Trying Something New

So looking at trying something new, has the philosophies of several different site contributors rolled in. What is you guys take?
Week 1
Back Squat 8x3
BB Bench.8x3
Military Press 8x3
Dips (weighted) 8x3

RDL 8x3
Chins (weighted) 8x3
Bent over pat raise 4x6
BB Curl 8x3

Front Squat 3x8
Incl Bench 3x8
DB Press 3x8
DB Tricep Ext 3x8

Leg Curl 3x8
Probated Lat PD 3x8
Bent Over Lat Raise 3x8
EZ Bar Curl 3x8

Leg Ext 2x12
Incl DB Press 2x12
Lat Raise 2x12
Tricep Pushdown 2x12

Loaded Carries and sprints Wednesday and Friday

Week 2 goes to pull/push with same excercises sets/reps
Difference is Friday is obviously a pull day as follows
RDL 2x12
DB Row 2x12
Bent over Lat Raise 2x12
DB Hammer Curl 2x12

Alternate back and forth week to week de-load every 8th week + 2.5% on weight per week
That’s it simple, handful of excercises with Frequency hitting different rep ranges.

I actually don’t mind it.

I would not do double exercise on the same day (dips and bench for example), but that is me.

I prefer the 10x3, but again, that is me and the 8x3 is very good.

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Yeah could see it working well. On the higher rep days I would vary/play around with higher rep schemes and maybe bit more volume also 3x20, 4x12, 5x20 etc

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