Trying Out a New Supplement Stack. Thoughts?

Hey guys,

Before now I have really only taken whey protein before and after my workouts and occasionally creatine before my workouts. I have recently purchased a bunch of different supplements after reading some research articles on which work best.

Scattered throughout the research articles I’ve been reading, there has been much controversy about the timing of these supplements. I will list each supplement I am going to be taking starting tomorrow and when I plan on taking it.

Tell me what you guys think and if I should change the timing and intake of each one.


Gold Standard Whey: 1 scoop - 30 min before workout

MusclePharm Arnold Iron Cre3 (creatine): 1 scoop - 30 min before workout

BCAAs and other nonessential aminos: 1 scoop - I was thinking of just drinking this between 2 meals throughout the day to keep protein synthesis up and decrease catabolism?

AfterGlow post workout drink: 1 serving - immediately after workout to spike insulin levels and shuttle aminos and glucose (therefore glycogen) into muscles right after a workout.

I have found creatine timing doesn’t matter as long as I take it every day. I just have it after dinner to be consistent. BCAA’s in my opinion didn’t do shit for me but some people swear by them so you will have to find your own way there.

What is in this?

Oh as far as protein shakes, I have one in the morning and one at night after training (2 scoops each). I’ll add an extra one if my day was lacking in protein. Timing doesn’t really matter in my opinion… I think the “anabolic window” is broscience BS. Yes you should eat something after training but you won’t lose all your progress if you don’t.

Thanks buddy! And afterglow is just a combination of aminos and simple
sugars designed to spike insulin right after a workout to help shuttle
aminos to the muscle and prevent breakdown! I’m unsure to take before or
after though even though it’s called afterglow because I know having a
carb/protein mix before you workout really helps with protein synthesis
too… Thoughts?

Sounds like its better for after… Also sounds like that could be replaced with gatorade lol. Your protein shake most likely has aminos and simple sugars can be had pretty much anywhere

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Thank you buddy I appreciate it!

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Gold Standard Whey is good for pre or post workout.

You can put the creatine in your whey shake…

Not sure why you’re taking BCAAs when the Gold Standard has BCAAs in it already at 5 g.

Not sure what AfterGlow is, but another 24g of whey with a good food source for 30-45g of carbs would suffice post workout…

When it comes to supplements, I would stick with Whey, BCAAs if needed and maybe creatine. Of course don’t forget a multivitamin!

So in your case, I would just use the Standard Gold with the creatine! You already have BCAAs covered and no real need for the last one…

Stick with whole foods and you’re good to go!

Makes a lot of sense, obviously diet plan and normal food should be the
first thing taken care of and your points back that up! Thanks man!

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Yeah don’t waste anymore money on other supps!

I have BCAAs and creatine that just sit there along with a pre workout that I don’t use unless I have to for some pep!

I stick with the Whey Gold and vitamins (which I just bought from ON also) Creatine is harsh on my stomach at times and the BCAAs are a bit useless to me… Plus you can get that from certain foods and the Whey…

Glad I finally found a protein that doesn’t bloat me or give me issues. Fairly priced and there’s nothing bad to send red flags in their ingredients. Very decent choice.

Drop the glow stuff. After wo is dead. TC has a good article on it. You can draw your own conclusion. The rest, is fine, as long as your overall diet is on par.

I prefer (since trying Plazma) a carb and amino drink before and during. Nothing wrong with karboline and amino if on a budget. I prefer Plazma.

Thanks man! So you said you have a carb and amino drink before and during,
since after glow is basically just carbs and aminos would it be beneficial
to have right before my workout?

I just looked at the ingredients and wouldn’t touch that s*** with a ten foot pole.

But yeah, before and during.

And read the damn articles on peri workout nutrition on this site and draw your own conclusions.

PS, you are taking creatine twice…

Oh jeez… What about the ingredients scares you?!

Have the bcaas mid/intra workout -the one time they really make a difference

Thanks man!!