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Trying the Hungarian Oak Leg Blast


Has anyone else tried this program, After squating just for a minute with 30% of my 1RM I can't stand.


I 've done up to week three once....I haven't been the same since

I'm going after it agin in September


I did a variation of it, but I substituted lunges for squats. I've been pleased with my leg growth from it.


lol wat do you mean you haven't been the same since? Lunges eh nice improvision, any measurements?


Doesn't everybody do lunges and squats on leg day?...


this workout you squat for increasing increments until you hit 8 minutes do two sets of leg extensions to thirty with your legs in, out and straight than hamstring curl for 8 reps twice than go to failure and that's it no lunges. It was used by some hungarian wrestler with mental toughness out of this world completely because its making me fall apart.