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Tryin to Get Them Digits Pumpin

Here is a pic of me after workin out my adductor hallicus and flexor digitorum brevis. you can really see the bulkness in my core routine. I know you guys might think that this is a bogus workout, but i spread my toes and curl them 20x for 3 sets a day. The only reason I have been doing this routine is because my job calls for it. I am an alarm operator and I walk a lot at work.

Please help me out if you do routines of this kind because I seem to be stuck at doing this only for 3 sets…i’m trying to push 4, but my flexors give in on me and I get a cramp which leads to asprin poppin and nyquil…

here’s them flexed for really-o…

Thats purdy hardcore man. Maybe switch up the sets/reps, and do some mobility work.

Banana peelers, nickle pick ups, maybe even giving purple nerples to goofballs who squat in the curl rack.

Good luck.

Oh lawdy, I want to rub cocoa butter all over them and scrub them clean with raw ham.