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Trying New Test Base


My test prop doesn't hurt like hell like everyone says. It's sore a bit and only hurts a tiny bit when I touch it. Is it possible I am not sensitive?Or is it bunk. My package was hot as hell so degradation might be an issue.


sounds like you’re not a complete pussy



get some damn bloodwork, problem solved, i’m a fucking genius


not all test prop hurts. Either get bloodwork like ELS suggested or wait and see if you actually gain some muscle


Blood work or wait for gains as stated above. The first time I ran Prop I got minimal PIP. After 5 weeks I switched to a different lab. The pin hurt like heck but it made me realize the other lab was underdosed as hell as gains and pumps increased significantly at the same dose (50mg ED).

Also might be the concentration. Most labs do 100mg/ml but I’ve heard of some with 50mg/ml. Good luck.