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Trying Out Nolvadex 2 mg EOD

I am finally going to try this out and got 2 mg EOD prescribed in a liquid form from a compounding pharmacy.

Right now I am actually on low dose clomid 12.5 mg EOD and don’t plan on starting Nolva until next week when there is only about 20 mg clomid left in my system.

The Clomid worked in the beginning for me but then caused issues even when I used Arimidex 0.25 mg twice a week to bring E2 down. I never really felt good.

I see Nolvadex mentioned a lot on here but has anyone actually successfully tried it out and used it long term? I cannot find many reports about it. How is it–did you see improved mood, less anxiety, and high libido?

Also–isn’t E2 management on Nolvadex different since it blocks E2 receptors therefore even if your E2 is high, it cannot be interpreted since the receptors are blocked. Any idea KSMan?

SERMs are to increase LH/FSH for any of a few reasons. SERMs can and do increase E2, sometimes by a large amount, from T–>E2 inside the testes where anastrozole in ineffective and then SERM dose may need to be reduced significantly.

2mg EOD may be INeffective.

You don’t need to clear one SERM to start another, but if exploring very low amounts that makes sense.

The S in SERM is selective. Does not work in all tissues, so some tissues can still be swimming in E2.

I had bad experiences with pro hormones and with clomid. I did try a short course of nolva, 10mg/day(tablets not liquid) for about a month, as at the time I was considering doing anabolics and wanted to make sure I would have something for pct that wouldn’t make me feel like shit(clomid).
I felt pretty good whilst on nolva, and had more energy, and better recovery from exercise than as a natural bodybuilder in my 40’s.

I would try out more than 2mg/day. Start at least 10mg/day. 20mg-40mg is what is usually recommended for pct. I have no idea about long term use and its effects on the liver, rest of your body etc(longterm use of clomid at low doses is supposedly pretty safe, though nolva is obviously a different compound.)
If I hadn’t eventally tried anabolic doses of testosterone( which I am mid way through a cycle and really liking so far) I was going to try one month on, and one month off with nolva, and adjust from there depending on how I felt.

Definitely don’t rely solely on my advice I am no expert, just letting you know my personal thinking and experiences.

There was actually a study though which said that 20 mg of nolvadex had the same effect as about 150 mg of Clomid. In addition, I am a hyper responder to clomid and in the span of 12 days my Testosterone level skyrocketed from 70 (after stopping hcg mono) to like 950+ on just 12.5 mg clomid eod

I felt better in the beginning on clomid but then it leveled off and then i started feeling worse even with arimidex dialed in and getting e2<30. Good to know that you had a nice experience with Nolvadex though. The great thing about the compounded liquid form is that the doses can be dialed in much easier. It would be great to respond to a low dose cause this would tend to minimize all kinds of side effects.