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Trying Supps For 1st Time?'s


Just bought from T-Nation ....

5-Alpha Male

Im over 40, been working out for 7 years. Made decent progress but have accumulated a little too much fat along w/muscle. Currently on HST full body and love it. 2 weeks of 15's/2 weeks of 10/2 weeks of 5's until I max out and can no longer increase weights. Then I take two weeks off. However I need to cut and don't want to lose mass so I bought the above supps. Could anyone make recommendations as to usage and possible other diatary suggestions. Be much appreciated. People said I looked good this year at the beach but that if i was more cut I'd look considerably better. so please help!

PS:I can't handle supps that make me jittery!


Hmm, to simplify things a bit...

You can take the Surge with creatine post workout... though some like to sip half during their workout and then finish the rest when done.

The rest you can take over the course of the day. For example, you could take Alpha Male and Flameout in the morning and evening. I'm can't remember the Beta7 schedule as I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet.

I'll have to try it soon...


Thanks V,any other input would be appreciated too guys!


Highly recommend you read Nutrient Timing by Ivy & Portman.

BCAAs before, during, and after training.

"Consuming protein during your workout will limit muscle protein degradation..."

Don't forget to figure supps in your calorie budget.

It's not a supplement, but non-fat cottage cheese (mostly casein) is great for pre-sleep nutrition as it gives your body slowly absorbed protein to work with during the relatively long time between meals while you sleep.

Just because you're dieting down doesn't mean you can skip meals. They may be smaller, but you still need to be eating six or seven meals a day.

Good luck!


Thanks Happy D- any other ideas fellow iron workers?


I lift three x times per week and only use Surge and Creatine post workout after these weight workouts. After the initial month of loading with BETA-7 two tablets three times per day, I now use two tablets twice per day taken with BCAA's before my workout and then second dose with BCAA's around five hours later.

Flameout I use three capsules in the morning with my breakfast protein shake and three at bedtime with BCAA's. Alpha Male when I use it is two tablets in the morning and two six to eight hours later. This is what works for me.

Take care,



I'm 45, just got away from powerlifting in order to lose some weight and look better nekkid. I still lift though, just not the same overall goal.


Flameout is the best I've found on the market. Doesn't mean it is, but I've looked and this is what I believe.

Low Carb Metabolic Drive is the shiznit also. Great taste, quality product. No plastic shavings as far as I know.

I also take a full spectrum all natural vitamin e supp, ZMA, and a greens + tablet supplement. ( I also like the fruits +)

That is it. The only other thing I do is run a cleanse about 3 times a year. "Death begins in the colon."