Trying a Higher Rep Program

Hi friends,

Im looking to switch things up for awhile and I am contemplating doing Paul Carter’s “Bodybuilding for Strength Athletes” for 4-6 weeks, and might even add his "“Big Wheels, No weights” protocol once a week. These programs involve a lot more reps than I usually do.

Usually I follow “powerbuilding” programs such as WS4SB and 531 variations.

I am wondering if anyone had such a change to training philosophy and what was their experience? Results? Tips?


It’s 4-6 weeks, you should see some results and if not you’ve learnt something.

You may want a week or two of transitioning into the higher rep bracket because if you’re doing really low rep stuff then this is going to suck balls for the first 2-3 weeks.


The greatest results I had experienced in years came from switching to a program that was based around 10x10.

Change is good.


@theBird: I find it to be a much more rewarding approach to go into the deep end immediately and enjoy sweating buckets! Three weeks in and you’ll be amazed how quickly your “conditioning” improved. If you ease into it, you do not get to have that “wow” moment!


Lately I’ve been keeping the majority of my rep schemes between 12 and 15 and can really feel the muscle working from the first rep to the last. When I go low reps, below 9, I lose that intense mind muscle connection and too many ancillary muscles contribute to the lift.