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Trying CEE


i have a bottle of creatine ethyl ester im in the process of trying. the suggested doses are 2-4 capsules pre workout and post. when they say 2-4, do you judge the amount for yourself by bodyweight, training intensity or what? what determines how much i should take? ive just been going with 3. im 180 by the way.


Take it back and get Creatine monohydrate.

You'll save a bunch of money and get equal or better results.


this stuff is 40 days worth for $20. it was cheap as hell. CEE is supposed to be better absorbing, less bloating, and cheaper than monohydrate, so.....


x2 and mix it with some sort of juice that is not acidic. A good choice is in Gatorade (cause water sucks, it really really sucks).


I got my creatine in todays mail. It's cheap as hell, 12.95 for 100 servings. You can find it in the T-store.


CEE blows





Try to keep your CEE in a very air tight container, that shit clumps up like a motherfucker with just a little bit of moisture in the air, plus it tastes like shit. Next time just get creatine mono.


its capsules....


i think it tastes great! kind of like grapefruit rinds.


Capsules own man, hate that powder shit

But, I think I'm one of those people who really need Creatine, I get tired after 1 working set lolz


This is the first time I've tried Biotest creatine. The first thing I noticed was it dissolves completely. Not gritty like monhydrates I've used in the past. It's very high quality.


Most (all?) of the researches on the benefits of creatine are done with Creatine Monohydrate. The only few researches done with CEE don't give satisfying results...

To answer your question, the dosage depends mainly on your body mass and how you plan to load it. For e.g. you can take 3 capsules per serving everyday and then just maintain that dosage throughout the cycle or you can load with 4 capsules for 5-7 days, then a maintenance dosage of 2 capsules everyday after that. Mind you, this numbers are just examples, since I don't know the amount/quality of the CEE you're using. Try out which works best for you.


thanks for the actually worthwhile feedback. i guess the rave about CEE is that loading phases are unneccesary. the dosing directions say-
workout days-
3-4 caps 15-30 mins prior
3-4 caps 15-30 mins post
non workout days-
3-4 caps with first meal
3-4 caps with the meal thats 4-6 hours later

following this template, and playing it safe, i've gone with 3 caps for each recommended time of dose. i'm 5'10 180 so i figured 4 was for the big guys, but still wanted to take a strong amount.


Yeah, the loading part is supposed to be unnecessary, but some people reported that they couldn't "feel" it working when following the normal protocol, but they swear they're getting much stronger when taking in the max dose for several days at first followed by maintenance (placebo?), hence I'm giving you the loading option if you want to try it out.

From a cost effective point of view, powders are generally much cheaper than capsules but not many can stand the taste of CEE. Make sure to drink lots of water.


alright i get ya. placebo, maybe ha. what ill do is finish up this bottle on the recommended dosings. after that i think im gonna give the loading like you suggested a try with the next bottle i buy. like i said more towards the beginning of the thread, these werent that pricey.


The second bottle you buy you do not need to do the loading phase since there is going be be a high amount of creatine in your system from the first bottle.


so you're saying you only need to load when you first start taking creatine then?


Yes, when you only start first taking it. Also when you get off creatine for a while (ie. 1-3 months) then start to hit it again, you would load.