Trying Clomifen as Standalone?

Hey guys,

got a question regarding Clomid. I got some at home and thought about using it at a low dosage for a few weeks, like 12,5 mg 3 times per week.

I read in here that some older guys use it instead of TRT. I’m in my mid twenties and would expect a slight rise in T and would hope for a minimal rise in E2. I’m in the middle of the T spectrum.

You think that would work or is it wasted time and I should keep it for PCT?

I did the same thing before I took steroids(at 43 or 44). I got a small but noticeable boost from clomid, at 12.5mg/day. Nothing incredible but a slight improvement in exercise performance and general well being, and energy. Your balls will get super massive, as will your loads, its pretty funny.

It sounds like you have a baseline from blood tests. Go on the clomid and get another test after about 6-8 weeks and compare results and how you feel.

As you are in your 20’s I’d want to be really sure about going on steroids, whether to cycle or blast and cruise. It can fuck up your fertility, if you aren’t careful, or are just unlucky. I’d take hcg on cycle if you want to maximise your chances of having kids in the future.

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This is also something that I worry about. I’ve been on TRT coming up to 2.5 years now without the use of hCG, I do hope that when its time to have kids I am able to follow some protocol and get some swimmers back.

I’m hoping I can do a very long slow taper off alongside clomid and hCG to regain some function, get her pregnant then go back on. Otherwise, IVF it may be. Luckily, if you were fertile before TRT, there are many things you can do now to have a child compared to 20 years ago, so fingers crossed. @Beyond_Beyond

OP, I would fight tooth and nail to stay off TRT, if Clomid gives you an improvement, run with it.


Thank you. That sounds fun actually. I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t intend to go on TRT until at least 35 and I’m generally feeling good. But my sex drive isn’t that high and my T could be higher. So I just thought about trying Clomid for some gains and general well-being. Did you have emotional side effects at 12.5 mg?

No emotional sides at 12.5 mg/day for me. Even during PCT I never took more than 25mg/day, and wouldn’t recommend ever going over 50mg/day. Some old school PCT recommended 100mgs/day. I suspect that much could easily bring on negative side effects for many guys

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Yes, over 100 there’s also a chance of eye problems, but at lower dosages this seems not to happen.

One last question. I always had a little problem with acne. Will clomid at that dose (12.5 mg EOD) bring it back?

I was prone to acne as a teenager, and clomid didn’t re ignite it for me, not during a monocycle or in PCT. Steroids, testosterone in particular are a different matter.

No one can say if you will get acne or not, its all individual.


Ok after the first week I an say this:
Sex drive is up, errections hard af and loads really are massive haha. I got a few big pimples on my back. Will continue for 2 weeks for now, if skin gets worse I’ll stop, if not, it’s good.
I noticed an uptick in aggression and especially in annoyance. I really get bored and annoyed by some social interactions that would normally at least be neutral and then mostly turn into positive. It’s like I got a temper. Will see if this worsens or was not related to Clomid.