Trying Something Different

Last Winter/Spring I got my body weight from 235 down to 205. After I got off the diet and gained back some water and glycogen I was about 208-209.

By the end of summer and all the partying that goes along with it I was maintaining at 212. Then I went back to school and I have now slowly climbed back to 220 lbs. In order to stop the gain and reverse the process hopefully to get down to 190-195, I am starting a diet/exercise program and this thread.

My goal is that by June 30th to hopefully reach that 190/195 weight.

Currently this is where I am at physically:

Height 6’1"
Weight 219.8
Chest 45 1/2"
Waist 44"
Hips(Pant Line) 39 1/2"
Hips(Around Butt) 42"
Left Thigh 25 3/4"
Right Thing 25 1/2"
Neck 17"
Left/Right Bicep 15 3/4"

Here is where I am at Performance wise:

Max Bench: 275
Max Squat: 335
Trap Bar DL: 385
Pull Ups: 5 strict with Bodyweight

My numbers aren’t the best they have been but the goal isn’t strength moving forward; its losing the fat. Through dedication and hard work hopefully I can make it to where I want to be.

To any and all readers and posters, I ask and plead that you give me any and all advice/motivation that you want. If my food choices suck let me know, if my training sucks let me know. I haven’t ever finished the fat off so I what I’ve done hasn’t been the right way.

I will be posting every single day and occasionally multiple times a day. Hopefully I can get some pictures of where I am at up ASAP, until then I have a few up on my page if anyone is curious.

Well, Here it goes…

Officially Morning 1:

Today Im working legs and consuming roughly

880 calories in protein (220 grams)
500 calories in carbs (125 grams)
630 calories in fat (70 grams)

In the case of both protein and fat I may in fact overshoot that number slightly, but I’m targeting at least that much.

The calorie total is 2010, and I know many people will say that it is too low but again if I get 25 grams more protein and 10 grams more fat im looking at an additional 190 calories and a 2200 calorie day, which is more likely.

I will update how the day went later tonight.

Suggestions and critiques are welcome.

Diet has been spot on today. I am finishing up later (9 PM) with a Protein shake and some OMEGA-3 fish oil. I probably could use more water during the day, I might have just gotten a gallon in my body.

Workout went ok. Here is what I did:

265X3* I workout alone I had to stop early.

Bodyweight 5X5

Ab Wheel
25 Reps

Arm Curls

I don’t really do direct arm work, but I decided to throw it into my workouts so that my arms keep a little size too them as my weight lowers.

Busy day today since Im leaving for Florida tomorrow at 8 AM.

Todays calories total was 2180, with 230 grams of protein.

I got to play baseball for about 45 minutes today but I had class and about 4 midterms.

Tomorrows post will be a little more in depth and hopefully I will have pictures posted next week.