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Trying Lower T Levels


I know a lot of guys are shooting for the high end of T lab ranges, and I have been as well. But I have been thinking about seeing how I feel more in the middle or upper half of the T ranges. The problem is I still deal with to many ups and downs. I have made a lot of changes with my current protocol except lowering my T levels. Labs for a lot of healthy men around my age (mid 50's) seem to fall in the 500 to 700 range. So I am going to adjust my dose and see how I feel.

One thing for sure is I don't need very much T to keep me around the 900 range. I inject 7cc with a 0.5ml insulin syringes EOD. I don't remember the math, but I do remember it is a very small amount compared to what a lot of others have to use. I have noticed that my E2 ranges move in relation to my T ranges. What I am hoping is that I will feel good at a lower range and will not have to use an AI.

I don't know if I should continue the current amount of HCG at 250mg EOD, and my Anastrozole at .25mg EOD for now?
Any input would be great!


Does anyone here treat to achieve TT ranges of 500 - 700 with sufficient FT ranges? If so do you feel better then when at the top of the range, say 900 - 1000. I know most when starting TRT like myself are very low (TT=102) I had know baseline lab when things were good. It might make sense that levels don’t need to be so high especially at 53 years old. Also AI may not be needed, or very little amount to control E2.

I was going to lower my dose right away, but will wait until next Friday when I have my 3+ month labs done on current protocol.


I do.
I feel like crap when I am over 700, but I have low SHBG so 500ish total T
puts me in the middle top WRT to free T. I use 12.5mg Test Prop daily with 6.25mg aromasin EOD.

As with anything, I always thought more was better, but with T IME, less is more.