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Trying Out for SEALS


See if you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL.

When: September 12, 2010

Where: Ohio State University // B106 Recreation and Physical Activity Center

What time: 6:30 AM

BRING: Towel, swimwuit, water bottle, goggles, running shoes, running shorts, camera, sunscreen, snacks [ fruit, nuts + energy bars ]

PREP TIPS: Drink lots of fluids several days prior to the challenge and eat a good breakfast on challenge day.

After the challenge: Enter your scores into the Navy SEAL PST calculator to see how you'd compare to an actual Navy SEAL BUD/S class.


Get off your god#### asses and do something with your life and for your country!


hh stop making threads


^This X 1,000,000,000


No ballz, no glory.


Once upon a time I enlisted to the Navy with a contract for the seal prep boot camp and buds/divefare upon completion of mos training.

Never made it to bootcamp though. Got severely injured the week before my ship date and disqualified.


This competition has nothing to do with your country or the actual Navy Seals. Since (presumably) everyone on TNation is engaged in athletic endeavors, why do they need to be told to get up off their butts and go do something? Do you even work out or do you just troll these threads trying to irritate everyone (if yes, you seem to be somewhat successful).


Follow the link, girly...though you can't join...men only.

I workout 6 days a week, girly.


Makes sense to me. I mean, this site is populated by some of the most hard core, badass mofos on the internet.

Why not give it a shot and see if their shit is up to snuff with some of the truly most bad ass mofos in the real world?

You would think that as hard core as some of these kids are, seal training would just be all in a days play.


You are just awful.



Will YOU be there?

I didn't think so.


Of course he won't.

His excuse will be is that he is too old.


Oh, I forgot... they don't allow anyone wearing adult diapers into the pool.






I don't differentiate a whole lot between special forces, or which one is better. They all have their own way of sorting through and finding out who is right for their programs.

After all, I'm not one of any of them.

Maybe one of the special ops guys on the boards here could confirm or correct this, but I was told by an old friend of mine that after a certain point, they all get the same training anyways. He went regular army, then Airborn, Rangers, and further on from there. Some of the advanced training schools he went to were not solely Army.

I haven't heard from him in a very long time though.


Kind of but not exactly. Rangers isnt really SF... if you're in the army you can go through the the SF pipeline (green beret) If you want to go on further from their and go to CAG you can try. CAG is open to other military branches as well and is their Tier 1 force. Not all "Special Forces" are on the same level. Different strokes for different folks I guess


Ha! Ha! HH's post are blocked to me so I can only imagine what moronic BS came out of his filthy sewer this time.


Ah Dre is wise. He tried to call me girly cuz he thinks I give a shit. :wink:



Here I am offering the guys here a chance to stop working at the pickup window...and y'all rip me.

The girly has more T circulating in her than most of the guys ripping me.

Too bad SEALs don't take girls...you'd have the best shot.

BTW: I have at kid in Annapolis. I AM too damn old. Missed my chance, offering you guys a chance. Take it.

Or keeping serving up the 'fries with that?'