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Trying New Things

I have been training for the past couple of years. Made some good progress. Usually trying to lift heavy weight as fast as I can or just as heavy as I can. However, I do not have a chest that people would say “Damn, he has been hit’n the weights hard.” I do have a bigger than average chest though. Now, on to the trying new things.

Recently I have been watching videos of Milos Sarcev and the FitShow. Milos explains that you should use a lighter weight and do VERY strict controled movements. I thought to myself, “Haven’t tried that!!” So yesterday I tried it. It was all I could do to finish all the sets with a weight of about 135-155lbs when I usually use 225-255lbs. And today I can still feel the chest and back areas that I worked, it is great!! I am now an advocate of trying something new from time to time.

Now, onto you trying something new(for those of you who dont know). This may seem a little off the wall here but it sticks with Trying something new.

Ever get jock itch?? About 10years ago I got the worst case in human history. And from that point on I get it about once every summer. Well I just got it again. In the past I got prescription meds to put on it but they seemed to take for ever to work. Now are you ready for this? This time I decided to try soemthing new. I have seen commercials for Miconazole 7 (a female vaginal cream for basicly the same thing) it can be purchased at Walgreen’s no prescription needed.

First I dab a little Witchhazel on the area and then the Miconazole 7. In two days the rash was gone. With the old methods I used it took about a week. Now you can rip away at my method all you want but the next time you get that stubborn little itch in your gonads you will be wishing you could remember this post. Good luck and remember: Try new things!!

I am going to bump this so that others may have it’s viewing pleasure!!

Alright! Which wise-ass spiked my drink? What the fuck did I just read?

Edit: “Price check on vagiclean, aisle 5.”