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Trying Sub-Q TRT

I’ve been reading a bunch of the articles on here that suggest subcutaneous injection for TRT rather than intramusclar and would like to give it a try. The issue that I’m having is that every time I try to load the test into a sub-q sized insulin needle, the viscosity of the test prevents it from getting into the syringe. Any tips on how to get that to work better?

Tried backfilling it with a larger syringe ?

Some people here will tell you they use a 28/29/31 ga needle just fine. WELL GOOD FOR THEM
I have only been able to use a 27ga on grapeseed oil with great success and I ain’t going any smaller even if they were free.

I use 27g syringes that allow you to remove the needle tip. I bought a box of 23g needle tips that match my syringe. I swap the 27g needle tip for the 23g tip and draw the testosterone.

After I get my dose in the syringe, I pull it out of the test vial and then pull back the syringe to suck all the remaining oil out of the 23g need tip etc. leaving a small air gap at the top of the syringe. Keep the syringe pointing straight up so the bubble doesn’t move down the syringe but stays at the very top of it.

I then swap the 27g needle tip back on to the syringe, push the test up slowly until there is a little drip coming out (letting me know there’s no more air in the syringe).

I then inject in the belly and all good to go. Hope that helps.

I haven’t tried backfilling. I may give that a go.

I’m using 30ga. Wouldn’t 27 be too thick for sub-q?

Warm up oil a bit with hands and breathe or in between legs. I’ve used 30 g and 29 g no problem. It will take a couple of minutes.

Pull the plunger with air to the point at where the amount is you want to inject. Then insert needle in vial. And inject air. Then start pulling plunger slowly so the oil goes in.

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I’ve used 23 gauge, 27 gauge, 28 gauge, 29, 30 and 31. You can use any of them. The smaller the gauge the greater the required patience. Charlie is right. You can nuke some water in a coffee cup and set the vial in the warm water (do not nuke your vial). Dont use water that is to hot as it can damage the compound. Inject air into the vial equal to your dose before attempting to draw any testosterone. Fyi. 27 gauge is my favorite as well. Fills like a dream and small enough there is little to no pip

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Run the faucet and let it build up a little… place half the vial into the Luke warm water resting in your sink for 20 seconds. Clean it off and it should be fine. That is what my doc suggested and it works.

The 27 doesn’t need the use of water it works fine. Beyond that I have issues and have to run the vial in warm water.

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Are you guys injecting in the belly? I recently started sub q trt also and am having a major problem with a big lump on my gut after injecting.

Yes I do it in my belly. The lump is most likely caused by the oil it’s suspended in (sesame seed, Olive, etc.). I used to get those as well until I switched to a cypionate that came from a prescription at CVS which isn’t suspended in any oil. Now I get zero bumps.

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what volume are you injecting? I am using small volumes and no issues at all.

So I have been doing my upper leg. It happens there as well. It happened around the stomach. Totally common. It is just the t suspended under the skin. That is how it works… jaut like the other gentlemen said.

What’s interesting is when I bent over to grab something or sat down and bent my knees, the area burnt like hell… probably too much pressure on the area where the oil is suspended. I’ll be sure to inject to the side or lower next time.

What volume are you injecting?

20mg… .1 on the needle. Very little

That shouldn’t be enough to cause pooling. Are you injecting really fast?

No slow. Maybe I’m not going deep enough. I’m very lean on that area. Maybe that’s why

Could be. I don’t do subQ but I have researched it. I keep getting a mental image of the turkey that I baste for thanksgiving…not pretty lol!!

Haha …well it’s so much better. I also like the logic behind consistent levels and not having to worry about hitting a vein or whatever.

I was doing IM and I hated having to aspirate and stick a big ass needle into my muscle. Especially on the glute… turn around and what. I can’t even do that with ease… anyways now I just roll up my shirt or shorts and bam done…

I think you’ll like it. However some do not for whatever reason… with IM i do feel the T coarsing through the system quickly.

For me: daily with insulin 100unit.
Im 250mg ethanate @ 10 units so 25mg x 7 = 175mg per week.
no issues with the injection. It’s not that difficult to pull 10 units.
Im not heavy but I do have enough belly fat around the belly button area. Sometimes I feel a pinch or sting. Most often I don’t even feel the injection.
I’ve been doing this about 3 weeks. Before that my 1st 2 weeks of TRT was big ass shots. Eff that man.
Anxious to get my 1st labs done though.