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Trying for 500 Bench


Flat bench - 3x3+
Center Grip Bench - 3 x 10
Pec Dec - 3 x 5+
Overhead press machine - 3 x 10
Tricep Pulldowns 3 x 10
Tricep kickbacks 3 x 10
Cable French Press 3 x 10
T-bar Rows 3-5 x 10(2 plates)
Lat Pulldowns 3x5

see anything im needing to add or replace, plz advise.


it might just be mut but thats alot of work for 1 workout, i think u should try and split it up a bit.


Too much volume. Aren't you going to keep training your squat and deadlift?



whoa! work on getting to 300 first



Thats a downright stupid template. What are your lifts as of today? Based on your proposed template, Im guessing you are new to lifting. If so, starting strength, W4SB, 531, Texas Method etc. are all solid templates for a beginner.


This is retarded. Kickbacks? lol 3x10 scheme? Go back to the beginners forum.


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If you were anywhere close to 500, you wouldnt be asking this, or posting such a stupid routine.


his other post claims a 450 bench although im just a little skeptical