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Trying Clomid-Only To See If TRT Is The Best Option. Good Idea Or Not?

Okay just wanted to know if this is a good idea or not for my situation or someone in a similar situation to me…

I’m in the UK and in the process of trying to get help with low T and also possible hypothyroid issues. I have separate thread open on this forum with all my blood tests and medical history but wanted to keep this thread separate because it might be something others want to try out before jumping into TRT.

Ultimately I think TRT may be my best option, but my wife and I are trying to have a baby and will most likely be starting IVF within the next 12 months, (Not sure exactly when because the NHS have not given us a start date, just told us some time within the next 12 months) and don’t want to mess up our chances of getting pregnant, so TRT is not the best option at this moment I time… So I asked myself what are my options as the thought of going another 12 months feeling like crap is just unbearable.

I’m thinking of testing Clomid at 25mg a day with the aim to raise my testosterone and also my E2. (I have low T and also very low E2) Also as Clomid is used as a fertility treatment I figured it would help with our IVF efforts.

I’m thinking that by using Clomid in stead of TRT I can see how my body reacts to the increased testosterone and E2… Then if it’s positive I figured I can then go ahead with TRT once I’m done with IVF.

Can any of the vets on this form advise if this sounds like a good plan of action or if it’s a bad idea?


Could one of the forum TRT vets offer some feedback on my post please?

  • I’m wondering if this is a good thing to try before jumping into TRT? I’m gonna be self administering either way as I have no confidence in the docs here in the UK.

You should def try clomid IMO. If you dont, you will never know if it helped without the TRT. I tried clomid before injections, I also had low t and low e2. AFter 4 weeks it raised my T and E2. But I am 41 and my testes only brought me up to a certain level which was not enough for me. During clomid I had amazing ejaculations with volume. So should help it planting your seeds.
I believe you had another thread, not sure if you have but get labs before you start clomid.
LH, FSH, TT, free t , estradiol sensitive, shbg, TSH. freet3 and t4. LH and FSH important to see what clomid does to those numbers. LH is what tells balls to make T and I believe FSH has to do with sperm production. BOth of those number doubled with me on clomid.

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Thanks for the info Charlie, much appreciated… I’m 44 next month so not sure how much Clomid will help with raising T. I figured it would be a good option for fertility and like you said will increase sperm volume which can only help with getting the wife pregnant.

I do have some bloods but thought I would also need LH and FSH which I did not get tested before. I will also get full thyroid panel done because I’m gonna trial low dose T3 to see if that makes me feel better.

Thanks again.

Try 25mg EOD, every other day, and see how you feel/respond. Suggested dose may cause high E2 levels.

Do labs that include LH/FSH [both please] and see what clomid is doing.

A few feel like crap on clomid, while most feel fine. So watch for feeling suddenly depressed etc.

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Thanks for the advice KSman… My GP actually tested LH and FSH in Jan 2018. I somehow missed those results!

LH = 5.8iu/L ref: 1.70-8.60
FSH = 8.8iu/L ref: 1.50-12.40
E2 = 21.5pmol/L
FreeT = 0.241nmol/L ref: 0.30-1.00
TotalT = 11.1nmol/L ref: 9.0-31.00

So I actually want to raise my very low E2 and T which is why I want to trial Clomid. Oh and for the fertility benefits too (;

I’m no expert but based on those numbers you look to be primary. May not get very good results from Clomid. Your LH and FSH are pretty high with low T. Not a good sign.

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Yes. Blocking estrogen from pituitary may still yield a nice t increase. Def 25 EOD not every day. Monitor LH after 3-4 weeks. E2 if sensitive test is fine. 22 is target. Bet 20-30 good

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@anon10230041, it’s not estradiol sensitive. It’s Roche ECLIA. His estrogen levels are not ok as they are most likely below 17. If it’s overstating his estrogen level by 50% then he probably has 8.5 on estradiol. It’s a while different kind of hell and one I have been through for a long time. This man needs an accurate estradiol sensitive test and with no arimidex and test levels that high why isn’t aromatase activity taking place? Also, his LH and FSH are so high already what makes you think Clomid is going to help? By blocking the estrogen it’s only going to try and send out more LH which it already is and the testicles already aren’t responding to the call. That’s primary. If your primary and the testicles are functioning as they should no Clomid, or nolva or hcg is gonna help you.

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I’m not on any Ai and my E2 is very low. Am I totally wrong in thinking Clomid will help raise my E2 and testosterone levels. Will not help if I’m primary though? So if it does not help I at least have some amo to go to my GP and get put on TRT? Sorry if I’m being dumb. Unfortunately the brain is not too sharp at the mo… One odd thing is that I’m getting morning wood everyday now. That’s only started in the last week or so. Does that not point to not being primary?

I’m not saying don’t try. Hell give Clomid a go boss. It’s worth trying. They say Clomid has estrogenic side effects so maybe it will be a dramatic improvement for you. You never know. Just understand there is a real possibility based on your bloodwork that it won’t do much. I would guess it won’t cone close to the benefits of trt. If it gets you in a better place than great. If not… Go to TRT. Your on the right path brother.

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Okay Clomid it is then! Time will tell if it helps I guess, one way or the other. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

Good luck buddy. If you feel like a rock star on Clomid then give us an update. If you feel like dog crap… give us an update. Just so you know… my brother in law was put on Clomid monotherapy and loved it. It works for some guys and others it doesn’t. I’ll bet it’s gonna do exactly what you need it to just watch the estrogen dude.

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Thanks and I’ll definitly keep this post updated to help others who might be in the same situation as me (;

Just wondering why EOD is recommended? I read on other fertility sites that 25mg ED was the starting dose.

It’s related to what alldayeveryday said. Your LH is not low and you really do not want to shoot up LH. I did 25 EOD. If it’s going to work it will also work on eod. Some take even less

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Cool, makes sense… will stick with 25mg EOD then. Thanks

Any luck? My doctor is going to put me on Clomid first since I want to have children with my wife. And my numbers kind of resemble yours. I just did my first SHBG and E2 test today, so once I get those numbers I’ll see how much it all resembles your case.

Hope everything is going well.

Well in the end I took a different route… I started self medicating TRT and did not go with clomid after all. My wife and I ended up doing IVF and I just made sure I could freeze my sperm before I started TRT. Still dialling in my TRT at the moment, but seem to finally making some progress. At present I’m on 120mg Test E a week and 20mg tamoxifen daily.

Which is better?

12.5mg ED or 25mg EOD… or it’s just the same.

Some clinics practice 25mg EOD and says it’s better that 12.5mg ED