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Trying Something New...


So ive been training the last 8 years and have gotten very good results from it, a couple years ago i was introduced to Prohormones...done a few cycls really nice results....just got done with a t3/s4/Clen/keto cut cycle after my last prohormone cycle while on PCT worked just as advertised....lost 2 inches on my waist and have been dropping about 2 pounds/day. Currently i am 24yrs old, 6'4" 248lbs....bench up in the mid 400's upperbody all follows not as big as i ant but getting there....leg-press 1200+lbs

I want to start a test e injection cycle and have never done injections....i live right in a border town to mexico and am wondering if its pretty legit and for a pretty big guy already what should my dosing be i will preload w/dbol....test e/deca/sust. take this as you will i just want some input and experiences with products.
thanks guys....-Mark


Yeah I'd say that sounds pretty legit..

To answer your other question..Dbol is fun stuff, great gains in size in strength in a relatively short period of time.


"Susts" has a number of testosterones in it - you don't need to take test e and sustanon... choose one.


First injection cycle I would suggest going with test e. That way you're only injecting 2x a week vs eod

Front load 1g to 1.2 g the first week and then 250 mg 2x a week there after and start the dbol week 3 for 4-6 week at 30 to 40 mg a day.

Fun and simple first cycle that should do you right provided training and diet are optimized

Also AI and pct need to be addressed, any idea what you want to do for e control and bringing the boys back to life afterwards?


Thanks for the advice guys....it will be greatly appreciated
So sust is out and i will go with just test e

My usual PCT
liquid tamox ed 40/40/20/20
Week 1-2 inhibit e
week 3-4or longer if i feel like poop natural test booster (blue-ups) (t-bomb 11)
animal pak 2xed (multivit)

want to try another SERM tho, probably nolva if i cant find some i will go to my legit source who i have gotten all my research chems from. Maybe some liquid clomi MAYBE.

B.T.W. have any of you tried liquid s-4, F*** i ran it at 100ed for 2 weeks and i heard about the vision problems....but they were worse then i thought horrible vision adjusting from light to dark... ran for 3 weeks and the possitive did not out-weigh the neg. so i dont suggest it....is osterine out yet?


tamoxifen is nolvadex


Oh! well then it looks like i have been takin the right stuff.... is that still a suitable PCT from coming off of test e/deca/dbol


try and get some legit nolva from your source if possible, and preferably some arimadex for an to use on cycle @ .25MG EOD.

Get that line up and you'll be all set.

Happy growing


Probably gonna try in Mexico at a pharm and i will man....i grow very well i justik to thak my prents for good genetics! AAS's just mae it faster harder and eaier! Im addicted lol whn im on i feel like the biggest guy and want to kill everyone in the gym just for looking at me hahaha.... then when im off i feel real small but in actuallity im still huge compared to average people around me.... LOVE IT thanks for the help bro i might try a dbol only cycle before an injection cycle just to see how awsome dbol is hvent trid it yet...


it's not awesome enough to be run by itself


If you think prohormones are awesome just wait until you run a test cycle. Huge difference of awesomeness ha ha.


dont waste your time or money, you'll regret running a dbol only cycle. Yes people have done it in the past with decent gains. But you're here at tnation now, we dont settle for decent, we want great. Run the test concurrent and you wont be sorry. I think every man whether they are into aas or not owes it to themselves to run a test/dbol cycle atleast once.

You'll gain more and keep more if you run the test and use a quality AI's and SERM.

Just in case I wasnt clear, DO NOT RUN DBOL ONLY!!!


Yea it sounds like m gonnabe in for some fun times....appreciate it man.


Well if you think dbol wont be enough for me then i will probably spendthe extra moneys, with
test e/deca/dbol
AI though out
nolva PCT

maybe get some sweet gains....


Save the deca for a future cycle. Your gains will be sweet with test/dbol. Better to limit compounds until you figure out how your body reacts to them. For instance if you have an issue with a test dbol cycle, you can discontinue use of dbol and see if unwanted sides subside and still run the test. If you do test/deca/dbol, and have sides you can stop the dbol but if you still have issues you won't know if it's from deca or test, and they both have relativly long esters so it would be hard to distinguish which compound is giving you problems.

Just my 2 cents