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Trying New Diet, Could Use Opinions

Im trying a diet I was told about where the first 2 weeks, 10% of your calories come from fat. After the 2 weeks, 30% of your calories come from fat for 6 weeks, so you go from low fat to low carb, and cycle that til you reach your goal.

So far I have set the diet up to hit the 2100 mark and my macros come out to 60/30/10:
230 g protein (right now im 225)
139 g carbs
15 g fat

Need Advice on that: its at about 1900 calories because I cant balance it out if I add something, any more protein would put me at 80% of my calories.

After this week, I will do 60/10/30. Need Advice on this. Ive never really gone low carb before so any tip on this will be helpful. I dont know if this is a good macro or if I should do 50/30/20 or just try to keep carbs under 100 g.

Note i dont like posting a diet because I go by calories and macros, that way I can eat different foods and not get bored. I do eat clean. Any bread is whole wheat, protein comes from good protein sources and only take in healthy fats. No longer do cheat meals and I do not eat fruit because of the sugar. THANKS GUYS

why go so low on fat?

-Unless you really know what you’re doing, you probably need a lot more calories

-among all the carb sources, fruits are among the best. If anything, eat your damn fruit, skip the bread.

-So seeing what you just said about fruits, I’m not going to trust your idea of ‘clean’, so you should probably post a typical day for you

-Getting 230g of protein while only getting 15g of fat sounds damn near impossible. Maybe if you only eat skinless turkey breast? Even then probably not.

-just go low carb for two weeks and see how you feel. it’s really only difficult the first week or so (mental fogginess, lack of energy), you’ll get used to it. You can start at say 100g and lower it say 25g per week also.

-you better be training

jehovasfitness: The way it was told to me was the diet is high protein and stays that way. For 2 weeks, the fat is low and stay pretty low, i think the reason it is so low for me is because Im only eating 1900. im following it more by macros

Evilmage: The reason the calories are low is I had my BMR checked in its at 2100. I usually do eat fruit but was told not to on this diet because of the sugar. The guy who told me about it was actually using a complex carb drink and that was how he was getting his carbs. And yes, you can eat clean without eating fruits(no disrespect). As far as the 15 grams of fat, Im using fitday.com and I enter all my food based on nutrition guides and thats what I got.

Also, I do train. M/T/TH/F I do an hour lifting, usually working 2 mucles groups a day then do 20-30 minutes eliptical(had surgery on my ankle, only choice right now). On wenseday and saturday, I usually do 20 mins of heavy bag and speed bag, nothing to intense, more for fun. Ive been doing it for a week, and down 5 lbs. After this week, Ill switch to low carb moderate fat. Im just trying this out and Im giving 4 weeks. If I dont see any results, then I will probably do carb cycling.

Thanks for your guys response.

a BMR of 2100 is pretty high, in fact among well over 100 tests I’ve done, I’d say you’re top5 behind me and other guy that I know off the top of my head.

not saying 1900 is too low, it may be, just saying your metabolism is not slow

Consider designing your diet around workout days. For instance, in my case, I got great results eating more carbs before and after working out, and then eating less of them on non-workout days. It also makes dieting a LOT psychologically easier, because I find it very difficult to give up on fruit!

Also, it would probably be a good idea to consume most of your carbs for the day early on, as you will actually use them for energy. I’ve made extensive use of this, and this took me from maintaining weight to losing it.

Finally, on the importance of timing your carb consumption:
I once read that you burn about 500 calories when you sleep. So, I just have 30 grams of protein and about 5-10 g of fat before I go to bad, which makes for a 300 calorie deficit for the night. Not sure about the figure, but seems to both make sense and work!

jehovafitness: yeah I wasnt real sure how good it was. I was told it was about average but not really sure. I lost 100 pounds about 5 years ago but did it competely wrong cuz I didnt know what I was doing.

G87: thanks for the advice. usually i drink a protein shake when I wake up because I dont like eating for about 2 hours after I wake up, weird I know. Then I will eat breakfast thats more carbs then go workout. i do drink a protein shake after I workout and before I go to bed because I have heard thats the best time, I believe mucles and fitness just did an article on it.

I have tried the low carbs on non workout and more carbs when I lift but never really saw anything so…I just thought this was a cool diet and to see if it would work. I just talked to him and I believe Thomas Jane did something similar when getting in shape for the punisher. But if it doesnt work then I will probably just carb cycle.

I forgot, jehovafitness, I was trying to hit around 2100 but it was throwing the balance off big time. I thought with working out and light cardio -200 calories would be alright.