck at 215 for a while. I got down to 188 at one point but bf% wasn’t as low–ran to much. I got up to 210 this time last year…tried the whole bulking thing but never got over 10.5% bf.

I’m not real strong on the bench, can’t get past the 315 mark, I’ve worked out with sets of 3 on the squat at 315. Deadlift is probably my favorite…no less than 315 for sets of 10 with 475 for a set of 4 being the most I’ve ever done (without a belt I might add). Still a work in progress

Solid, aesthetic, symmetrical… but pull your shorts up a bit man, you’re too old for that nonsense -lol

Great progress story by the way.


I doubt that anyone cares about my opinion, but I think your shorts are fine where they are. lol

Anyway, good work on the weight loss